Team Guerrilla Warfare

Standard Division Top 3
Congrats to the Standard Division Top 3 Winners! (photo courtesy of Slim)

1st place went to The Other Guys, 2nd place went to Team Venum and third went to The Unwanted.

Right to Left:  Crazy Carl-The Other Guys, Bravo-The Other Guys, Speedy J-The Other Guys, Ramrod-The Other Guys, T.I. with son-Team Venum, Wolverine-Team Venum, FPR-Team Venum, Juan-Team Venum, Teach-The Unwanted, Fight Club-The Unwanted and Dub-The Unwanted.  Sledge, who is not shown in the picture is with The Unwanted.


Scaled Division Top 3
Congrats to the Scaled Division Top 3 Winners! (photo courtesy of Slim)

1st place went to Lethal Injection, 2nd place went to Desert Rats and third went to FDBs.

Right to Left: Whiskey-Lethal Injection, O.M.G.-Lethal Injection, B-Jules-Lethal Injection, JC from Universal CF-Lethal Injection, Braveheart-Desert Rats, Jen C-Desert Rats, Face-Desert Rats, O'Malley-Desert Rats, T-Rex-FDBs, Playboy-FDBs, Genie-FDBs and Keith-FDBs.

Congratulations to all the participants!  Every team who competed made it special!

Thanks to all who volunteered, cheered and spent their day at Atomic CrossFit!

11 Responses to “Team Guerrilla Warfare”

  1. B Jules

    Saturday was so much fun!! I loved the WODs! Thanks Coaches for putting together such a great day!

  2. Teach

    Fantastic event on Saturday! ACF knows how to put on a great show!! Thanks coaches, volunteers and spectators for coming out. Congrats to everyone that competed, especially those who competed for the first time!

  3. SpeedyJ

    What a day!! Trying to explain it to anyone that was not there is difficult…thanks again to all the coaches, volunteers and support by all.

  4. Crazy Carl

    Want to give a special thanks to all of the volunteers and judges that helped put on this awesome team competition… it couldn’t have been done without u guys moving around all the weights and equipment for us competitors. Thanks a million for ur time and effort. I hope that everyone enjoyed the experience as much as I did. The energy and competitiveness was at an all time high on Saturday for the ACF box… and we all benefited from from it. Thanks coach jimbo, JB, and Grace for being such great ambassadors of the crossfit world. I wish more people could have experienced the greatness that was Team Guerrilla Warfare!

  5. FPR

    Awesome competition!! Very proud of everyone and my team! Thanks to all the amazing coaches we have and the support of the tribe.
    Can’t wait for the next one…

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    The most fun I’ve had in a long time. Great programing (scary at times, but maybe that is what makes it fun). It is hard to put the gratitude and appreciation and the amazement into words… Yeaaahh!thaankkyooou. Love and peace.

  7. Ace

    Where are the rest of the pictures from the competition? Are they on here somewhere and I’m just blind? Or have they been posted yet?

  8. G

    @Ace, Alice/Fred/Slim uploaded their SD cards in Facebook. We can request for them to tag everyone on all their albums. Flicker will be uploaded when I can borrow the SD cards that they used at the competition.