“Holy _____”


5 Rounds for Time (45min cutoff)

15  Curtis Ps (75)
30  KB Swing (53)
Run 800M


Post results to comments.

"Change" with Greg Glassman on the 2011 CrossFit Games, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Filthy Dirty Bs
Congrats to Team Guerrilla Warfare's participants, Filthy Dirty Bs, who placed third in the Scaled Division.  Left to Right: Judy "T-Rex", Bryan "Playboy", Andrea "Genie" and Keith F (photo courtesy of Ralph "Slim")

FDB Keith
Above, Keith is captured in action.  (photo courtesy of Alice)

Playboy's Curtis P and Burpee Hop Over Individual Event (vimeo)

T-Rex's OHS, Row and Sandbag Get-Ups Individual Event (vimeo)

Genie's Thrusters and Double-Unders Individual Event (vimeo)

26 Responses to ““Holy _____””

  1. SpeedyJ

    Looks like another good WOD..body is beat after 7 straight days…hard to stay away with all the great movements this week…hope to make the 5pm.

  2. Macho

    4 rounds + 10CPs My legs would not cooperate after yesterday….great long burn…..

  3. Junior

    4 rounds+ 45 reps+ 200m (55#, 35#KB)
    I was on my last run when time went out….I needed a few more minutes!
    Good WOD!

  4. Disco D Nicole

    This was a hard but good WOD!!!!!!
    3rds + 45 (35#,18 kb)

  5. The Nomad

    4 Rds + 2 (65)(44)
    I must really love crossfit, considering I didn’t go to bed until 3:30am last nite b/c of Rodeo Cookoff! Fairly certain all the alcohol is out of my system now!
    Nice work Todd! Heal up T.I.! Props to the 8:30 class who hung around to cheer us on.

  6. Will M

    3rds+45 reps+400m (75, 53)
    Did my 2nd & 3rd KB Swings unbroken, HELL YEAH! CP’s are awful/great but mostly awful.
    Glad it’s done, that’s the hardest WOD I’ve done, yet.
    Thanks Cody for the pace/push.
    Pacemakers, see y’all Mon.

  7. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    4rds + 4 Cps RX
    Great job 8:30! Full class. 5th WOD in 5 days, ready for 2 days off.

  8. Bryan G.

    chrissy: 400 meter runs, WTF?! i hope you did a boatload of GHDs to make up for that….

  9. Barbella

    3rds + 25 (50#,35#kb)
    F-Bombs dropping at noon!! =0)
    Loved it tho….sure got the knots out of the quads from the pistols!!
    LOVED having Coach Grace today..and Andi Aniston there too, as usual!

  10. Mike B

    3rds+6 (65#,35#,500m)
    Good job 9:30 crew and thanks to the 8:30s that were cheering us on.

  11. FPR

    Awesome job Juan!!!! Maybe I should start drinking some coconut water too!
    4 + 10(65#, 35# KB)…very disappointed I couldn’t finish today. That was a fun one today! Awesome job 830 and 930!!

  12. chrissy c

    Geeze Bryan – what do you think I am, a slacker?? Of course I did a boatload of GHDs – a freaking ‘aircraftcarrierload’ of them – G had to stay late in order for me to finish my 57 rounds of 30. Dude – my knee hurt not my core! I think I may now be ahead of you on GHDs???? 🙂
    Have fun with this one – you better beat that cutoff!

  13. Ruel(the situation)

    3rnds+35+12 burpees(65#,35kb)
    Nice small group at 4pm, nice to see coach Jim. Thanks coach G for the tips and the push, It really makes a difference. Good job everyone!!

  14. Speedy J

    4+45+750m (55#/40kb)…50m shy!!..Jim, if only this was not my 8th day ;)..really, if only I was 50m faster. Glad you decided to play Grace..thanks Cal for cleaning up my mess, did not want to be late for childcare pickup…great week of WOD’s!!

  15. logan

    4 rounds + 45 reps. 44#KB
    couldn’t get the last run in…

  16. T-REX

    43:11 (45#, 35KB). 3 rounds @ 500m until Whiskey reminded me abt Arnold’s Alley! Doh! Finished last 2 rounds @ 800m. Thx Jim, and thx alot Cal! haha

  17. Tiger aka Anthony Woods

    Great WOD! 8:30am class was fun… Cook-off bound Round 2!

  18. chrissy c

    Oh, and Bryan – I actually ran the 1st 3 rounds at 500m – then realized, 400m was through the alley. I quickly corrected my mistake on the last 2 rounds. 🙂

  19. G

    Late post here…
    Speedy, your excuse of 50m shy is 8th day. Then my 6th day finishing at 4 Rds + 10 (45#, 35kb) has to be paired up with cheese. Just went light to see if it would make me go faster.
    Great to see Josh “Sniper”, Melanie, Ian J, Toddski, Sharna, Jo C, Brian B, Angie P, Logan and Whiskey back in action on Friday!
    Bullhorn, good to see you catch the WOD after hours!
    @The Situation, glad that you figured out how efficient the movement became =)
    You guys push each other really well!
    @Barbella, it was fun squeezing a few reps out of ya, especially when you thought you couldn’t do anymore….
    @Andi, 6 Curtis Ps on the last 1 minute!! Love it – haha!
    @Junior, great pace!

  20. Schubert

    Very sore from the pistols.
    2 rounds + 37 reps
    45# bar, 35# kb
    The runs slowed me down the most. My legs just would not move.