“Team Guerrilla Warfare” Challenge


Open to all ACF Athletes

When? Saturday, February 12th 8am – 2pm

What? A single day team challenge to push you to your limits!


Teams of 4

  • Rx must be (3 Male 1 Female)**
  • Scaled can be mixed any way, but must have at least 1 member of the opposite sex.

1) Send an e-mail to Grace and Jim with your team and division for approval.  After your team and division is approved then all team members must register individually.

2) Register individually through Atomic's MindBody Online Scheduler. Include your shirt size.
3) Registration will close January 28th


** only one coach/staff member allowed per team. – No Billy, Juan, Ramrod, Beth Super teams! 😉


4 Individual Events – Each team member must do one event. Each event will be announced individually (no prior notice) and your team will have 5 minutes to assign the athlete. All 4 members will do one event in this phase.

Score is based on placement (Finish first and you receive a 1; second and receive a 2 etc…) 


2 Couples Events – These events will be done by two members of the team. (All team members must participate) You will know both events before assigning athletes for these two workouts.

Weighted score is based on placement x2 (Finish first and you receive a 2; second and receive a 4 etc…)


1 Team WOD – All four teammates will participate in this WOD. This event will be announced 10 minutes prior to the first heat.

Weighted score is based on placement x4 (Finish first and you receive a 4; second and receive a 8 etc…)


The team (Rx and Scaled) with lowest points will win some Kewl Prizes and bragging rights!


How Much? $40 per person will get you a t-shirt and Paleo friendly lunch! Oh yea….beer also if you are old enough!  (Register here).


Why? Because you are competitive, hard charging, gut busting, lung burning, lactic loving beast

55 Responses to ““Team Guerrilla Warfare” Challenge”

  1. Silverback

    I just registered my team:
    Aja Barto, Arian Barto, Linsey Smith and moi.

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    “Open to all ACF Athletes”…. Does that mean it’s not open to non Atomic Athletes?
    I have dear friends that are at another box.. we’ve talked about doing a 4 person team wod together when the opportunity presented itself.

  3. Coach Jim

    @ Easy Rider
    You can bring friends from other boxes. Maximum 2 people from outside our box per team will be allowed.

  4. Bullhorn

    me and billy are signing janet to team under armour!!

  5. Bullhorn

    i would also like to announce that Kyle “MLB” has just commited to Team Under Armour!

  6. Kendra

    If anyone needs a scaled girl, I am available. Just let me know.
    Resume available upon request!

  7. Billdozer

    Actually Cal, I just received a last minute offer to be Team Progenex. Since Kyle and I already have the shirt, I accepted.

  8. B Jules

    Ramrod…what’s this I hear about you trying to steal a Ninja?? 🙁 I’ll let you have Sledge for Crazy Carl. 😉

  9. MLB

    Team PROGENEX, I like the way that sounds!

  10. Bullhorn

    Ok Billy we can be that to since I had the progenix shirt before all of you

  11. Bullhorn

    Beth I love yea lil momma but your a coach and Billy is already on the team. Rules are rules.

  12. Billdozer

    Actually Daniel, she can’t be on your team. We can wear a different color shirt each workout, I just need to get the black one.

  13. Speedy J

    As a lung burning, lactic loving beast..I am in!!

  14. Ramrod

    dozer the only reason you would object to that would be that your scared of a little competition. yes thats a challenge

  15. B Jules

    can you lay down the difference between an RX competitor and a scaled? I ask as someone trying to make sure my team is okay. I wish I could be RX in 6 weeks. Hopefully by the beach wod! 🙂

  16. G

    Ramrod, if we weren’t short of judges, I’d be on your team and veto the coach/staff rule in a heart beat!

  17. G

    B-Jules, the RX competitor is an athlete who regularly does majority of the WODs as prescribed (i.e., no band assist on pull-ups, no step-ups on box jumps, etc.) Hope that helps.

  18. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    Hey, if anyone needs a scaled girl let me know!

  19. TC

    If anyone needs another guy I am in. Just let me know!

  20. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    T-Rex if you don’t have a team yet, lets put one together. Your doing scaled right?

  21. G

    HD, let’s have a meeting next week about set up and other things for the challenge.

  22. Dr. Peter

    Easy Rider and Toddski,
    Have either of you joined a team yet?
    If not,let’s form one. Let me know.

  23. Andrea aka Genie

    OK! I’m in, but need a team to be in please!

  24. Coach Jim

    Keith, talk with Genie and Kendra (The Force) then you just need one more!

  25. Keith Fogle

    Sounds good Jim —
    Hey Genie and Kendra, how about forming a team for scaled?

  26. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    I’m down if anyone needs a scaled girl. 🙂

  27. Silverback

    Hot off the press!
    Team (Insert Name Here):
    Take that Team Progenex…

  28. BullHorn

    Silverback, tisk tisk, your old age must be getting the best of you. See me next week my grandma has a good doctor you might want to consider.

  29. Tara

    Brant and I want to be on a team. Anybody wanna join, let me know.

  30. The Force (Kendra)

    Keith – sorry for the delay. I already have a scaled team. Is Genie available?

  31. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Peter, I have something pending,.. if it doesn’t work out, I’d love to form a team.

  32. Andrea aka Geniebo

    Keith – Playboy and I are looking for a Scaled Team.

  33. Keith Fogle

    Andrea — I’m in! That’s three, we just need one more person.

  34. Andrea aka Genie

    Keith & Playboy- I have asked Nisha if she would be interested, or fill me in if you all find another female.

  35. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    My friends from West Houston Crossfit committed… and so did Triple B. Mike and Autumn Davidson, myself and BBB are a scaled team.

  36. Andrea aka Genie

    Didn’t realize Nisha was on a team already so guys we are in need of another female team player!! If interested – please post or inform Keith Fogle, myself, or Playboy – green lantern or Grace/Jim. Thanks!!

  37. Andrea aka Genie

    Didn’t realize Nisha was on a team already so guys we are in need of another female team player!! If interested – please post or inform Keith Fogle, myself, or Playboy – green lantern or Grace/Jim. Thanks!!

  38. Junior

    Johnny, Bobby, and Cody I need your email addresses! I am looking up OUTFITS! 🙂 Remember we need a contrast color…hehe

  39. Andrea aka Genie

    Didn’t realize Nisha was on a team already so guys we are in need of another female team player!! If interested – please post or inform Keith Fogle, myself, or Playboy – green lantern or Grace/Jim. Thanks!!

  40. Ramrod

    Completely forgot to post team on here.
    Crazy Carl
    Speedy J

  41. G

    Genie, I can post. Maybe reset your pc and iPhone.

  42. Keith Fogle

    Putting together a scaled team, looking for one more person, so far:
    Andrea (Genie)
    Bryan (Playboy)
    anyone that is interested can post or email me: keithfogle@ymail.com

  43. Andrea aka Genie

    Keith, We have our Team. Joo Dee will do it with us!!

  44. Coach Jim

    Make sure you get your team to Saturday WODs between now and the competition to hone your skills and build your esprit de corp!