“Kick em’ High”



Shoulder Press 

Push Press


Do 5 of both before moving to set #2 etc…


Post results to comments.




Happy Birthday Mike B!  He is pictured above with his other half and our very own Khara, aka "Special K".

41 Responses to ““Kick em’ High””

  1. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    how do I sign up for sectionals? I’m from tennessee I need step by step instructions 🙂

  2. Junior

    I enjoyed the Highland Games before the sets!
    Thanks for sharing the bar Janet and Beth! SpeedyJ, please don’t torture your 1st period too much! 🙂
    Grace, did you decide on Dane’s name? New guy? Ringer? 🙂
    HBD Mike.

  3. Teach

    Nice “rest” day for me! Went light on the sets and did some foam rolling in between.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the warm up this morning. Great sharing the bar with Junior and Speedy J! I would also like to welcome my brother-in-law Dane to his 1st WOD!
    Great to see Ramrod join the pacemakers 🙂

  4. SpeedyJ

    Ran 2 miles with my athletes..who ever said it is about the kids 😉
    Nice to meet you Dane – don’t get comfortable with that warm-up. Thanks for sharing the bar dynamic duo!
    HBD Mike!

  5. Genie

    Happy Birthday Mike!! Rest day for me!! Have to go find track shoes for the Mini-mi and enjoy a family night! Good Luck to those that are gonna do the WOD#1 tonight! Might swing by to show the kids the excitment!!!

  6. G

    @Rocky Top, I sent you a text. Call me if you come across a hurdle during the registration process.
    @Junior – RINGER fits him well!
    Welcome Dane!
    So far as of this morning, Dawn is pretty close to passing the test to be in Will’s team on the next Highland Games participation – accurate, fast & furious 🙂
    Good to see Gatekeeper back in action!

  7. Teach

    Rocky Top:
    Step 1: Turn on computer
    Step 2: Open Internet Explorer (or your preferred web browser)
    Step 3: Type in the address bar “games.crossfit.com”
    Step 4: Press Enter
    Step 5: Read the site and find the word “REGISTER”, click on the word.
    Step 6: Find the red box that says “REGISTER AS AN ATHLETE” and click on it
    Step 7: Fill in all information on the page and click “SIGN UP”
    Once you have completed these steps, you are signed up.
    Step 8: In your profile, find the Box that says “JOIN A TEAM”
    Step 9: Perform a search that includes the words “Atomic Crossfit”
    Step 10: Join the team
    Step 11: Git ‘r DONE!!!
    Hope that was step by step enough for you 🙂

  8. Black'n'Blue/Triple B

    Front Squats 5-5-5-5-5
    Great job, 9:30! Y’all all look amazing from behind 😉

  9. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    Hey Teach…thanks for breaking it down for me, I might need you to translate more often! And I appreaciate you breaking down number 11 into my language!

  10. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    Teach I just registered and I referred to your step by step detailed instructions and I really appreciate your help…all I have to say is that with your help signing up for sectional was “easy as sliding off a greasy log backward” now that east tennessee for ya…don’t lie Billy you know you’ve heard that “saying”!

  11. Logan

    Did the Open WOD at 1525 last night. Went from 4 rounds 21 reps to 5 rounds plus 36 reps. Not enough to help the team but maybe enough to light a fire under someone that can help the team. Good luck to anyone going tonight.

  12. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Way to go Logan.
    Happy bday Mike! Good looking couple.

  13. Jackrabbit

    Had to do my workout at the gym today.
    55-60-65-70(2)…..very frustrating.
    Post WOD…worked on my hamstrings….very frustrating.

  14. george,1) + 65 10 reps of sps to make up for my incomplete set.

  15. Keith F

    That bar got heavy real quick….fun warm up today!

  16. Dawn

    Thanks Grace.
    Oh my achin’ head…those in the 0930 will understand 🙂

  17. Mike B

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone. It’s been a great day.
    Why is it that I could get 5 push presses with 135 but only 1 with 130? Oh well this was fun for the day.
    Nice sharing the bar with you Arnold. We’ll get you a cushion for those head presses next time around. LOL!
    Great job today Special K, Triple B, FPR, and Dawn!

  18. Mike B

    Dawn, we have a reservation for a head cushion for you as well. But a crash helmet would have probably been better. Ouch!
    Arnold, we’ll have another shootout again, that was fun.
    Also did the 800m run then a 1k row. Practiced some DUs today as well.

  19. mario c

    mario c

  20. FPR

    Double PR today!!
    Great fun at 9:30am!

  21. Toddzilla

    6 rounds today, so thats pretty coo and better’n last time. Thanks for the judging, logan, and thanks for being in my corner today, joe! ‘Preciate it!
    Not bad for taking off since last wednesday.

  22. TC

    Nice work tonight Silverback!!!! The sectional WOD is getting a little better each time I do it 4 rounds + 14 reps!!! I may just be dumb enough to try it one more time!!! Nice work everyone!! By the way Wolverine I want some of whatever you are on!!

  23. Teach

    No problem Rocky Top! Glad I could be of assistance 🙂

  24. The Nomad

    Did the sectional CF workout again. Although I improved my score…it was only by 2 more DUs.
    3 + 24 – Thanks Todd for judging me.
    Question: I uploaded my 1st time. Can I change it? If so, I might try again Saturday. I really want 4 rounds +….

  25. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    3 + 4
    damn that was hard!
    Thanks G and Nate for the help with my PS

  26. G

    @The Nomad, good job today! I’m waiting to hear back from the CFG support team since I submitted almost twenty questions to them to date. Not sure if the answer below from the CFG site’s Questions Page is clear:
    …”An athlete may submit multiple efforts of a workout. Their best valid performance, regardless of whether it came from a video submission or was performed at a registered affiliate, will count for scoring for that week.”

  27. Jen C

    I echo the Nomad’s question…I wanted to re-do on Sat. but now not sure I can?

  28. Lingo

    55 – 65 – 75(fail) – 70(only shoulder press)- 65

  29. G

    Witnessed a lot more hard work put forth tonight at OG with 9 athletes going at it for the Sectionals WOD #1!!! It was rewarding to see everyone gave it their all again…C-Note and Rocky Top’s first round. Toddski added another round! Great efforts by all even if it was just a few more reps.
    @TC, not dumb …. maybe just lovestruck with or addicted to this DUs/PS couplet in a hell of a 10minute time frame :)…. Definitely better than crack!
    @Logan, thank you for trying your best on helping our team, you’re just showing off over there at Nikki’s box aren’t ya? 🙂
    Welcome on your first WOD again Dane!
    Also, welcome on Oshey’s and Don M’s first WOD today!
    Great to see Kate O, HD, Wolverine, Wade, Dawn, Braveheart, Kelli, Michael P, Nick K and Lingo back in action!
    @Arnold, way to go on stringing DUs. Running is a skill, you got that right!
    @Chief, got ya covered.
    Lingo was sportin’ something else today. Flashy Texas shorts for sure and I defer to the rest of the 4pm crew for more comments 🙂
    Breeden, hope you enjoyed your bday! Good to see you do your bday WOD.

  30. Silverback

    Now have completed the Sectionals WOD 2x. May have to give it another try. I really want to break 12 rounds…

  31. G

    Late post on my WOD…..
    Planned on redoing the WOD for the 2nd time since I got knocked down from 33rd place to 36th in the “Depends” Category of the CFG Open Sectionals. However, after further consultation with Admiral Skywalker…decided on tackling the goat….here it goes….
    Misses were on the Shoulder Presses. W-I-P on left lats/traps mobility. Thank you for the helpful tips Coach Nate.

  32. Eileen

    First time for shoulder & Push presses. 6 sets, 35lb. Thanks for the one-on-one.