“ACO Special”

Back Squat (Event #1)
1 – 1 – 1


EMOTM for 10 minutes, perform 3 Reps Squat Clean @ 45% of max back-squat with the remainder of the minute perform AMRAP Double-unders. Your score is total double-unders (Event #3)



Whiskey Back Squat 1RM ACO 1st comp
Joe W, aka Whiskey, on Event #1 Back Squat 1RM at the All Cities Open last week. (photo courtesy of Janelle W)

Dustin The Greatest Ma
Happy Birthday Dustin!!  Dustin has come a long way with regards to our CrossFit grassroots as a box.  G and Dustin started what used to be a very small group of friends at Kempner High School in January of 2008.  Fun memories with the "(Evander) Holyfield Circuit" comes to mind when we think back!

The WODs at the ACO were:

ACO Event #1 – 1RM Back Squat (sharing the bar with other competitors)

ACO Event #2 – 4 sets:
20 sec row sprints for highest avg. watts
rest 40 sec
20 sec AMRAP Chest To Bar Pull-Ups
rest 40 sec (Score: sets 1+2+3+4=total) and total chest to bar pull-ups

ACO Event #3 – 10 minutes of
Every min on the min (EMOTM)
3 Squat Cleans (45% of 1RM on Back Squat)
w/ remaining time doing Double-Unders

ACO Event #4 – Approximately 1.25 mile course with uphills and downhills, some steep with gravel.  In the middle of the course 15 Sandbag Cleans (100)(80) then run to the next station of 15 rep KB Swings (88, American swing)(70 – Russian Swing) and then run again downhill and uphill to finish line.

39 Responses to ““ACO Special””

  1. Teach

    Looks like fun today, but I will be taking a rest day.
    Awesome pic Whiskey! Way to represent ACF last weekend.
    Arnold – My parents are keeping Ansley, so we will NOT need Kyle and Casey’s services 🙂

  2. Bullhorn

    Jim, are you refering to the best picture that has ever been posted on the HQ website. if so i give you a million thumbs up, and i second the motion of i love crossfit!

  3. G

    I love CrossFit no matter what photo is on the main site =) That is eye-candy for sure! She should have worn something with the word “crossfit” on it.

  4. Bullhorn

    Grace i disagree she should of just had I LOVE CROSSFIT written on her butt

  5. G

    As far as our Christmas Party, we will be serving food from Lopez Restaurant, bottled water and a few beverages (miller lite is the popular fav). But if you have a preference on Snobby Beer or Snobby Scotch then bring your own bev! Also, please don’t forget to bring an ornament and if interested in participating with the white elephant gift exchange, bring your gift ($15 value). Lastly, please reply to Arnold’s post with (“@Arnold”). See you guys for some serious fun tomorrow night! RSVP so we can get a final count at the end of day today. Thanks.

  6. G

    Well she was in Barbados after all …. that is a brilliant idea but with big painted Huge letters to make it on main site…otherwise, your idea (w/c of course would be small letters) would be best suited on a ????.xxx site.

  7. Teach

    Happy Birthday Dustin!! I remember the old Kempner days 🙂 I think the Holyfield circuit was my first WOD with G!!!

  8. B Jules

    Happy Bday Dustin!!!!
    Wish I could make this WOD, Sledge and I have been fighting off a cold or something. I’ll be back in the box Saturday morning!

  9. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    “I HAVE NO SYMPATHY!!” Daniel ‘Ramrod’, during metcon.. classic.
    Reminds me of: “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.” [quoting “Self-Pity” by D.H. Lawrence] in G.I. Jane
    69 RX(125)
    Double under progress seems like 3 steps forward 2 steps back. Today, seemed like 2 steps back. Nice metcon combo.. challenging.
    Great job 8:30, way to go Tohan, you are a dedicated crossfit athlete.
    Arnold, Lucas will be with grandpa, so we’re covered on babysitting, thx.
    Happy Bday Dustin.

  10. Macho Ranger

    I know what my wife is thinking…..
    Yeah, but what can that Broad deadlift? 😉

  11. Billdozer

    Back Squat- 350
    Metcon- 370(RX-155)
    Great WOD, I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while. It was nice to partner with Arnold today, she makes me work harder. Good job with the DU’s as well.
    That chick on the mainsite stole my idea, I guess i’ll have to find another option to get on the mainsite.

  12. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    BS 140pr
    Metcon 210(65#)
    thanks Nicole – you are an awesome partner!
    Thanks Ox for the tips and cheer!

  13. T.I.

    Happy Birthday Dustin! I hope you have a great day. Ranger CrossFit for me tonight. Back at ACF Saturday.

  14. Silverback

    For the Fri 12/24 classes, can I workout wearing nothing but a strand of Christmas lights?

  15. Bullhorn

    hell no silverback, no one wants to see your old wrinkly azz.

  16. FPR

    175 BS….I really could have gone a bit heavier…oh well
    300 DU(80#)
    Thanks Toe for counting my reps….way to hang in there!!

  17. Ramrod

    @easy rider
    But seriously I have no sympathy for anyone doing bodyweight cleans and double unders today..

  18. SpeedyJ

    No sitter needed for us, unable to attend…family obligation. Once again…missing out! Enjoy and be safe!!

  19. dianna

    very lame squat-clean. many thanks to Ox and BBB
    for reloading the bar and keeping me movin.
    my scalp was tingling rounds7-10!
    HBD Dustin.

  20. Bobo

    201 RX(130.5)
    brutal wod.
    Billdozer, i think you should set up the same shot as on the mainsite, but with a full frontal… better yet, throw on some pasties to cover up those puppies. and a marky mark rock star wig of course.

  21. Bitchy Eggroll

    165-175 miss-175pr whoohoo!
    70 (65# sq)
    I did bolt have the correct form on my second attempt on the back squats. Daniel, you are right, Form is the key!
    This metcon was tough! If it was not for Robert and aida pushing me today, I would have not made it through.
    Thank u Robert and Aida.

  22. Dustin

    Very fun bday wod. I need to start using the speed ropes for DU from now on.
    275BS 196DUs (rx)

  23. Kendra

    BS 125; Metcon 195 RX(55#)……….10 wods in 11 days……..my legs are toasted…..time for some rest.

  24. T-REX

    BS 175-180-185(PR). SC 85#. A combo of DUs and singles, but not sure how Kate counted, but it’s 178. Thx Kate! +800m run

  25. chrissy c

    BS – worked on form with the expert help of G and Nate – Much thanks guys!! Now that I know what to do, I got a lot of work ahead of me! 85#
    SC 45#; 225 singles
    Anybody doing the Filthy Fithy at Open Gym on Sunday – if so, what time?

  26. HeMan

    245/160-something (rx-ish).
    ‘ish’ because G said I was sandbagging my backsquat, but I contest that 245 was it. I’ve gone to the Nate dawg school of lifting, Grace, and it just looks easier;-)

  27. G

    He-Man you are most definitely stronger because you look like you had room for more weights and to think that it was a PR already for you 😉
    Welcome back Sirun!
    Good to see Erika, Gary B, Carr aka N1OA back in action!
    Way to stick to the DUs the whole time Playboy, Joe F and Nisha!
    @Arnold, looks like we may not have a demand for sitters tomorrow night
    Rest day for me; did this at the ACO comp.
    Good to see you do your bday wod Dustin!

  28. TC

    You wear the lights and I will wear the mistletoe!!!