“Fit as F*ck” Competition – The Final


For time: perform 2 rounds of each of the following triplets:

Triplet A

400m run
10 ring dips
20 Goblet squats w/KB (70/53)

Triplet B

400m row
10 C2B pull-ups
20 KB Swings (70/53)


Post time and load to comments.

88lb kb
(photo courtesy of CF Dallas Central's All Cities Open 2010)

32 Responses to ““Fit as F*ck” Competition – The Final”

  1. mario c

    That kettle bell looks like a land mine somebody just dug up, hehe!

  2. Bullhorn

    Great battle with Juan today, had mental breakdown today, i hate to think.

  3. Speedy J

    Ran 4 this am, hope to catch WOD tonight..gotta work at the run store today. Have fun!

  4. Keith Fogle

    17:31 (53#)
    Thanks to Ralph, Jim and Garrett for the push…nice wod

  5. Billdozer

    14:53(RX) Fun little WOD today, Aida snuck up on me. Good job Easy Rider and the rest of the 8:30. Good to see Daniel happier today.

  6. Junior

    Elevated bench dips
    44lb goblet squats
    Band c2b pull ups
    35lb KB swings
    Ready to get back to the box. I miss the 5:30am class! See you Thursday!

  7. FPR

    14:53 (Rx)…as much as I hate running and rowing, it was “fun”. Thanks Billy…good battle at the end!
    Nice partnering with Kate! Great job!
    Great job Thundercats!!

  8. Loco

    Feeling Poetic today.
    There is a madman whose existence creates a panic
    His gaze troubles me
    His presence opens windows to my soul
    He begs to be defeated
    He dares me to try
    So many times I fail
    So many times I cry
    He is vulnerable only when I am at my best
    He demands purity of my heart and exceptional skill
    In order to be defeated; he will truly test my will
    His origins are unclear;
    Yet his absence would invoke fear
    I cling to the pursuit of his defeat
    and look forward to learning his name
    For now I only know him as…..
    The competition of the game

  9. Teach

    15:30 (Rx)
    Ring dips are not my friend. Lost too much time there today 🙁
    Fast group this morning with the pacemakers!

  10. Ramrod

    13:03 (53)
    Treating this week as a deload week/ get my mind back in the game. Jim gave me some wise words and he is right. Too often we get caught up in constantly trying to go rx and constantly trying to compete that we don’t notice the toll it can take on your body and mind. And every now and then it’s healthy to just forget about the whiteboard and just do your thing. Which is what I plan to do.
    Ps. I’ll be back 🙂

  11. Ruel

    good workout… Thanks coach Daniel and coach Billy for the push… Nice to see u coach Jim as well ….

  12. Barbella

    17:59 (para w/box,40#,2″fatband)
    might start the 40#KB regularly…might.

  13. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    17:43 RX
    It was a treat to have Jim coach the 8:30 class. Been too long time since I’ve heard his voice during a WOD. Much wisdom he has (in a Yoda voice).
    Daniel, way to put the ego aside and wisely downshift. I feel like I need a break mentally or psychologically as well, my will to push doesn’t seem as strong as normal. Fam, you look a little burned out too.
    Thanks Billy.

  14. Bobo

    15:13 RX.
    deceptively tough wod. wheels came off on the second round of kb swings. first round wasn’t fast, but the second round probably took two minutes.
    i’m sure that dozer will be the first to jump at the chance to dress up as chewie. if we’re on a star wars theme i could grow out a cheesy moustache and dress up as lando. hehe.

  15. chrissy c

    (Black band assist ring dips/35#/thin white band C2B Pull Ups)
    Should have listened to Bobo and went with the little purple band on the ring dips. Next time.

  16. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    17:55(BARD, 35#, most not all are C2B)
    Run with T-Rex after
    Thanks Monte for the last push at the end, good to see you again!
    Thanks G <3

  17. Nisha

    17:18 (40#KB, elev para-dips, green band)
    Way to stick with the boys in Heat 1 Kendra 🙂
    Thanks for the stretching tips G and Dustin…I have ZERO flexibility and need to work on stretching after every WOD

  18. B Jules

    17:46 (40#kb, band assit ring dips, black band)
    Thanks for encouraging me to go heavier tonight Coach Jim! Felt good to be the first girl finished tonight at 6 p.m. 😉
    15:42(RX) Sledge

  19. dub

    16:20(rx) thanks for the push nomad, it was a tough one tonight.

  20. T.I.

    I hate KB’s and rowing. I need to get better so I made sure I didn’t miss today. I’m glad I didn’t and my back felt great! Thanks for the push Father and Hernan. Oh yeah…Toe..WTF?? You lied! Ha ha.
    G….you’re f’n awesome! Thanks for all you do.

  21. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    20:59 rx
    Need a 63# kb….

  22. Crazy Carl

    14:53 RX
    Excellent group of badasses working out at 5pm. Everybody was racing to the finish of this wod… Next time i am going to keep a puke bucket right next to me so i can just puke and keep going instead of having to slow down in order NOT to puke! @ Dustin…that mid wod pisser was quite an impressive innovation to the wod.
    Hernan, silverback and Coach Jimbo…Thanks for the big push there at the end…the wheels were beginning to fall off this pain train!

  23. G

    17:49 (Rx) Thanks for the push Joe F. It was good to have you as a partner. Jim, bouncing off the ring dips helped get a rhythm. The 2nd round on both triplets were slower. Silverback, HTB and Crazy Carl thanks for the encouragement. Good pacing with Fire, Chad and Dustin (about to have a nickname – finally).

  24. todd

    15:59 rx. Took my time on runs. Not quite comfortable going all out in the darkness. Last 20 kbs were unbroken, so that was a pretty big deal.

  25. G

    Good job on your 2nd WOD Tye!
    Good to see Will M, Carr, Slim, Dawn, Weezy, Whiskey, BRev, Boycel, Kendra and Arnold back in action!
    Loco….that’s a very cool poem!
    TI, it is rewarding to see you and everyone work hard. From the de-conditioned or novice to average athletes to f’kn elite and badasses, it is very rewarding to know that we are changing people’s lives one person at a time! Always good to see you!
    Bry, that 64kb is not a bad idea. No droopy KBS on those for sure, huh?!
    We missed you at 530am today Speedy J!
    Hang in there Arnold!
    Awesome hard work by all! Way to dig deep and while keeping your ROM intact. As Jim says, everyone should strive to go beyond reproach on all movements. We should exaggerate and leave no doubt…and your “time” will be on the board with pride!

  26. T-REX

    16:25 (53#, BARD, KPU). I think I got a few C2B, but the rest didn’t make the cut. I think I will try the band asst ring dips next time. Arnold, you are inpiring! Great work Callie and thx for running w/ me ZenJen as usual (+500m). It helps with soreness for sure!

  27. The Nomad

    20:26 (70 Gobs, 53 kb) Wanted Rx on this one. I just paced way too fast on the run and left the tank empty on Trip B. Had to switch to 53# KB swings. Thanks for the help DUB…good to partner with you.