“Frog Legs”

10 – 5 – 4 – 3
Wall Ball (20)(14)

5 Rounds
Hamstring Complex

Strength (20 Minutes)
10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 3 – 3 – 3
Dead Lift (open hands at bottom)

3 Rounds For Time
500m row
30 Push-ups (scale 15 pushups)

Post results to comments.  Score is total weight lifted divided by body weight.

(X)(10)+(X)(8)+(X)(6)+……(X)(3) = Y

Y / Z = Score

X = load per set (varied or same)

Y = sumtotal

Z = body weight

See application link below, thanks to NChurch.

FrogLegs_Calc – https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AjhO-MflL7KGdEk3TmdPalJ1ZHJSSnlDRkt5VlFZUkE&hl=en&authkey=CNKK_O4L


ACF Beanie Spotting – The Sequel

Andi ACF beanie spotting
Andi (left), our regular nooner, was spotted by Arnold wearing her ACF Beanie to complete her ensemble.

38 Responses to ““Frog Legs””

  1. Teach

    185-205-225-245-255-260-000-I ran out of time πŸ™ need to work on my time management!
    Score- 50.45
    Met con- 9:25
    Great seeing the Pacemakers this morning!

  2. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    245-275-275-295-295-295-295(56.2)(BW 180)9:22 metcon
    Fun 8:30 class..good to see Katy (sp?), Fam, Arnold and others. 4 days till competition..!

  3. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    135-185-205-215-225-235-235 (51.88)
    MetCon– 9:58
    Great job 9:30!

  4. ZEN Jen (JenM.)

    100-115-125-130-135-145-155 = 37.45
    Metcon 10:25
    nice seeing you again Jackrabbit!

  5. Speedy J

    Deadlift makes me feel so weak – especially looking at some of your weights..good job lady’s!

  6. T.I.

    Good sharing the bar with you 007
    Metcon: 7:58 (C2G): TEAM VENUM!!
    It was good seeing you Jackrabbit!!

  7. Bobo

    245-275-300-315-325-325-325 BW 175 (60.77)
    Metcon: 10:19 C2G
    a wee bit fried. two days in a row.

  8. Crazy Carl

    DL (245-275-300-315-325-335-345*1)
    Metcon 9:37 C2G
    Frog legs total: 60.0
    Hopefully that math is right. Damn good workout either way.

  9. logan

    51.8 on deadlifts with a fail on very last rep.
    Evening peeps – for what its worth – make sure to mentally focus on the last deadlift rounds. It was easy for me to let the bar get too far out front of my feet when regripping and seeing stars…lead to fail
    8.23 MetCon

  10. andi

    DL (135-155-165-175-185-175-175) BW/127
    Metcon – 10:22
    Thanks for the run Sheryl w/an “S”

  11. Barbella

    115-135-145-165-185-190(u-g-l-y)-185 34.43
    11:41 C2G
    Love the Pic Andi “Aniston”!!

  12. Jack Rabbit

    9:26 (scaled 15 pu)
    Of course I had to come back on a day full of deadlifts! πŸ˜‰ My weight for DL is not impressive but it was sure fun to be back! Great to see everyone! See you all Thursday!
    Nice pic Andi!

  13. Ruel(the situation)

    Bw(131#) 185-195-205-215-225-235-245
    Score : 58.12
    Met con: 9:02
    Awesome class 0830…

  14. Disco D Nicole

    125-135-145-155-165-175-185 = 38.4
    met con: 10:58 (scaled 15 pu)
    Love the pic Andi!!!!!

  15. T-REX

    155-175-195-215-225-230-240. Score 48.23. Metcon 10.45rx

  16. Keith Fogle

    Somehow I missed the set of 4, but oh well, I felt stronger with deadlifts today, so I’m making progress.
    185-205-225-245-245-255 (BW 173.5)
    Score: 40.78
    metcon: 10:50 C2G

  17. Mystery Guest

    225-245-264-275-280-285-290 Bw=157
    Score 60.29
    Metcon 9.32 CF pushups

  18. Speedy J

    155-185-205-210-210(2)-00..33.42, time and low back management. Lost form, lost mental..bar would not move.

  19. Ruel

    anytime arnold…i know ur always there to yell at me and even do bupees with me when i’m behind…..u were awesome in pushing urself today..well done..

  20. The Force (Kendra)

    115-135-145-155-166-166(2)-155. 11:25 (CF pushups). Score……..35. Eh, not great but I worked on Kipping after class…..pretty close.

  21. The Nomad

    245-265-315-325(3)-325-325-325=BW 167 = 62.036
    9:56 – Thanks Speedy J for helping me finish under 10 minutes!

  22. chrissy c

    115-130-135-140-145-150-150 (136BW) = 35.99
    13:39 Got to get faster on those push ups!
    Good job Nisha!!!

  23. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    145-155-185-195-205-215-225 (170BW) = 37
    Metcon: 11:38
    Push ups slow me down.

  24. TC

    285-315-335-375-395-415 I missed my whole set of four, as in I didnt know we had to do it. 46.53
    Metcon: 8.40
    Nice working with Bill tonight!!!

  25. FPR

    135-155-175-185-195-195-195 (117BW) 51.44
    Going light this week! Great sharing the bar with Fam! Welcome back Katie!! Awesome job 830!
    Metcon: 9:38 C2G

  26. Babs

    I know why it’s called Frog Legs!

  27. G

    185-205-215-225-230-230-235 – Fun group @ 5pm
    Coefficient: 66.3675 @ 117
    MetCon: 10:27 – joined the 6pmrs for this one and had to get full range on the push-ups! Thanks for the push at the end He-Man! I know you loved yelling at the coach, haha!

  28. Nisha

    155-175-185-205-215-215-220 = 42.95
    Metcon: 13:18
    I’m going to feel this one tomorrow πŸ˜‰
    Good job Chrissy, one day we will own those pushups…T-Rex, you rock!!!

  29. G

    Way to go on your baseline WOD tonight Lloyd!
    Welcome back Jack Rabbit (Katie) and Jo Church!!
    Good to see Matt H, George, Dawn, Triple B, Sledge, Wolverine, Ms Kay, Whiskey, Weezy, Danielle, Robert K, Patti and O’Malley back in action! Also, good to see Contra back in action yesterday!

  30. Andrea / aka Genie

    I can’t remember my weights but remember I passed my PR and went to 235#(2) (i think) and
    score= 50.1(something)
    14:38 (after seeing the times posted, i feel like a turtle-But I am a happy turtle!!!)
    Great job Vamps!!

  31. wolverine

    245-275-295-305-315-325-330 (157bw)=67.19
    metcon 7:36

  32. Steve

    BW: 165
    Score: 51.5
    Row/pushups: 8:40
    Great WOD.

  33. Jen C

    125-156-165(4)-165-170-170-175 (38.58)
    First time I have ever done a strength workout with deadlifts. I will be feeling this tomorrow! Great job everyone!