Message to the ACF Team

Last night I made a comment about our "Competitive" athletes and the logistics of their workout taking priority.  This comment was not intended to demean any particular athlete's importance to the team (Hell I'm not even on that list).  It was a practical statement regarding getting the best performance out of the team members last night (I was coaching our team), therefore, if you believe that you are not a valuable member of the team based on anything I said last night, please understand that every athlete at ACF is important.  We are all CrossFitters and understand that we are all here for a different reasons with different goals, but still need each other for the support and drive to keep us fit for life.  Great energy last night and as always great people make a great box.


– Coach Jim

2 Responses to “Message to the ACF Team”

  1. Andrea / aka Genie

    I wish I could have been there last night Coach Jim! But I have to say that Coach Will M is just as good as getting in my face as you are! Today he pushed me and I almost hit my goal! I was going for 7 and lacked 4 wall balls to get 6 rounds! It’s all good and it is what it is! Never take anythng personal is my mato!! Miss being under your wing and looking forward to dropping in on Tuesday nights!! I know I’m no star athlete on our Team, but I know my star athletes are behind me regardless!!

  2. G

    Genie, if you step in through our doors knowing that it’s going to be hard, you are a rockstar…period!