BIG 24 – Are You Skilled and Committed?

Announcing the BIG24!

This is the first cycle of a specialized program to develop advanced barbell skills, greater overall athletic durability and strength for ACF athletes with the skill and dedication to take their game to the next level.

ACF firmly believes that CrossFit programming will develop strength and the best General Physical Preparedness (GPP) fitness on the planet. Every now and then however, it is important to change things up and hit some "sport specific" training or train to a certain "Bias". The BIG 24 program is a product of Rob Shaul at Military Athlete and is designed to take an intermediate/advanced athlete to the next level regarding barbell confidence and overall durability\strength.

The program is detailed and will be strictly followed. The schedule is grueling and requires dedication for 3 weeks straight. Workouts are Monday through Friday with rest days on Saturday and Sunday. The cycle includes Metcons, Flexibility, Strength Work and each session lasts between 1-1.5 hours

We will post these sessions on mind-body for "sign-ups" and normal session rates and rules apply. No additional charge for the 1.5 hour sessions. You will need to be cleared by a coach for this class, so make sure you e-mail or text to get approval if you are up for this challenge before you can sign up.

Not everyone is ready for this cycle of the BIG24. That's OK. You will be one day, provided you are working on your fundamental CrossFit movements, and advanced movements such as Squat Snatch, Squat Clean and Weight Vest pull-ups/dips. We will run other training bias schedules in the future, and when you're ready, this will be something you can use to take your fitness in a specific direction. Until then, keep up the ACF standard WOD work. ACF WODs are tough and will help you get the skills you need to participate advanced programming packages in the future.

We will run a 5:15am and 6pm BIG24 class Monday through Friday starting May 9th ending May 27th. These classes will run parallel to the normal WODs and will not impact our usual schedule.

Remember if you sign-up\commit, you will be expected to participate in the whole program! This is not a casual program; it is for the most committed, those among us that are competing and wanting to take it to another level.

~Coach Jim

11 Responses to “BIG 24 – Are You Skilled and Committed?”

  1. Todd

    Is there a limit of athletes per class? Can you mix and match the 5:15a and 6p classes?

  2. Jim

    Since the Programming is the same for both classes, you can mix and match as long as you get to one of the classes per day. Limit is 10 per session.

  3. Ace

    Is the programming the same for the entire week, i.e. one wod for week one along with working on a particular lift, one wod for week two, etc. Or is it different everyday?
    Also, should it be used instead of the daily WOD or in conjunction with?

  4. Jim

    The workouts are structured similarly; lifts include the Snatch, OHS, Power Clean, Squat Clean, Shoudler Press, Bench Press but incorporate different loading schemes…it includes some METCONs and lots of flexibiltiy work as well. These Workouts should replace your programming for the 3 weeks. Very heavy workload.

  5. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Is not having weightlifting shoes a problem? Or should we quickly order some? What’s the best place to get those type shoes?

  6. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    And am I a person qualified to participate in this program?

  7. Jim

    Easy Rider Oly Shoes are not required. You are definitely ready.

  8. FPR

    Can’t you offer a class during the daytime??? Please!!!!

  9. Jim

    5:15 Silverback…is daytime. Just no sun. The operative word is committed? 😉

  10. Will M

    I’m beyond excited for this. Sarah says I should be committed b/c I’m tLking so much about being committed! Ha!