“The Exercise”

3 rounds for time:
15 Walking Lunge Steps
5 CF Push-ups
15 Squats

"The Exercise"
Squat Snatch + OHS

2000m Row for time


Post results to comments.

Team Guerrilla Warfare's TORNADO MONKEYS was one of the participants in the Standard Division.

Tornado Monkeys3 Tornado Monkeys4

              Dr. Peter                                 Mike Davidson of CF West Houston

Tornado Monkeys 1

     Autumn Davidson of CF West Houston

Tornado Monkeys2
           Robert H. aka "Easy Rider"

25 Responses to ““The Exercise””

  1. Junior

    45-55-65-75-85-95-105-110(0)- I got mental on the last set! Grr! Thanks for sharing the bar Janet, great job!

  2. SpeedyJ

    45-55-65-75-85-95-105(1)-105(1) – Great job Jamie..your snatch is beautiful 🙂
    8:08.7 – glad I stayed for the row, thanks for the push G and Jim.

  3. Matt H.

    35-35-35-35-35-35-35-45 – still a noob to squat snatch.
    Callum – we still on for tonight?

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Fun lift, first time to really focus on it..took a while to get decent form. Want more reps and to go heavier. Nice coaching G.

  5. DirtyD

    45-45-55-65-70(2)-70(2)-70-75- completed unbroken
    good times, Khara! I will bring the helmets next time and the big-girl panties.
    9:26 pooped out
    good to see you Dawn, Mike, Ox

  6. FPR

    55-65-70-80(1)-80-85(2)-85(2)-90…thanks G for all the pointers
    9:01…Thanks Grace for the push at the end. A bit disappointed with my time.
    Awesome job Jamie and Janet!

  7. Billdozer

    95-105-115-125-135-145-155(1) Snatch is fun, controlling the bar for 3 reps is quite a challenge. Signed up for the sectionals last night, so should everyone else.
    2k row- 7:19, way off my last time of 7:00, just didn’t get the pace right.

  8. Ramrod

    7:57 2k row
    The c2 and I still continue to be nemesis

  9. Bullhorn

    @ Matt H, i am not going to be able to make it today, but starting next Wed. its on because that is when i will be doing the open Wod after that we can hit it up.

  10. Special K

    8:11 2k Row
    As always, great sharing the bar with you Dirty D. Great lifting everyone!!

  11. Special K

    @ Dirty D- I love it!!! Helmets and big girl panties it is!!!

  12. Mike B

    65-75-75-85-105-115-125(not deep enough chose to redo)-125(1)
    8:14 2k row
    Thanks for the push today Ramrod and Billdozer
    Garret – Good work today, keep that chest up.
    Special K – keep the bar off your head before you end up like a crash test dummy!
    Dirty D – Way to put those big girl panties on (The Special one told me)

  13. Kari

    Good coaching Daniel! Thanks!

  14. mario c

    mario c
    warm up 3:03. Scaled the lunges and squats to 5 per round.
    15-15-15-35-35-45-50-50 only did one rep per round and only the squat snatch part of the movement.
    500 row 3:00

  15. Sarah

    Ran my usual route, not sure how long I was gone or how far it is, I need to check on the distance one day. Then, I did the warm-up in 3:06, and it was tough 🙂 Grrreat

  16. T.I.

    Thanks for the great coaching G. Good seeing you Hernan. I’ll get you on the row one day soon!!!!

  17. Keith Fogle

    snatch squat was very ugly although my OHS was better than I thought it would be….this is definitely my weakest link….it can only get better.
    2000m row – 8:28(PR) — beat my last 2000m row by 20 seconds

  18. chrissy c

    Thanks for the pointers G – now all I have to do is put them into action!!
    2000 m row: 8:59
    Nate – hope you ran at least 6 miles today at lunch… 🙂

  19. chrisb

    8:17. Great job coaching Daniel!

  20. Ramrod

    Hey Kenny I believe the workout called for sets of 3 🙂

  21. T.I.

    LOL! I was waiting for that….I did them on one leg so I only did two on the last four.

  22. G

    I did 75lbs three times to make sure I got the form right, bringing the bar to my pockets rather than extending my hips way too early. First time doing 90lbs.
    2k row with the ToeRower was not quite for time today, a few stops to coach is my excuse 🙂
    Jim, thanks again for an awesome coaching session tonight! Bill G and TC thank you for the encouragement!

  23. G

    Good job on your baseline Oshey!
    Good to see Darrell, Chalkman, AK, Gary B, Diane and Breeden back in action!
    Junior, beautiful snatch today 🙂 Although, Teach’s snatch is more elegant, haha!
    Saw so many different kinds and forms of snatches today…some downright shmugly but hey, this is unfamiliar territory and it exposes some of our weakest links. So, we’ll keep working on it.