“Grab The Bag”

50m Prowler Push (+90)(+50)


Shoulder Press
3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3


3 Rounds for time
50 Lateral Hops
20 Burpees


Post results to comments.

We loved all the team names and sayings that came about at the Team Guerriilla Warfare Competition last month,.

Team Lethal Injection back view

"Prepare for execution"

Lethal Injection
Team Guerrilla Warfare's LETHAL INJECTION looked like they were having a blast in the pain train.

Left to Right:  Universal CrossFit's ahtlete – JC Saegusa, Joe W "Whiskey", Julia M "B-Jules" and Summer T "OMG"

(photo courtesy of MasterG and Alice)

26 Responses to ““Grab The Bag””

  1. Speedy J

    Love the Prowler!
    65-75-80-90-100(2) – thanks Jamie for sharing the bar once again..

  2. Junior

    65-70-75-85-95(1)-95(1)- great job Janet! Love working with you…
    7:57- thanks SpeedyJ for pushing me through the last set of burpees.
    FYI- on the 2nd set of lateral jumps your legs WILL feel heavier thanks to burpees, so jump high enough to clear the bar or you will land on all fours like I did on my first rep πŸ™‚ good times!

  3. Ramrod

    Metcon: 4:55
    Awesome groups this morning!

  4. HeMan

    Toe – Can you please give me a call – 512-626-1999

  5. mario c

    mario c
    Prowler +50
    65 – 75 – 80 – 81.5 – 85
    7:54 – scaled to 3rds of 100 jump rope; 10 burpees

  6. FPR

    Prowler +70
    5:59…thanks for the push Ramrod!

  7. Speedy J

    Good job Aida…we need to hit a WOD together soon..you may have to come to that 5:30am πŸ˜‰

  8. DirtyD

    funny, the prowler makes me feel like puking jelly donuts.
    55-65-75-85(2)-82 πŸ™‚
    7:44 with lateral steps
    enjoyed the 5pm group

  9. Alice S

    I definitely did much much better with the prowler today…. Felt good!!!
    Shoulder press is a different story….
    Metcon… 11++ can’t even remember… Thanks to 0830& 0930 peeps for the push… Specially to Fam and Ramrod!!!
    Fam thanks for making us run 800m after the WOD!!!
    Thanks G!!!

  10. chrissy c

    What a way to start your day – the Prowler @ 5:30! Something wrong with that!! πŸ™‚
    Metcon: 9:57 – made the cutoff by the skin of my teeth!

  11. TC

    So nice to be back, time to get back in the swing of things!!
    Shoulder Press
    Way to fight for the hand stand push ups Billy!!!!

  12. Keith Fogle

    SP 105-115-125-135(PR)-135
    metcon 9:37
    post wod:
    50 GHDs
    double under practice — thanks Billy — I’ll get double unders sooner or later…

  13. Andrea / aka Genie

    Hate the Prowler, but did it and my heart pounded until it was time for the WOD!
    SP: 65-70-75-80(1)-80(1) :o( Next time!!
    WOD: 10:00 on the dot!! Kegel, kegel, kegels!
    It was nice seeing all of you that I havent seen in a few weeks!! Thanks JB and Nate for the push!

  14. MLB

    Main site WOD with Cal and Dozer……
    400m Run
    15 Squat Snatch (75)
    9 HSPU
    14:09 (Rx)
    Great job fellas!
    Shoulder Press_135-145-165-175-185(2)

  15. FPR

    Janet, I know!!! Maybe I can make it tomorrow morning. Are you going?

  16. G

    Great job on your baseline WOD Jerry and Denton!
    Welcome on your first WOD Penelope and Trevor!
    Good to see TC, Matt B, Jessica, Holly L, Tosha, Sharna, Diane, Old Hickory, Jared M, Jack Rabbit, Gary B, Courtney and Genie back in action!
    Open Gym had awesome energy tonight!
    Way to tackle on the prowler guys! We took lots of action photos today on those!

  17. G

    Worked on form on Shoulder Press, there appears to be a huge disparity between the strength of my right and left shoulders. The 5pm crew witnessed it….6 inches! Thanks for the tips Coach JB and Coach Nate!
    A “Date” with the prowler is always special!
    Metcon: 6:37
    Good pacing with Jared M, Bill G and the rest of the 5pm crew.

  18. 007

    Nice surprise when I got home. I have a giant lime size hematoma on my left shin. There’s a good 30cc’s in there. I was thinking about having it drained at the blood bank.

  19. Will M

    finished with a weak assed 145…
    Oh well… Friday. Fat boy weigh-in, here I come!!

  20. Teach

    25 min run…. Not sure how far it was, but mixed some fast intervals in there as well.
    It was punishment for running so slow yesterday πŸ™‚

  21. Billdozer

    Mainsite WOD with Team PGX, 30 minutes+ but given the fact that I have never completed a workout with handstand pushups, and especially never done 27 its a pretty big milestone for me. Thanks everyone for not leaving.

  22. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    Yes! Made it under 10 minutes! Many thanks to G & TC for singing to me!
    AWESOME to be back in action!

  23. JackRabbit

    SP 55-60-70-75-80(missed)
    7:59 Metcon
    Those burpees killed me. NIce to meet some new faces at the 4pm group!

  24. G

    Welcome on your first WOD on Wednesday Wade!!!! I didn’t forget about you =)