“Ground and Pound”

For Time

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Ground to Overhead (145)(105)
Pistols (alt legs)


Post results to comments.

Admiral KBS
Happy Birthday Nate J, aka Admiral Skywalker!  That, ladies and gentlemen, is impeccable form on the fullly extended kettle bell swing, where in the arms and hips are fully extended and the bottom of the kettlebell is facing the ceiling.  Nate is one of our most die-hard crossfittters.

Happy Birthday Joe W, aka Whiskey!  Joe is pictured wearing his own body armor during a Hero WOD, Benton, several weeks ago.  Whiskey will be competing at CrossFit Dallas Central's ACO (All Cities Open) this coming Saturday, December 11th.  G (Masters Division) and Ramrod will also be competing at the ACO.  Best of luck on your first competition Joe!

132 Responses to ““Ground and Pound””

  1. Noel (SKIP)

    Happy B-day y’all.
    27:?? (125, box assisted pistols)
    Wanted to take a nap midway but figured I could finish. Thank-you Juan for telling me to go heavier.

  2. dub

    Happy birthday fellas….Good luck in the competition guys

  3. Bullhorn

    hbd guys
    today was a pratice learning WOD for me, only the second time i have done pistols. learned alot.
    26:28 26KB and box Pistols

  4. MLB

    Happy Bday Nate & Joe…..Good luck this weekend to Joe, Ramrod and G!!!

  5. T-REX

    HBD my fellow pirate, Admiral! and Baby Whiskey, ah you’re first comp! Good luck to ALL the competitors!

  6. Gab

    Happy birthday guys!
    I have a question, does I make the pistols somethings like 10 on left leg, 9 on right leg etc.? or it is alternate on each legs?
    thank you coach

  7. Jim

    @Gab Alternate each rep. 1Right 1Reft until you hit 10total(not each leg). Then do it for 9 .8.7 etc.

  8. Noel (SKIP)

    Just as a heads up for those interested in the Romaleos. I spoke to someone at AthletePS.com and they were not interested in creating a group-buy for the shoes.
    For those planning on getting these for Christmas, the person I spoke with did warn me that they are almost out of stock of the Romaleos and will not be available for months after inventory is out. I don’t know how much of this is true. However, we did see how fast they sold out on RogueFitness.com.
    Basically I was trying to give y’all a heads up. I do not endorse nor get any kickbacks from AthletePS.com. In fact, if you can find another seller who can provide them at a better price, a different color, or at least free shipping, let me know.

  9. T.I.

    13:36 (RX)
    This was my second WOD with pistols also. I felt way better doing them this time. Good to see you this morning Todd.
    Happy Birthday fellas. Good luck this weekend guys!

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    14:37 (145#/box pistols)
    Great job Fam, T. I., FPR and rest of 8:30. Way to battle thru the pistols Todd.
    Happy Bday Nate and Joe. Good luck to Joe, Ramrod and Grace.

  11. B Jules

    Happy Bday Nate (AKA Healthy eating Sensi) and Whiskey!!

  12. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    ‘Flex’ is taken. Please help me pick a new name.
    Here are a few I’ve come up with:
    Ramstick or Rampole? (in honor of Ramrod)
    T. I. P.?
    Easy Money?
    Coco Butter all over?
    Log Jam?
    Polar Bear?
    I appreciate any help with this. Thanks

  13. RamRod

    16:55 rx
    getting stronger overhead, therefore im satisfied

  14. Loco

    Flex. Flex. Flex. First rule of nicknames is never give YOURSELF a nickname. Let it come naturally. Don’t Press. “Log Jam” is clearly pressing.

  15. Bitchy Eggroll

    17:25 (60, seated box with a pole)
    I am happy about my weight, but then I did the grandma’s version of The pistol. Lololololol
    Someone found her mojo! Whoohoo!
    Great to see the midgets!
    AWESOME crew Thundercats!

  16. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Happy Birthday Nate and Whiskey!
    12:22 (85#, box pistols)
    Great job, 9:30!

  17. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Loco, thanks for your opinion. But, your name is “Loco” which means crazy, so I clearly can’t trust you.
    I need help with names. I’m working out at 6pm tonight, I need it by then.
    Come on people.. step up.

  18. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Flex or unnamed. Loco has a point. What do you look like? 6pm is quite a deadline.
    ‘Bulge’ is kind of crazy. ‘Coco Butter all over’
    ‘Log Jam’ are interesting.

  19. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Thanks Easy Rider. How did you come up with ‘Easy Rider’? Doesn’t sound very powerful or masculine. But, maybe it fits for you. I need something powerful and very masculine.
    G.M.P.? –great mighty powerful
    Is Coach Grace single? If so, does she date clients?

  20. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    I look like Tom Brady. 6ft 1″ 185lbs. I’m 28 yrs old. Just moved in from Jersey. 1st WOD at this box was yesterday. The box I attended in Jersey didn’t have nicknames.
    So you can see why I need one today. Out.

  21. heatherd

    Flex, Loco it right…you never give yourself your own nickname…the coaches will give it to you when the time if right:(
    Trying to get to the box today—LOVE pistols!!!
    Happy birthday gentlemen!!

  22. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Flex or Unnamed,
    Ouch on the name attack. Welcome to the box. You seem pretty aggressive.
    bulging biceps with coco butter B.B.C.B.
    Jersey Musk
    These are starting to sound appropriate. Coach Grace is very married.

  23. Bullhorn

    i think foot in mouth is a good name after the date comment to grace. Bahahaha

  24. Billdozer

    The nicknames come with time and careful consideration, maybe Flying Fred Curry has some advice on today’s postings?

  25. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Easy, now we are getting somewhere. Finally, someone is using that thing in their head.
    Diggin Jersey Musk or G.M.P. –great mighty powerful. Need more opinions to make a final decision.
    44 Magnum? sounds tight.
    I know we will figure this out. Out.

  26. Billdozer

    Okay, who is playing a joke on us today, this can’t be a real person? I think the name is probably gonna be along the lines of what Bullhorn said

  27. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Billdozer, interesting name. But, how much time and consideration does one need? So, chime in on an actual name. Is Bulldozer taken?
    Jersey Musk
    44 Magnum
    Buzz saw
    Need some votes. Right now, leading candidate is Bulldozer. Masculine, strong. Out.

  28. Gab

    Thanks for the answer coach Jim. I’ll try this later and come back with my time.

  29. Noel (SKIP)

    I kind of like “Flex”. I can picture it as a man who is very much into Yoga or quite adept in the art of Kama Sutra.
    Unfortunate for you, Grace is married and you don’t want to meet her husband. Legend has it, he was banned from crossfit because of his insatiable appetite for raw meat and washing it down with Jagermeister all while wearing lime-green sunglasses. Crazy man, crazy!
    But yeah, stick to Flex.

  30. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Just to add something… I started at ACF back in March and only just got my nickname (and the ones that followed) in October. So it can take some time but it was worth the wait, I love my nickname.

  31. MLB

    I’m with Dozer, this has to be a joke…..Is this guy serious?

  32. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Noel, thanks. I liked Flex but it is taken.
    What do you think of some of the other names?
    Bulldozer is good, but very similar to Billdozer and that’s not masculine to be to much alike. How long has Billdozer had his name? Maybe he can change it, but I don’t want to push it, unless he’s ready. Is his first name Bill? Billboard, Bazooka Bill, Dollar Bill
    I can’t assume he’ll change it till I hear from him personally.

  33. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Joke? I don’t get it. This is serious as a heart attack. It’s funny everybody that tells me “it will come with time”, already has a cool nickname or a nickname anyway.
    MLB? MLB is not bad. But true force and massive strength are found more in the NFL.
    Is it going to kill someone to chime in with a vote?

  34. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Ace, I hate the Yankees.
    Diggin your name. Why didn’t you go with Ace of Spades?–The Death Card. Dude, use it, it’s yours.
    It may seem like “I’m rushing it”, but I start my new job tomorrow, so this is my last day off. My goal for today was the nickname. Is that so wrong? See what I mean? Out.

  35. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    MLB, Snookie is hot. No doubt. I know her cousin. But, dude.. in case you didn’t know it, I am 100% Male Potency. Snookie is 100% out.
    Think about it. Now, give me a real name, Bro. Out.

  36. heatherd

    How could it be anything other than Jersey Musk…I mean, that’s got to be the most masculine nickname I’ve ever heard of!! That get’s my vote for sure!!!

  37. RamRod

    well guy your nickname is up to the coaches. Im a coach. I dub you Snookie. Or Polly. Now its your turn to vote. Nuff said.

  38. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Thanks Heatherd. Noted. Out.
    Jersey Musk 1
    Bulldozer 1
    44 Magnum
    Buzz saw

  39. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    22:13 (105, Box)
    Not touching the discussion w/ a 10-feet pole!
    HBD Gents! Good hunting Whiskey, G, and Ramrod @ ACO!

  40. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Ramrod, I respect you as a coach, but I can’t go with either of your names- not masculine. You were the coach of my first WOD. In honor of that I’d be happy RamStick or RamPole.
    Jersey Musk 1
    Bulldozer 1
    44 Magnum
    Buzz saw

  41. Ace

    Actually – I think Snookie rolls off the tongue a lil better… (at least that’s what half of the guys in Jersey would say.)
    I’m changing my vote to Snookie.

  42. T.I. (Kenny)

    From homeboys post last night: Outstanding WOD today, refreshing and exhilarating at the same time. My 1st WOD and post. Everyone has been very welcoming.
    From G’s post last night: Andrew C, Tom G, Laura H and Matt H did their first WOD today.
    If he says he did it’s first WOD yesterday then it has to be one of these people.

  43. Macho

    I see a pattern….
    Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)
    Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

  44. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Ace, you can’t change your vote, unless it was Snookie or something else retarded. The real choices are below. Please respect this process. Out.
    Jersey Musk 2
    Bulldozer 1
    44 Magnum
    Buzz saw

  45. Silverback

    Hey “Un-named,
    Another comment from you about G, and you and I will be going round and round when I see you…

  46. T.I. (Kenny)

    And today at the 8:30 class there was a small group of us asking Ramrod who Flex was. He said that Flex has been at ACF for awhile. I said that there was a new Flex posting. Two hours later the “new guy” posts that Flex was already taken and that he needs a new name.

  47. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    I agree with Ramrod and TI on Snookie but “Foot in the mouth” sounds native so I vote that.
    Silverback hasn’t said a thing… yikes!

  48. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    I agree with Ramrod and TI on Snookie but “Foot in the mouth” sounds native so I vote that.
    Silverback hasn’t said a thing… yikes!

  49. Bobo

    i vote for chihuahua. lots of yappin, and they have been known to pee where they sleep.

  50. T.I. (Kenny)

    Tell ’em Silverback! I’ll be right there with you.

  51. Bobo

    16:42 RX
    that weight got pretty heavy around rep 2.
    ok so now that there is a duel set for 6:00 at the box we must go over the rules. there are only three methods of combat to choose from.
    leg wrestling
    thumb wrestling
    and full contact naked baby oil wrestling while in a kiddie pool. (thumb in the bum is allowed)
    choose wisely.

  52. Bullhorn

    this has made my day, i really hope this is real because i will be at the box at 6 today, i hope this is not a joke to so i can be apart of what might be the most akward moment in history.

  53. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Macho, I’ll be there tonight if you have any doubts. I got that stuff earlier, no joke bro. Simple, vote like a man. Gratzi.
    Silverback, are you Coach Grace’s hubby? No worries bro, I was set straight on that situation. And I was warned about you. Crazy Crazy Crazy man. I’m new in town bro, cutt some slack. Start work tomorrow, don’t need no marks on my hands or face. Peace. Now make like a man and vote. Gratzi. Out.

  54. Silverback

    With all the hub-bub going on the blog today, I forgot to post my results.
    14:44 (145#/bastardized bench-assisted pistols)

  55. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Bullhorn, why you say akward? By 6pm I’ll have the coolest name in history. I appreciate those who voted. Everyone else .. step up.
    Bobo, I’m not going to be wrestling no one in baby oil I can tell you that, where I’m from that’s homo unless it’s with a Fem.

  56. Bullhorn

    akward, because you might walk in and get a foot in the ass, and i thought i had a big mouth, just saying.

  57. B Jules

    I like Snookie or Foot in Mouth! You can’t get a nickname like “great mighty powerful” until you earn it.
    And Ramrod is right, a coach really has to give you your nickname. You’re forcing people to nickname you and no one even knows you and a lot doubt your legit.

  58. T-o-dizzle (i know its wrong, but i just coined MYSELF that name)

    Speaking of bastardizing. These posts have become bastardizing.
    16:something with BAP. Thanks, easy-rider and always good seeing you, T.I. and the rest of the thunderwhiners, i mean, thundercats.

  59. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Ah, guys I hate to break it to you, but it’s not me.
    Flex, good luck with your self-naming goal.

  60. Beast

    Oh…this made for an interesting read. I think the box will be extra full at 6PM tonight.

  61. Ace

    I wasn’t planning on working out today but I may just show up now… This ought to be good… if its real.

  62. G

    Hey Unnamed,
    G here…….I have just now caught up with today’s blog. Funny jersey guy! If you are a sport, you’ll accept my vote to echo Coach
    Daniel’s vote but with a compromise to your ego.
    I belong to the mighty silverback, you can look but dare not touch or I will kick your ass =)

  63. Noel (SKIP)

    Flex, did you just make a homophobic remark? I don’t think I would want to share weights with someone who is prejudice.

  64. Unnamed (aka Formerly known as Flex)

    Thanks Easy, need a vote, bro. Don’t leave me hangin.
    Close voting at 4pm. Weary of this process. Too much bullets coming at me. Like Jersey all over.

  65. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Formerly Flex, you’re bringing the heat upon yourself. Take a chill pill. I’d apologize about the homophobic remark, and I’d be a little more respectful to others. I’m just saying..
    Welcome to Texas, but most of the names you created are over the top. My vote is Jersey Musk or Foot in Mouth. Have fun tonight, if you like pistols it’s a good one.

  66. T-o-dizzle (i know its wrong, but i just coined MYSELF that name)

    At the end of the day, the only positive thing to come out of this frivolous banter is that we’ll probably hit 100 posts on the comments-blog for the first-time ever.

  67. Bullhorn

    damn now fam is calling out todd there is going to be some action at the box.

  68. T-o-dizzle (i know its wrong, but i just coined MYSELF that name)

    You’re right, fameliciousnessnessness, i was just giving ya’ll some “stuff.”
    By the way, i was calling ya’ll ThunderWINNERS! Not thunderwhiners!

  69. Billdozer

    I don’t think it was as much homophobic remark but a statement of the obvious. Two dudes naked oil wrestling in a kiddie pool is pretty gay. Something tells me that Foot in the Ass has done it before.

  70. G

    might as well post my time and not wait until tonight.
    15:08 (Rx) great pacing with the nooners today. Our wods are enough to one strong. I couldn’t imagine doing 105 c&j for high reps for time not too long ago! Thanks Coach Daniel!

  71. G

    Pistols, I love pistols!!!!
    Get some HD!
    Teach, where art thou?

  72. T-o-dizzle (i know its wrong, but i just coined MYSELF that name)

    …and yes, 8:30 has a bunch of pretty asses… Bad-asses, that is.

  73. FPR

    Nice Todd!!! hahaha
    14:21 (Rx)…Awesome job Fam!!! woohoo!!
    Oh yeah…and TI too!! 🙂
    Great energy from the Thundercats as always!!!

  74. Gab

    17:19 Rx It was my first attempt with the pistols. I helped myself with the wall…just to keep balance.

  75. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    You take a chill pill Easy. I know you mean well, but apologies are for pansies. I hope your not one.
    Vote time about over. For those who voted “ass in foot”, first off, that’s cold. Second off, it’s not one of choices I gave. I move around such votes. Play my way. Right now votes are as written.
    Jersey Musk 3
    Bulldozer 4
    44 Magnum
    Buzz saw
    RamPole 2
    Billdozer, need to know, are you married to your nickname?

  76. Silverback

    Robert, you just posted an “Un-named” comment as yourself…

  77. T.I. (Kenny)

    LOL! Robert uses a lot of commas in his posts as does “Un-named”.

  78. Bullhorn

    kenny you are so smart, our little crossfit private dick

  79. T.I. (Kenny)

    Plus Robert was in the group of us this morning talking about Flex already being taken. I knew it was either Todd or Robert. LOL!

  80. T.I. (Kenny)

    This is the 100th comment. Do I get a free ACF shirt or something?

  81. T-o-dizzle (i like my new, self-assigned nickname)

    Easy-rider, i had no idea you were such a conniver. No wonder you’ve been beating me in the wods recently. 😉
    But, now, you’re gonna have to convince everyone NOT to RE-coin your nickname to Foot in the Ass (FITA).

  82. Bitchy Eggroll

    Dude! I just got back from the hospital and I feel like I just read novel!
    Wow! Robert! I would never guessed it was you. Wow!!!!!
    Kenny, this proves that u r good at what u do.
    Todd-I-Only-Come-Once-A-While: who was whining at 8:30???? no more kinect for u! Lololololol

  83. Silverback

    Well, I guess the Silverback vs. Snookie-Musk fight for tonight has been canceled…

  84. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    If only I could have made it till 6pm with out blowing my cover. I was thinking of disguises to show up in or a friend who I could get to come and pose as this guy. Oh well, mental error and T.I.

  85. T-o-dizzle (i like my new, self-assigned nickname)

    Like a well-known playwright once scripted, “what a tangled web we weave, when at first we try to deceive…”

  86. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    I’ve been following this posts all afternoon, kudos Coach Jim for noticing “the pattern”!
    Robert this was hilarious and very entertaining:)

  87. Logan

    I found a bag of miscellaneous tae kwon do/martial arts pads in our store’s storage unit. I am going to toss them out unless anyone wants them. Most of it is kids stuff. If anyone wants me to drop it off at the box or come by the store to get it, let me know at logan@playitagainhouston.com
    On the nickname…anyone that wants to give themself a nickname gets to choose between “tool” and “tool”.

  88. T.I.

    We have a lot of kids where I take Judo. I’ll take them.

  89. JohnnyB

    21:??? 120#, as prescribed on the pistol
    Thanks Coach G! I was skeptical about my weights.. LOL
    Nice seeing Maricel & Toni
    Good job 4pm class!!

  90. Lauren

    Hahaha. That was interesting.
    23:?? (60#, box pistols).. pistols on the left leg got pretty interesting but I was happy to ditch the band assistance.

  91. Lauren

    Wait, are Silverback and Easy Rider hot oil wrestling now?

  92. mario c

    Hey Unnamed (formerly known as Flex) What is the matter with you? What do I have to do raise you? Just go up to the guy who is curently calling himself Flex and make him an offer he can’t refuse. Threaten to kill him and his whole family and all his friends and his dog too if he doesn’t drop the name and let you use it. That is how we would do it back in Philly. Ask Hernan the Barbarian, he will tell you the same thing but he may say to threaten him with torture before you kill him. I am getting soft in my old age.
    Don’t bother thanking me, I’m just trying to be helpful here. and move this discussion along.

  93. Speedy J

    10:11 (Rx) pistol felt good in my lifting shoes..so glad the posts were a joke…no Jersey clowns alound in the box!!

  94. mario c

    mario c 18:49 Scaled to rounds of 7-1 (70#; used 3 stacked 45 lb weights for pistols)

  95. T.I. (Kenny)

    Just when I think I have a decent time….along comes Speedy J! Awesome! You’re my hero.

  96. Gatekeeper < -III--------III-

    I agree with Ramrod and TI on Snookie but “Foot in the mouth” sounds native so I vote that.
    Silverback hasn’t said a thing… yikes!

  97. Billdozer

    Great work in the Taco Stand tonight, minus Taco. BFF Cal had to step in and he actually got me to do a handstand pushup with no abmat. Todd pulled off 3 in a row, good job buddy. Sorry about all the Teasing Juan, you know I love you. Jim, we worked on a new muscle up workout, I think its brilliant.
    Chief, you joking on a post, I don’t believe it.

  98. MLB

    15:51 Cleans (Rx)_Pistols (Generic Brand) 10# plate under heel.
    Dustin and JB, thanks for the tips on the pistols.

  99. Dawn

    11:30, 55#, seated pistols, Finished too quickly, need to go to the bigger bar and increase weights. Really liked the WOD though.

  100. G

    Wow, our blog has 24,355 comments since inception, June 2008. while we are it, also 732,265 lifetime pageviews as of this moment.
    We also got Dawn to start posting tonight for the first time. Yey!
    Keep ’em coming!

  101. G

    Congrats on the milestone at the Tacoless Taco Stand, Billdozer and Toddsky!
    Welcome on your first WOD Tye W!
    Skip, the Romaleos will be a rare commodity soon…I would guard your new shiny ones dearly, haha!
    Good to see Jeremy K, Will M, Junior, JDS, OMG, Chris B and Arnold back in action!
    So, I see Pena has an official nickname..thanks to Coach Daniel….Ping Zing! Interesting!
    Good job hyping up our blog Easy Rider!!! It was hilarious getting everyone blogging away!
    Hope you enjoyed your birthday guys! Admiral, I haven’t forgotten about your mustache fundraising photos, btw. Have fun this weekend.
    See you in Dallas Whiskey…let’s rock n’ roll and lock n’ load!!!

  102. Teach

    G- I’m here 🙂 it just took me like 2 hours to read through all the blog drama that was going on today….sheesh!
    Sorry I missed this one today….my bed was just too comfy this morning, but it’s 2 things I love, ground to overhead and pistols. Might have to make an open gym appearance to try this one out.
    Happy birthday admiral and whiskey!

  103. G

    Miss me some Teach Pistols!!!
    TI, 100th blogger…gets you a free shirt. Check back with me tomorrow.
    What?? 007 was at the box tonight? Sorry I missed ya but good to see you back in action!

  104. Dustin

    I’ve worked out with G for almost 4 years and I still don’t have a nickname..

  105. 007

    G, I admit I was upset when the white Expedition was not out front. I almost just turned the truck around.