“The Drive”

5 Rounds for time


3 Burpee-Mutant Makers (155)(105)

5 Weighted Pullups (45)(30)


25 Double-Unders


Post results to comments.


JohnnyBJohnnyB TGWHappy Birthday John B, aka "JohnnyB or JohnnyBaad"!  In the two birthdays that he has celebrated with us, JohnnyB has reached several milestones including a properly executed full clean of over 1.5 his body weight!  He is shown above during a gruelling 200m bear crawl as his teammates, other team members, judges and friends encourage him through the finish line during ACF's Team Guerrilla Warfare Competition earlier this year.  (photo courtesy of Fred S "MasterG" and Ralph "Slim")

43 Responses to ““The Drive””

  1. Southpaw

    Happy birthday, Johnny B! Hope it’s the best ever!

  2. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Johnny B! Always enjoy watching you make it happen..always working hard with a smile on you face! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday JohnnyB!
    17:51 rx

  4. Speedy J

    10:37 (25#WPU) Fun to join the 8:30 group today..thanks Toe and Katie for helping out with Jocelyn.

  5. George

    Happy Birthday
    19:09 (125, 40, singles)

  6. Jackrabbit

    16:33 (85#, 10weighted pullups, abmat)
    Tough Wod.
    Nice Job everyone.
    Anytime Janet!!

  7. Bobo

    Happy Birfday Johnny B!
    14:35 RX.
    was scared of this one, but it turned out to be pretty fun.
    had a rope malfunction on the first round.
    been a while since HSPU and i have tangled, and i came out on top.

  8. Special K

    10:48 (#75,BAPU,Pike,Singles)
    Happy Birthday Johnny B!

  9. Disco D Nicole

    16:29 (65#, blk band, hspu 2 abm, 25 adu 1 rd, 75 single 4 rd)
    Happy B-Day Johnnyb !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Johnny B

  11. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Johnny B

  12. mario c

    mario c
    16:44 scaled
    5 Rounds
    2 Burpee-Mutant Makers (35#)
    3 green band pullups
    3 seated dumb bell shoulder press (20#)
    50 singles

  13. Gina

    Happy birthday JohhnyB!!! Always love your positive attitude!
    21:22 (105#, bands, pike)

  14. ZEN Jen

    14:58 (65,purple band assist static pull up, 2abmats, singles)
    1200m walk with T-Rex (for doing light weight per Tito Scott:>
    Nice meeting you Lorena and Morgan! good job 4pmers! Nice to see you Marie!
    HBD again for the 3rd time Johnnyy Baaad!!!
    Thanks G!

  15. DirtyD

    yeah, you BAAAD JohnnyB.
    Happy Birthday!
    seriously scaled.

  16. chrissy c

    11:45 (SCALED: 55#/3 static/20#DBSP/75 Singles)
    Good WOD!

  17. Barbella

    HBD JohnnyB SO BAaaad Ur GOOD!!!
    Great pic btw!
    14:06 (85#,band,pike)
    *feelin’ in a first time funk*
    Thx again Chief & Chris for cleaning my mess.

  18. T-REX

    13:39 (scaled due to pulled muscle). 6 reps 95# push/press/jerk, kpu, bhspu, 75 singles. Hopefully my muscles will be ready to work later this week.

  19. Keith F

    19:20 (135# MM, 35# WPU, pike, a few DU’s, mostly singles)
    The song virus….Bee Gees….thanks Billy.

  20. Babs

    Happy Birthday JohnnyB!!
    10:54 (40#, green band, 15# DB Push-Press, 75 singles)

  21. The Nomad

    HBD Johnny B! Silent Assassins Rock!
    27:34 – (135/25) Thanks to HeatherD and the rest of the 5pmers for helping me finish! Thanks Grace for reminding me to kip my pull ups rather than do static ones! …not that would have really helped my time. Billy, thanks for reminding me not short change myself on my squat cleaning. This one was humbling.

  22. G

    18:21 (Rx) – It was awesome to have Macho there at 5pm today for a change! Just one look from him I felt challenged to go RX on the weighted pull-ups, ha! But had to do them one at a time with a few re-dos along the way. Thanks for the push on the barbell Coach Billy! Great crowd at the box!

  23. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Johnny B

  24. Will M

    20:45 (Rx)
    Tough damn WOD!! Great day using Ramrod’s knurled-ass bar. Coulda been faster but I REALLY suck at DU’s. Time to get better.
    HBD JBaaaaaad-aaaasssssss.

  25. G

    Welcome on your first WOD Lorena!
    Good to see Kathy G, Rossi, Alice, Holly, SOS, Matt B, Morgan, The Grim Reaper, Luisa, Kelli, Dub and Dble D back in action!
    @Barbella, maybe just ease into the “paleo” switch. Do you need some meal photo intervention again? =)
    @Nomad, way to finish strong on this tough WOD!
    @The Other Irish, your WOD still counts!
    @T-Rex, hope the remnants from last Friday’s Back Squat goes away. Try dipping in an ice bath tonight and in the next few days.
    JohnnyBaaad Nuts, hope you are enjoying your birthday! Great job on working hard. Be sure to buy a package of massage sessions as a birthday gift to yourself 🙂

  26. Dar

    11:21 50#,kips(tried not to swing too much), pike
    I’ll get there one day(soon), Billy. Feel free to keep pushing me. =)

  27. JohnnyB

    17:21 (135#, 40#)
    Thank y’all, my ACF family!
    You’re right Fam, never thought of that! Well, Thank you so much. In retrospect, my lips were BLUE the very first day I joined Crossfit. My perspective in life has changed because of Atomic!
    CoachG, Coach Jim, Ramrod, Billy, Coach John, Teach, Coach Nate & Silverback, Thank you!!

  28. Sirun

    Didn’t get the chance to post last night…Felt great at the workout Monday. Thanks Coach Billy and G for showing me how to do some of the movements! Need to work on my OHS (I will get over the fear that the bar might drop on my head :-), GHDs, and… Double Unders, I will get it someday!!

  29. Kathy Gaughan

    Finished my first, full, scaled workout! 23:36! Loved it!
    P.S. Happy Birthday Don!