“Air Force”


For time perform:


20 Thrusters (95/65)
20 Sumo-high pulls
20 Push Jerks
20 Overhead squats
20 Front squats
~Every minute on the minute perform 4 burpees.


One bar, One weight. Do as many reps as possible before 1 minute rolls around. Then drop and bang out 4 burpees. Get back up and soldier on until you are done.


Post time and load to comments.

ACF Shirtspotting – The Sequel – "Comfy Arm Rests"

Jonathan SicFit CFCentral
Jonathan Weems, SicFit/CF Central athlete, looking comfy with his laptop and dogs (photo courtesy of Chardonnay Poole, SicFit/CF Central and Hammer & Chisel 2nd place winner).

39 Responses to ““Air Force””

  1. Billdozer

    7:19(RX) Great little battle, the girls gave us a whoopin today. First defeat in the Progenex shirt, it hurt.

  2. Speedy J

    5:57(RX)..WOD got Real..fast! Great job am crew..motivation was no more burpies.

  3. Will M

    I hate burpees emotm… they blow. 12:57 (Rx) 1st time in about a month i’ve been close to vomming. good to be back.

  4. Bullhorn

    great crew this morning, the girls are beast with there MONSTER LEGS.

  5. HeMan

    13:00 (rx). I think EMOTM translates into English as ‘this is gonna hurt alot’

  6. Keith Fogle

    15:43 (65#, last 6 OHS 35#)
    tough wod for me….still have a long way to go on OHS…

  7. T.I.

    6:56 (RX)
    A great 8:30 class as usual. Awesome WOD! Thanks for the push Kate and great job on the WOD! Way to go Toe! FPR, I saw that you were catching me around the start of the OHS and I couldn’t do anything about it, great job.

  8. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    9:48 (RX)
    This one was a gasser for sure. The burpees weren’t hard, it was picking up the bar AFTER burpees that was difficult. Oh well, goal was sub 10 minutes. Win.
    Different group this morning at 9:30, lots of fun! Great job, y’all!

  9. Noel (SKIP)

    21:?? (75#, switched to #65 at OHS)
    I went in KNOWING I hate thrusters and burpees, but a voice in the back of my head (Jim’s voice) kept yelling at me to do it anyway or else I’ll never get better.
    Now, my chest is sore from all that cold air heavy breathing and I dislike burpees a little less. Love for thrusters? That remains to be seen.

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    11:51 (RX) I was not under the delusion that this would be easy. Still light headed and legs wobbly. My squats seem to be quad dominant which burn out faster; need to move the load to the hams and glutes. Good job 9:30.

  11. Gina

    12:51 (rx)
    good to see the morning group again! Tough workout and my mom is totally impressed with everyone.

  12. Junior

    I am out of town but we did the workout in Graham, TX at the local gym! I think we were getting funny looks from some high schoolers!! Good times!
    Great WOD!
    back squats (in place of overhead squats)
    Did the workout with the husband and step brother in law!
    Dane (husband- first time)
    Brent RX

  13. FPR

    6:39 (Rx)
    Teach and Janet….you guys are beasts for sure! There was no way I was going to finish under 6. Thanks TI, nice battle indeed!
    Toe, you’re awesome!!! I was not going to let you quit this one…haha

  14. Teach

    Epic battle at 5:30 this morning! Great pacing with you Speedy J. Us girls had to put the guys in their place 🙂
    Cal- only in a crossfit box is calling a woman’s legs “monster” a compliment and met with high fives and big smiles! That’s why I love crossfit 🙂

  15. Billdozer

    Teach, normally I don’t enjoy getting beat by girls but you and Janet make it enjoyable. You guys do have less distance to travel on the squat, just saying.

  16. Bobo

    9:34 RX
    started pooping out on the push jerks. was to them in the second minute, but that pace didn’t last.

  17. Mike B

    15:54 (65#)
    Great job 9:30!!
    Actually impressd myself with this one even though my numbers are nowhere near the beastly times mentioned earlier (or RX). YET!
    Thought that I was going to be able to keep pace even with emotm but forgot that the burpees take time to do as well….

  18. Speedy J

    Way to get it done Jamie – missed ya this am..me and my “Monster” legs had to get it in early..see ya soon!

  19. Kelli

    11:00 35#.
    The killers for me always—OHS for sure….still after 3 different times of doing.. Not getting amny easier …yet. Thx grace. Good to see you this am for this 8:30 class. Always love it when I’m done each day.

  20. Junior

    You are a beast Janet! Well of course you are too Teach! Can’t wait to get back to the box, it’s just not the same in the gym 🙂 see ya Thursday!

  21. chrissy c

    8:44 (42#)
    Burpees crushed me!
    And I’m with Billdozer on the less distance to travel! 🙂

  22. Toddzilla

    Tribe, i left my brand new Again Faster jump rope at the box. If you picked it up by mistake, can you please drop it off at box! Thanks!

  23. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    10:55(45#) OHS took forever:(
    500m run pre WOD with Chit and 800m post WOD with T-Rex!
    Hope your back feels better H the B!
    Thanks G!

  24. CrazyCarl

    11:52 Rx. No delusions that this wod would be a cake walk in any way. Just didn’t have the juice today. For some reason 95# got the best pig my NON monster legs!

  25. B Jules

    16:46 (RX) <-------- My first time!! My time was slow but, I was glad when I finished. Thanks 6 p.m. peeps for cheering me on as I finished those last front squats. Thanks for the tips through out the WOD Billy!

  26. The Nomad

    Thanks for the ass kicking “Club Atomic”. Was cruising until OHS….they can suck it!

  27. dianna

    nice to be in the box evenif for a weenie WOD!
    500mrow, 20GHD 3 rounds for sore knees!

  28. G

    9:30 (Rx) – Ummm yeah got my butt kicked and my MONSTER LEGS failed me tonight, boo!
    MU progressions keep moving along thanks to the helpful tips of DJ Teach, Billdozer, HTB and Toddzilla! Got up and didn’t extend. So, SOS beat me to it today. SOS, good job doing it from the hang position!

  29. G

    Good to see JohnnyB, TI, Conor, Gina, Dianna, SOF, Crazy Carl, HD, Fire (formerly known as Ace), Sid, Drew and Dub back in action.
    Welcome back Callie and Ian M!
    Welcome Nadim!
    Toe, you won the battle today by sticking with it! Way to fight!
    Junior, way to be accountable!
    Skip, way to fight through it.
    The pacemakers definitely lived up to their class name today. Very intense battle
    ZenJen, you always say “Thank You”, so here it is: “You’re always very welcome <3"

  30. G

    Btw, many thanks to those who made it to our 3rd Annual Christmas Party last Friday! The crowd was definitely bigger than last year! Elephant exchange gift was fun and you guys were troopers for playing along with the fun gifts! Sorry nobody thought to take pictures and I forgot my camera ;(
    Kathy M, the bison chili was delicious!

  31. mario c

    Great Job SOS on beating G to your first muscle up! Your mom told me that if I should get a muscle up before she does she is going to immediately retire from Crossfit and take up kniting, hehe! That is what she said to me once, it’s true ask her, hehe.

  32. Teach

    Great job tonight everyone!
    Everyone battled through this short but painful WOD.
    Congrats B Jules on your 1st RX!
    Congrats SOS on your first MU!
    Good to see Callie back from college 🙂
    G- you’ll get that muscle up soon. All the pieces are there, it’s just putting them together.