“Long Grain Rice”

3 Rounds for time
10 Walking Lunge Steps
10 Situps
10 Ball slams

Strength: (20 minutes)
Front Squat  3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Compare to 101209

For time:
400m Run
  50 Squats
400m Run
  50 Push-ups
400m Run
  50 GHD Sit-Ups
400m Run
  50 Pull-ups

Post results to comments.

Alice OH Lunge
Happy Birthday Alice!

58 Responses to ““Long Grain Rice””

  1. ingrid

    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday,Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday Dear Alice.
    Here’s Wishing You More Birthdays to Come,More ACF and Rx’S in the near Future.
    Have a Wonderful,Blessed Day…(Where’s the Party?,Let’s make it Paleo)

  2. MLB

    Happy Bday Alice!!!
    What’s the last day to sign up for the barbell clinic?

  3. Teach

    MLB – you’re going to actually sign up for something? :p

  4. G

    MLB, the barbell clinic registration is open through the day of the clinic. So last minute registrants are welcome! Clinic starts at 10am FYI.

  5. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Alice!
    135-155-175-185-195 Deload week
    16:19?? (25GHD/25 straight leg SU)

  6. Teach

    Front Squat
    Metcon: 16:13? (Rx)
    Five pounds below my previous 3-rep max and way below my 1 rep max 🙁 BUT, I’m also about 8-10lbs lighter than I was in December, so I guess it proves that you can’t lose weight without losing some strength 🙂
    Tried to push myself on the runs today and it felt good! Gotta get past the mental block I have with running.
    Nice work this morning with the Pacemakers! Thanks for sharing a bar with me Connor!!

  7. Maricel

    Happy Birthday Alice! Hope you have a great day and I’m sure MasterG will spoil you! 🙂
    FQ 45-50-55-60-65
    22:35 (SLSU and RR) just glad I finished.
    Thanks for the push Coach G and other guys! Great job pacemakers!

  8. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy birthday Alice!!!!
    Not 100% better yet so i row 5000m 26:11
    Awesome job 8:30 and 9:30 crew!!!

  9. Black'n'Blue/TripleB

    Happy Birthday, Alice!
    MetCon: 20:55(RX)
    Great job, 9:30. Always a good time sharing a bar with you, Khara!

  10. Chrissy

    Thanks for making me do 50 GHD last night Bryan (FDB!!!) 🙂

  11. Andi

    75-85-95-105-115 (2)
    Band PU’s
    Good times nooners!

  12. Dawn

    85-105-115-125-145 (PR)
    Metcon 20:32 (row, SL SU, 25 BAPU/25 RR)

  13. Speedy J

    Happy B-Day Alice!
    Missing another good WOD – got hit with the flu this weekend..back soon!

  14. Barbella

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Alice!
    Andi, next time I handle all the weights..you did all the work today!
    21:49 (C2G,green band)

  15. FPR

    FS sucked!! 130-135-140(2)-140(1)-105
    HBD Alice!
    Janet, I hope you feel better soon!!!
    Great job 830!

  16. Gina

    not too happy since my last 3rep max was 155, I’ve got excuses, but none that will be accepted!
    20:51 (abmat, green band)
    running was better, so guess that’s a groo thing!

  17. Will M

    FS Was good, not great, but good.
    225 275 295 305 315 (thinking I’ll go higher next time)
    19:45 (ab mat) Weak, I know.

  18. Keith Fogle

    FS form is improving!
    20:14 (slsu)

  19. T.I.

    FS: 205-225-245-255(m)-255(m): Good working with you Chris B.
    Metcon: 13:23(SLSU)
    Happy Birthday Alice! I hope you had an awesome day! I hope you get better soon Speedy J!

  20. SOS

    Happy Birthday Alice!
    FS: 185-205-215-225-235(1)Nice work JohnnyB.
    Metcon: 19:45 (SLSU)

  21. The Nomad

    FS – 155-175-185(1)-185(1)-175(2) = BAD DAY for front squats
    Metcon: 18:04(Rx)- was Silverback’s coattails the entire time until he pulled away at the pull ups….next time S’back!

  22. Ruel

    Squat: 115-125-135-155-175(pr)
    Previous pr 145.. Thanks coach Daniel and sledge for the advice ESP on my last lift… Appreciate it as always ..
    Metcon… 16:22..I think?

  23. T-REX

    135-145-150-155(1)-155(x). Metcon 21:22(RX), thx for the pace Gina

  24. Nisha

    85-115-125-135 (pr)
    21:06 (30slsu,20ghd, thin white band)
    Moved up to the thin white band from the green band, although not sure if this was the appropriate WOD to make that change 😉
    Great work on the bar Tammy, Vanessa and Abbye!!

  25. The Force (Kendra)

    65-85-95-115(2)-115(1)PR/18:59(kpu,25ghd/25slsu,green band). Arnold – I am glad I could share the bar with you (even if it was for similar height……..not so much similar weights!). G-thanks for the push on the run. That was all I had in my tank …. Nothing left for the pullups so had to get a fatter band. Nice wod. Not.

  26. chrissy c

    22:26 (16 reg push ups-34 knee push ups/SLSU, 25 Thin White/25 Green Band Pull Ups)
    Loved the runs, hated the push ups and pull ups. One day I will love all three! 🙂

  27. Andrea / aka Genie

    95-115-125-135(1)-135(2)-At least I passed my PR!!
    23:54 (RX)
    Thanks Nate for the push! I will hit that 135!

  28. Babs

    20:22(SLSU,10 green band,40 2″band)
    I’ll take the push-ups & sit-ups any time rather than run!

  29. TC

    HBD Alice!
    185-225-245-275-300(1) to much for the ankle
    16.35 straight leg situps, GHD’s were full

  30. G

    FS 3RM 135-145-150(2)-150(2)-145(1)
    18:10 (15 SLSU, 35 GHD) – had to push you Kendra The Force on the last 400m….you were my only hope. Together, we couldn’t catch TMac1 for the life of us!
    Arnold, great pacing with you on the pull-ups, thanks for the push!
    Always a pleasure working out side by side with Bill Glass on the last set. I knew that when I transferred over to the bay doors, I could set a pace for ya! Great job Bill!

  31. Jen C

    21:37 (30GHD,20 straight leg)
    Had fun with the 6pm crew!

  32. Disco D Nicole

    Happy birthday Alice!!!!!!!
    22:42 (kpu, band asst. Pu, ghd 25)
    Great job Dawn on your PR!!!!!!!!

  33. G

    First and foremost, huge classes today! I’m always amazed how my list goes bigger on things to buy now. The board is now too small to accommodate you all, especially on days like today =)
    Awesome job on your baseline Josh Baker and Danielle Oliver!
    Good to see ZenJen, 007, Chris B, Carolyn, NChurch, Dr.Peter, Conor, Alice, JenC, Courtney, Holly, CP, Princess Slaya and Genie back in action!
    From yesterday: Welcome on your first WOD Pam C!
    Chrissy, our body types and anthropometry determine what we can be really good at, then we just gotta work around and harder on what we suck at =), hehe!
    TC, way to ease up on the runs!
    Babs, you are a beast on push-ups! You skew the fitness curve of your peers. I’m so proud of you!
    Will, I’ll have to echo what Bullhorn said this morning….looking at you doing O-lifts, OHS and Front Squats is like poetry in motion.
    Keith, I agree…your posture, stance and knee alignment nowadays are night & day from not long ago!
    Arnold, right on! It’s very rewarding! Kyle is doing great! SOF, keep working hard!
    Coach Nate did his debut tonight with the Vamps!
    Great job everyone!

  34. G

    Good to see Sid back in action, too!
    Alice, glad you had the chance to do your bday WOD! Maligayang ka-arawan (Happy Birthday)!

  35. A.O.

    12 Iowa football players hospitalized with Rhabdo today. I’d hate to see that workout.

  36. Alice S.

    Thank you so much to our ACF family!!!! We are just glad that we are part of your awesome community… I am looking forward to celebrate more birthday WODs with you guys!!!! More power to all!!! Cheers!!!
    Thanks to all the GREAT Coaches!!!
    ACF is the BEST!!!

  37. Teach

    Todd-you’ve come a long way since doing Murph at Kempner HS! To now say that you LoVE squats… LOL

  38. George

    FS 135-135-135-145(2)- 135
    Met Con
    17:01 (SLSU / 10 PU 40 w band)