“New JACKED City”

Tabata Row

Every Two minutes for Twenty Minutes Complete:

5 Deadlifts (225)
10 Pushups
15 Cal Row

Post results to comments.

The Other Guys
Congrats to Team Guerrilla Warfare's THE OTHER GUYS for getting first place in the standard division!

Left to Right:  Crazy Carl, Janet aka "Speedy J", Michael aka "Bravo", Daniel W aka "Ramrod"

TOG Crazy Carl TOG SpeedyJ TOG Ramrod TOG Bravo
(photos courtesy of Slim and MasterG)

23 Responses to ““New JACKED City””

  1. Billdozer

    0 misses(RX-C2G) Good workout. Arnold, If I can do HSPU’s so can you.

  2. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    0 misses (155#)
    I hate leaving the box knowing I should have gone heavier. Rats. Great job, 9:30!

  3. Special K

    0 missed (135#, KPU, 12 kcal row)
    Thanks Coach D for making me to the 12 rather than 10 on the row. I think it’s time for me to put my big girl panties on and do regular push ups at this point, gotta keep pushing forward. Great work 0830 and 0930!!

  4. Jackrabbit

    0 missed (115#, 10kcal row)
    Good WOD. Thanks Fam for resetting my row machine and Toe for dancing in front of my row machine!

  5. Chrissy

    1 Full round missed – 2 flowed into other rounds… or was it 3. Don’t know, I was delierious! 🙂
    115#DL/Mostly Knee Pushups
    Thanks for the push Nate – trust me, I needed it this morning!!

  6. Disco D Nicole

    1 miss (140# dl, 10 cal row, reg push ups)

  7. T-REX

    165#, 15 cal row. Great WOD after my 7 days off and bday/mardi gras weekend 🙂

  8. Kari

    95#, 10cal row, KPU – 1 miss
    Thanks for the push Heather!

  9. The Force (Kendra)

    No misses but close. My arch nemisis = deadlifts. 115#, 12cal row. 1 mile post wod run to think about how to conquer my arch nemisis.

  10. The Nomad

    0 misses RX
    Small 5pm class. Great group though…Grace, Joe F., Kendra, and Jo.
    Nice pacing with you G! Good workout Jim! Thanks. Austin bound…see ya Friday.

  11. The Force (Kendra)

    But ofcourse – it was great to see the Grim Reaper back…….not quite back in action yet but great to have her back at the box.

  12. Taramisu

    Today was great! I can definitely tell when my muscles have had too much rest. Thanks T-Rex for the push

  13. Will M

    Man alive!! The last two days have been awful!!
    Seeing all these awesome WODs and not being able to beat ’em up is torture.
    For real! Thurs can’t get here soon enough. Great Job, y’all!! See ya Thurs Pacemakers.

  14. Maricel

    1 miss – 65# DL, kpu, 10kcal row
    Tony B – 2 misses – 155#Dl, some kpu, 10kcal row
    Glad to be back after 2 weeks off and working out with Pacemakers!

  15. Barbella

    115#DL 3@11cal 7@12cal
    0 misses
    Forearms shot from…something??

  16. G

    0 Misses (165#, unbroken) and this is how evil my calories rowed were in order – many thanks to Coach Jim =)
    12, 13, 12, 14, 13, 12, 13, 14, 15, 12
    EEEvil!!!! (right pinky finger on the corner of my mouth)
    Great Deadlift face off and pacing the entire time with The Nomad! 5pm crew was small today but The Force was with us, yay Kendra!!!

  17. G

    Good job on your baseline tonight Jim and Sandy Phillips!
    Welcome George R and Jessica N!
    From last night, Welcome back Monique & Lyvia and welcome on your first WOD Jerry and Eileen! Also, per the whiteboard, it awesome to see DNeely keeping pace with Toddski as prescribed last night!
    Good to see Maricel, Tony, T-Rex, Craig, Holly L, Toe, Ox, Dawn, Sledge, Andi, Lisa G, Big Mike, Taramisu, Kari, Jessica C, Jo C, JackRabbit and Sarah R back in action!
    @JohnnyBaaad, pre-wod and post-wod mobility work is on the top of your list!
    Grim Reaper came by. We look forward to seeing you back in action soon!
    @Will, good to see you chime in! See you Thursday morning!