As a team: one person working at a time


40 Sandbag Getups (70/50)


Dead Leg: (relay style)

25m Weighted Walking Lunges (45)(35), (35)(25)

25 Deadlifts (225)(155), (175)(115)

25m Burpee Broad Jumps


Then, cumulatively in any order both teammates working at the same time, but only one person per exercise at a time.  

1000M Row

60 Push-ups

40 squat clean and triple jerk* (95/65) (oh press/jerk three times for every squat clean).


Ivannah Triple B
Happy Birthday Ivannah aka "Triple B"!!


15 Responses to ““Crucio””

  1. Special K

    Happy Birthday my friend!! Hope u have aa fabulous day!

  2. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Ivannah aka “Triple B”!!

  3. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Ivannah aka “Triple B”!!

  4. wolverine

    Glad I drug myself to the box this A.M..Good one J.B.!Great work T.I.! HBD Triple B!

  5. Mike B

    Happy Birthday Ivannah! Have a fantastic day!

  6. T.I.

    Happy Birthday Triple B! What happened to out Words With Friends game? Look me up: Faux67
    Great workout this morning! Good job Wolverine!

  7. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Ivannah aka “Triple B”!!

  8. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    Thanks, y’all! Can’t even imagine what this past year would have been like without all of you, you’re all amazing! Did some double under work at home this morning and broke TWO jump ropes. Sweet.

  9. DirtyD

    HBD BBB my friend, how strong and fast you’ve grown these past months! Live long and prosper.