Warm Up:



KB Swings (35)

Goblet Squats (35)



Instep Stretch (http://www.mtnathlete.com/subpage_details.php?subpage_ID=731&page_ID=14)



Push Jerk

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3



6 Rounds for Time


200m Run

3  Scotty Bobs (25)  (http://www.mtnathlete.com/subpage_details.php?subpage_ID=311&page_ID=14)

    or also known as, Dumbbell Push-Up Renegade Row (1 Rep = 1 Push-Up, 1 Row, 1 Push-Up, 1 Row)

10 Box Jumps (24")


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Johnny "Fjord"!!!

47 Responses to ““G-Rated””

  1. tyler

    I probably should of gone to 75 earlier but it was still fun

  2. wolverine

    7:22 did we forget something?
    It was good to work and race w/you Juan!

  3. Maricel

    Happy birthday Johnny! Have an awesome day!
    13:35 (kpu 10#DB)running was off this am!
    Great job pacemakers!

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    11:33 (20lb) deload week

  5. Tea Eye

    9:53(RX): w/BOX JUMPS….Pacemakers.
    Awesome class Ramrod, thanks.
    Happy Birthday Johnny!!

  6. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    Happy Birthday, Johnny!
    14:00 (RX) GOTCHA, STEPH. Just barely but still…
    Words of wisdom courtesy of the amazing Lisbeth Darsh: “Someone said this to me today: ‘The stress from pursuing perfection will a lot of times outweigh the benefits.’ And he’s right: sometimes, we make our own kind of crazy and it’s counter-productive to our goals. We think we have to live at 100%, when instead sometimes we’ll be at 103%, sometimes at 80%, sometimes at 90%. What matters is your batting average, not each swing of the bat.”

  7. The Situation

    Nice work out..awesome job 0930…

  8. G

    My mistake, I have to take the heat on the “Box jumps-less Metcon” for the pacemakers! They didn’t know what they were missing =).
    I got distracted after writing Scotty Bob on the white board.
    7 more hours….come home soon Silverback!

  9. G

    His team’s guerrilla name should be The Algerians or The Dust Off Americans.

  10. andi

    Nice job Cheryl, I expect the “split” push jerk next time from you :o)
    13:28 (20#)

  11. Barbella

    Andi – you first!…and it’s Sheryl with an “S”. =0)
    15:44 (20#)
    Good to see you again Lauren & LA!!
    Weezy is withering away..day by day…hard worker!

  12. Ace

    Thats the way I read it Arnold. Jim and Grace will literally have to register everyone who is Rx at the box as a “team member” and, so long as each of us do the WOD each week, the top times, no matter who does it, will be counted toward our Team Total. And from Tony’s comments on the website it looks like if we qualify as a team then only 3 guys and 3 girls will move on from there. But those 6 people must have completed all 6 WODs during the qualification period.
    At least thats the way I read it.

  13. Logan

    What a special night at the box.
    worked up to 185 on the jerk.
    Was loving the met con…fifth round of box jumps a little slip, then a faceplant into the wall…anyone wonering, it tastes kind of like chicken…So, after clearly no repping on the faceplant landing, get back to it and on the sixth round of box jumps, land on a dumbbell and fold ankle. Got last jump with one foot to finish at 9:20something Rx. Anyone have any voodoo tricks for healing sprined ankles? Mine is not looking good…

  14. The Nomad

    115-135-135-145-145 Enjoyed lifting with Tim!
    Metcon: 11:14 Rx – I really liked this one. Tried to catch Ramrod and Fight Club time wise…you gentleman were on another level.

  15. T-REX

    75-80-85-95-110. Def could’ve gone heavier since my 1RM is 135, but this is my 4th day. 12:56 (20#, 20″ bx). Need to rest…

  16. TC

    As always nice to share a bar with MLB!!
    11.13? 20″ box jumps
    Running is not my thing, I dont think it will ever be!!!

  17. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    15:37 (20″,15#)
    Super SORE from yesterday!…im just sayin:)

  18. Andrea / aka Genie

    Did the warm up but felt the wrist on the push ups.
    Tried the Push Jerks and it was a “No Go!” Even taped up! :o(
    14:24 (20#, 20#)
    Way to go Vamps!!!! Way to finish through Andrew even during Sir Mix-A-Lot “I Like Big Butts and I Can Not Lie!!” LOL!

  19. V-lo

    Used 26# kb for swings and squats
    65# for 3 rounds, 4th was 85, 75, 75, and final was 75 for all three
    Only did 4 rounds is WOD. Used 15# for bobs and 18″ ? for step ups
    Time was 13:34?
    Thank you Jen and Teach for keeping me going.

  20. Teach

    Metcon: 12:27(Rx)
    Only got through 4 rounds of the push jerks. Probably could have gotten all 3 in a 5th set. I’d like to thank Speedy J….I borrowed your lifting shoes today 🙂
    Great work tonight by everyone! Everyone did a fantastic sticking to the movement and committing to doing it right!
    Nice to meet you Danielle and Robert on your 1st WOD!
    Great to see Courtney, Victoria, and Jared back!

  21. G

    5 sets of 3Rep: 95-105-115-125(*)-n/a
    – just glad to be able to do the reps with no pressing at all; thanks for the great coaching on the PJs Coach Beth! You are my hero. Your split jerks are so beautiful!!
    MetCon: 13:01 (20#DBs) the runs got slower.
    Same scenario with Teach on the 5th set. I’m in a constant state of chasing my prior records on Shoulder Press and Push Jerk. You and I had our ‘coaching hat’ on tonight, which is cool!
    Logan was in the line of fire today! Way to survive through it! Your teeth marks are still on the wall. Hope your ankle sprain heals quickly.
    Thanks for dropping in today John S!
    Nomad was high on some’in today…fast!
    Genie, please review the mobility drill vid that we posted on January 16th. There are some tips on wrists in that episode.
    Fjord, hope you and Carolyn are celebrating your bday with lots of fun!
    CFG 2011…..here we come!!

  22. Teach

    I did have my coaching hat on today! I love push jerks, so I was in the zone 🙂
    I didn’t find my rhythm until the 4th set and unfortunately I ran out of time!

  23. FPR

    Rest day for me, but I will have to do push jerks soon. I love them too!!!

  24. Billdozer

    Team Atomic 2011 Crossfit Games Affiliate Cup Champs. Drink it in, it always goes down smooth.
    Happy Birthday Johnny!

  25. Billdozer

    Even if we don’t win, we’ll beat the crap out of them at the after party.

  26. Fjord

    Y’all thanks for the Birthday wishes! That workout looked double tough. Getting to miss that workout after Wednesdays was a nice present…………