“Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy”

Front Squat


AMRAP 8 minutes

10 Box Jumps
10 Pull-ups
100m Run


Post results to comments.


Below, also check out one of CrossFit's Rock Stars, Heather Bergeron, on ROM (range of motion) accountability at the end of the video.  It matters when it comes to crossfit's intensity and power formula!!

Heather Bergeron video [wmv] [mov]

30 Responses to ““Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy””

  1. Keith Fogle

    set a pr for one rep max, but overall not a good day for front squat..
    4 rds + 4 reps Rx

  2. Easy Rider (aka F.I.T.A.(gone bad) aka Robert Hammond)

    I went to another level on those last 2 reps at 225#.
    6rds + 20reps + 50meters RX
    Juan cheated, no he gamed it really well,..eliminating transition from box to bar. Son of a gun. Out. This is for you Billdozer 🙂 Out again.

  3. Easy Rider (aka F.I.T.A.(gone bad) aka Robert Hammond)

    The great Silverback coined the phrase, “Coined the phrase”.

  4. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    FS 95-105-110-115-120(2)PR
    4+13reps (20″)
    Good job Dawn!!! I’m seeing results on you:)
    9:30 peeps -you guys rocked! Thanks Coach D!
    FITA- lol!!! Funny!

  5. FPR

    Definitely need to work on front squats
    5 + 20 (Rx)…about 50m from completing 6 rounds…
    Thanks Coach D!!

  6. Shelly

    Easy Rider, You forgot aka Snookie Musk.
    65-75-85-95-95(2) all PRs since only done them once before.
    4 rounds (yellow, 13″ jumps)

  7. Billdozer

    Front Squat
    6 RDS(RX)
    Nice working with you Phillip, job well done. Good work nooners!

  8. Dianna

    4ds+20 I think
    (RRs, 18″step-up,jump off)
    Front Squat
    stop thinking so hard, Khara! you allright!

  9. Khara

    Front Squat
    Thanks Diana for pushing me to go heavier! One day I’ll be as strong as you 😉
    4 Rounds + 10 Reps
    See ya next week, off to the J-O-B for a few, thanks Coach D!

  10. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    5+(20+50m) RX

  11. B Jules or J MO (as Teach likes to call me)

    4+10 (20″, thin white)
    Thanks for the tips on FS Nate! Always a good Thursday with DJ Teach in the HOUSE!!

  12. HeMan

    4 rds (rx)
    Thanks for helping me re-learn how to lift Nate. And that’s a bad ass whit trash beard!!!

  13. Dawn

    85-95-105-115-125 (1st time front squats for strength)
    4 rounds+20 (row, 18″ step ups, RR
    Thanks, Jen!

  14. JohnnyB

    5 rounds+ 5 RX
    Quite hype with my loads.
    Thanks Brant for teaming up with me!
    Thanks Coach G!!

  15. JohnnyB

    By the way, FLEX-EASYRIDER-ROBERT… Kudos Sir! t’was hilarious!

  16. MLB

    6+11 (Rx)
    Nice sharing a bar w/ Nate, outstanding beard by the way…..tried catching Kenny in the AMRAP, that lil’ guy is quick!!!!

  17. G

    Small crowd at 530 this am. Andrew C, Fredie D, Tom G and Maricel braved the 31 degree temperature! They were hustling in the freezing cold.
    Welcome back Blake R on your 2nd WOD this week!
    Good to see Teach back in action!
    007, two days in a row, yey!
    T-Rex, that would have been a better choice of music, hilarious!

  18. T.I. (Kenny)

    6+15 (RX)
    Not my day today. My back is still sore. 30 lbs. under my PR from Sept. Teach you rock. I need to try and make it to at least one of your classes a month. MLB, good job brother!

  19. The Nomad

    AMRAP – 4+20 (RX)
    Had fun with the 5pm class as usual. Nice to paired up with my brother (Contra).

  20. Jen C

    4rds+11…first day back after 2 weeks out sick and I get a new PR on front squats? Thanks for sharing the bar Abbye! Way to work! Great to be back…my body missed you.

  21. Teach

    Fun Thursday night!
    Nice to see Arnold and T.I. make an appearance with the evening folk!
    T.I. – this is a special post just for you…thank you so very much for gracing me with your presence this evening. I can now sleep tonight. 🙂
    Boycel- thanks for the AWESOME Army t-shirt! You better get on here and post!
    Nice to see Genie and Jen C. back in action.
    Courtney, Sunil and Anthony “Tiger” Woods – great work on your first Front squat workout!
    B Jules- awesome as always 🙂
    Good times reminiscing with the vamps tonight about the “good old days”… Ahhh…subwoofers with lots of base!

  22. Teach

    Front Squat
    Relaxed at the bottom of the squat and lost it 🙁 boo! Guess the lesson is learned!
    6rds(20″ box)
    Master G wanted a different training effect, so we went with the 20″ box for the ladies. I was able to get a better rhythm on the jumps and moved faster than I would have with a taller box. With an 8 min WOD that was optimal!

  23. 007

    SOS if you stay with this, when you show up in the fall for football, you will be way ahead of the rest of your team. You have the Silverback/G genes. It’s almost unfair to the rest of the team.

  24. Andrea aka Genie

    3+17reps (20″)
    It was great to be back again!!!! The vamps class has changed, but change is awesome! So many new faces! Great to see more peeps are enjoying CrossFit! Great to see Coach Teach, Babs, Nate and everyone else! Sorry, not good remembering names!

  25. chief

    That YouTube thing is toooo funny! I got gassed just watching them running in place.