“Neutron Nugget”


5 Rounds For time

15 Cal Row

15 Burpees

15 Box Jumps (24")


Post results to comments.

Team Guerrilla Warfare's THE UNWANTED took third place in the Standard Division. (photos courtesy of MasterG and Slim)

The Unwanted Teach

Coach Beth "Teach"

The Unwanted Fight Club

Aaron D aka "Fight Club"

The Unwanted Dub
Brandon W aka "Dub"

The Unwanted Sledge
David M aka "Sledge"

33 Responses to ““Neutron Nugget””

  1. Speedy J

    13:50(Rx)..good way to start the day. Thanks for the counting Cal..good job!

  2. Junior

    Looked like a good one. Sorry I missed ya SpeedyJ. Lovely TAKS tutorials on Tuesday mornings! See ya tomorrow!

  3. Teach

    I second what Dub said…awesome team 🙂
    This one should be fun with ripped hands this afternoon!

  4. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    “Upper Deck” (by Robert H)
    Or “Stay off the right foot”
    2 Rounds:
    500m row
    10 seated shoulder press 40#
    20 static PUs
    30 ring dips
    40 sit ups
    50 C2G pushups
    29:55 rx

  5. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    21:54 (RX)
    Happy to get a workout in even if I’m not entirely stoked on my time. Great job, 9:30!

  6. Ramrod

    12:11 rx
    It’s becomes a different kind of suck when your doing it solo

  7. Special K

    20:27 (RX)
    I met the 24″ box today for the first time and I must say, I didn’t fall!! Yay me!
    Great work Triple B and Dawn.
    Ramrod, you should of just joined us at 0930, solo would suck!

  8. Silverback

    Way to go 2nd heat Nooners! A lot of hard work was goin’ on. George was on fire, never stopped movin’.

  9. FPR

    14:55 (Rx)….just wanted to go under 15 min.
    And I believe I am friends again with the 24″ box.
    Great job 830! Nice to see you Fam….and Toe!! ha

  10. Barbella

    21:?? (RX)
    I think gravity was heavier than normal today…ugh. whateva.

  11. ingrid

    It’s my one year anniversary today.
    Thank you to all ACF coaches for your strong support and excellence.
    Thank you JohnnyB for not stopping ’till I listened.Much love to you.
    Thank you Grace for all the guidance,support encouragement,patience,understanding and cheers.For always seeing the strength in me and believing when I don’t.Much love to you.Thank you.

  12. Gina

    20:30 (20″) + 800m post WOD run
    got to get the gas tank going again – definitely feeling the effects of a fun spring break.

  13. T-REX

    18:12(RX). Great group @ 4, Good job Blake, Beth, and Chis!

  14. Nisha

    22:46 RX
    Woohoo, first time EVER on a 24″…now just have to figure out how to quicken my pace 😉
    Thanks for helping me get my courage to finally get my butt up on the box Nate!!!!

  15. TC

    Nice battle between Bill and G!!! Good work 5PM!!!! 13.57?
    Way to go Nisha!!!

  16. Andrea / aka Genie

    20:38 I’m tired!!! Way to go Vamps!!! Did I say I’m tired!!!

  17. Teach

    15:40 (RX)
    Things to work on….
    Thanks TC for timing my post-WOD, I’m a POS burpees!

  18. G

    15:40 (Rx) – Epic battle with Bill G on 2nd heat! Thanks to the encouragement from the rest of the 5pmrs.
    Rowing is a working progress! Slowed down on the last 15 box jumps – nevertheless, thanks for the push Billdozer!

  19. G

    Great to see Jessica N, Tosha, Wingman, Sniper Josh, Darrell, Speedy J, Famelicious, Kari, Easy Rider, Marlon, Triple B, Dawn, Wade, Andi, Brian B aka “Mr. Big”, George, Ashley, BRev, Chris B, Steve W, Courtney, Mimi, Jared M and Lyvia back in action!
    @Nisha, awesome milestone!! 24″ box jumps is quite an achievement!
    @Tiger and @MattH – first RX – yay!
    @Easy Rider, nice WOD name “off the right foot” – haha!
    @Ingrid, congrats! Keep working hard and stay consistent!
    Way to plow through this WOD guys and gals! ROM is king!

  20. Billdozer

    11:56(RX) I straddled the line on movement standards tonight just to keep Silverback sharp for sectionals judging.

  21. Steve

    16:18 20 inch step (going easy on the back for now)