“Swim The Channel”


8 Rounds for time:

Row 250 m
10 Hang squat cleans (95)


Post results to comments.


Remember the 2010 CrossFit Games? – video [wmv] [mov]


Happy Birthday Nate Church!



Bobo and Paige ACF shirtspotting

Bobo was spotted with our ACF shirt with his daughter on his back.

Monica CFH ACF shirtspotting
CrossFit Houston's athlete, Monica, was spotted with our ACF Army Shirt

40 Responses to ““Swim The Channel””

  1. B Jules

    Happy Birthday Nate! Good working out with you and the rest of the pace makers this morning. Also, nice rowing beside Chrissy!
    20:54 (45#)

  2. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    22:45 (65#)
    Good workout to come back to and have my butt handed to me after four days off. Hahaha. I rowed 2k in Boston on Saturday but I still felt sluggish today. Ick. Great job, 9:30!

  3. SpeedyJ

    WOW Juan! I was joking when I said two minutes a round – you killed it!

  4. Billdozer

    15:38(RX) Somebody needs to check Juan’s Coconut Milk for steroids, am I the only one thats noticed a big difference since he stumpled upon the delicious nectar. Heck of a time you put up today buddy.
    Nice working next to you Aida, and good job with 75# today Fam. Toe, i’m glad you could see me with my shirt off before I left.
    This wod can wear you down folks, you have to stay focused on the round you’re on. Whatever you do, don’t give up.

  5. Barbella

    Bobo what an ADORABLE picture!! Time to bring Princess Paige back up for a visit.
    And on the other hand, U-G-L-Y WOD
    21:14 (55#)
    HBD Mr. Nate, enjoy!

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Nate! Congrats on yesterday’s and today’s wods too. Both seem mentally challenging.

  7. FPR

    Nice to be back! Thanks for the push Billy…my gas tank was pretty empty today!
    16:37 (75#)
    Awesome job Fam! Small but powerful class at 830!!

  8. Special K

    22:30 (65#)
    That was definately a rough one! Glad to have my girl triple b back today, as well as Garrett. Great job 0930!

  9. Chrissy

    21:51 (45#)
    Good to see ya Jules! See ya Thursday?
    Juan-I told you 14 was the number – you beat that! Probably all that pizza you eat! 🙂

  10. Matt H

    23:35 (65#)
    Just got back from skiing three days in a row. I give credit to Atomic Crossfit for me not being sore/exhausted compared to everyone else I skied with. ACF has definitely improved my fitness, and I look forward to growing even stronger. I will post some video to facebook of some of my face plants 🙂

  11. Silverback

    15:15 (Rx)
    Thx Todd for setting the pace and pushing me. 007 was right there with us until his back locked up. We’ll miss you Dozer. BTW, when you’re shopping for me, blue is my favorite color.

  12. T-REX

    19:36, 75#. post wod skill work on KPUs, abt 2×4, 4×3. Great 4:00 class!

  13. G

    Below is Lloyd’s post under ANNOUNCEMENTS post on Feb 20th. I thought that the Pacemakers on Monday need to read his post.
    “BIG SHOUTS to the Monday 5:30am class for helping me get through that last 400m!!! 25:07
    Posted by: LLOYD BICKHAM | February 22, 2011 at 12:49 PM”

  14. G

    Awesome to see B-Jules (mojo is back), Bullhorn, Bobby, Jessica, Peter D., Tank, Bitchy Ewok, FPR, Triple B, Sledge and Matt H back in action!
    Welcome back Felix V!
    Juanito’s secret is pre and post WOD Coconut Water with a hint of spring water from Pori, Finland!
    @Chrissy…yes, almost forgot to mention Juan’s invisible pizza 🙂
    Joseph A did his baseline WOD with Coach Daniel yesterday.
    @Easy Rider from yesterday’s post
    …”more sexy?”…..now, that’s a new age superlative!
    Pacemakers had lots of energy this morning!
    @Speedy J, way to be a trooper on the 75#!
    @DbleD doesn’t post but I know you are reading this…you are making good strides lately, buddy!
    The 4pm crew was like a little old school reunion with Silverback, Toddski and 007 battling each other! Good to have Arnold join in with the 4pm regulars. We missed you Teach!

  15. G

    16:18 (65#) Great partnering with Rocky Top and battling with HeMan! Thanks for the push Bill G, although it would have been fun to battle with you also 🙂
    Abbye, you dug deep and asked your body to do more than what you think you could, especially on the last 2 rounds! Proud of ya! Hope the poetic pre-wod pep rally helped even if I didn’t get the accent right.
    Coach Jim, awesome coaching! I will work on the rower that hard again to get better at it!

  16. G

    Nathan, hope you are enjoying your bday!
    Billy, have fun but not too much fun 🙂

  17. FPR

    Grace, there’s no such thing as too much fun! Especially in the Caribbean!! haha

  18. TC

    No excuses for today I just didnt bring it….I need to step it up and get out of this funk Im in!! Heman thanks for the push tonight sorry I didnt deliver!!!

  19. G

    @FPR LOL! Well then, Billy needs to post his daily traveling WODs to make sure he tops off the fun with some crossfittin’! I can predict that a picture will be sent with some sort of a free handstand hold or HSPU by the coconut tree!

  20. G

    Good to see you post Johnny Fjord!
    @TC Stay with it! Good fight today!

  21. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    18:24 RX
    Good pacing with Joe and Wolverine in the 6pm class. Always good to be in a class coached by Jim. Thought this one was going to totally suck; turned out to be almost fun.