Benchmark WOD: “Nicole”


AMRAP 20 minutes


Run 400m

Max Rep Pull-ups

– Note number of pull-ups completed for each round.


Post number of rounds and pull-ups per round.

CrossFit Games Open: The New Site – video [wmv] [mov]


Team PGX in action

Team PGX:  Callum "Bullhorn", Billdozer, Kyle "MLB" and Famelicious

Team PGX Leap Frog
Team Guerrilla Warfare's TEAM PGX was captured in action during the leap frog event.  They left it all out there at the challenge.  Awesome job guys!

37 Responses to “Benchmark WOD: “Nicole””

  1. Macho Ranger

    8 rounds 10-10-10-10-10-10-15-20=95
    Still feeling “Twisted Sister” in the elbows! Trying to work the kinks out!
    Great work Pacemakers!

  2. MLB

    Juan-give me a call today when you get a chance.

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    6 rnds / 98PU
    Great to be with the 8:30am group.

  4. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    5 rounds/33 PU
    My goal was at least 6 per round so I got that done. I know I can do better though so keeping that in mind for the next time Nicole comes around. 😉

  5. Special K

    6 rounds/32 PU
    Pull up number kinda sucks, but considering I ran into Garrett twice, and hung myself to the band with my earphones, I’ll take it. Thanks Coach D for assisting during yet another “special” moment… Ha!!
    Thanks to the peanut gallery for hanging around!
    See ya’ll Monday!

  6. mario c

    mario c
    Scaled to 100 meter walks
    11 rounds/53 PU

  7. Macho

    You forgot “Handstand” between “meter” and “walks”
    Get it right Bro!
    Also, those one armed pull-ups looked too easy…I’m just sayn’

  8. Junior

    7 rounds/54 pull ups
    Fun WOD. Great job Pacemakers!
    Johnny, so sorry about your hands!Ouch!

  9. FPR

    5 rounds…42-27-20-20-20 = 129
    Will be feeling this one for a few days!
    Awesome job thundercats!!

  10. JohnnyB

    Setting my record 30 straight PU! I’m quite happy!!
    Thanks Silverback!
    CoachG, you inspired everyday!

  11. JohnnyB

    Dear CoachG,
    I take no offense on beating me just ONE point but rather you inspired me a million points!
    PS: Can I eat one more donut?! LOL

  12. The Situation

    6/89(31 max)PR
    grip was gone by 3rd round…thanks coach Daniel for the push…i need a better strategy next time… i was happy with my set max,but i went downhill pretty fast after that 1st round. Good job 0930 and all the 0830 peeps that stayed to cheer us…

  13. The Force (Kendra)

    6 RDS/56 pu (thin purple band). Haven’t quite got the kip rhythm down but it was progress. Nice work 5 pm’ers. Thanks for the push G and Hernan.

  14. Lingo

    When I saw the numbers prior to the workout, I knew I had to go for Special K. Ramrod and FPR obviously used some sort of Game Genie cheat code put up those kind of reps.
    5/46, with Half regular pull-ups and half medium green band. Thanks to Scott for pushing me to not be a baby and try to wean myself from the band. Less thanks for the 30 burpee penalty for not making the 50 pull-up cut-off.
    P.s. Leaving for PR next month. Any suggestions on places to go or things to see? (looking at you FPR)

  15. Speedy J

    6/119..better than I thought going into it..thanks for the words of advice Grace, helped me stay on the bar for a couple more.

  16. Tara

    Had fun today at 4. Great wood today, absolutely tough!

  17. Keith Fogle

    6 rds / 56 PU
    kips are improving…
    post wod:
    bench press with TC & MLB
    60 GHDs

  18. Ramrod

    Consecutive rounds of max pullups makes me a little nervous from what happened last time. Main goal today was to break my PR of 50 consecutive. Mission accomplished!

  19. G

    5 Runs/ 91 total pull-ups
    Max pull-up set was way below my PR of 32 today but on the bright side, I almost made it to my goal of 20 per round.
    Awesome pacing with JohnnyBaad Nuts and 007!
    @JohhnyBaaad Nuts, For the record, I never said the first donut was okay to begin with =).
    Great energy with the 4pm and thanks for the push and tips, Silverback.

  20. G

    Welcome back Ian M and Schubert!
    Good to see Holly L, Big Mike, Breedeen, Sharna, OMG, Ashley O, Jared and Weezy back in action!
    @Speedy J, Glad the strategy worked for ya!
    Ramrod, although this is not apples to apples in comparison, last time we did max reps on pull-ups (5 sets) you had a total of 153 reps without the running back in March 2010. Some of you can also check out your max on the link below:
    Freakin’PR, what a haas!
    Way to work on getting the full ROM on this benchmark everyone!

  21. Ramrod

    Daaaaang G so what your telling me is i sucked today? Thanks!

  22. G

    No, Ramrod!!! You are misunderstanding the reason why I brought it up!
    20 minutes with six 400 meter run and you got 148 reps
    20 minutes with no running and lots of rest back in March you only had 5 more reps.
    One would conclude that your work capacity went up because you ran 6 laps of 400meters in the 20 minutes that you were given to come up with total pull-ups!

  23. G

    Or 5 laps, nevertheless…..your heart rate was up the entire 20 minutes!

  24. FPR

    Thanks G!! haha…I owe it to my awesome coaches.
    My max reps improved by 20…Love it!!

  25. G

    @DNeely, Good to see you posting David!
    @007, your long pants had some aerodynamic effect on the runs!
    @Junior Btw, Juan brought this to my attention….you did 11 consecutive pull-ups on Wesnesday. That milestone along with having competed earns you a black beanie!!!! Yay!!!! See you Friday morning!!!

  26. Schbuert

    First day back in a long time.
    6 Rounds, 47 total pull ups, first two rounds without a band assist.