“Main Site Chipper”

For time:
25 Walking lunge steps
20 Pull-ups
50 Box jumps (20")
20 Double-unders
25 Ring dips
20 Knees to elbows
30 Kettlebell swings (2 pood)(1.5 pood)
30 Sit-ups
20 Hang squat cleans (35 DBs)(25 DBs)
25 Back extensions
30 Wall ball shots (20)(14)
3 Rope climb ascents

Post results to comments.

Don M Happy Birthday Don MacShanog, aka "Maddog"!  Don is a regular of our 4pm crew.


50 Responses to ““Main Site Chipper””

  1. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Don MacShanog, aka “Maddog”!

  2. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Don MacShanog, aka “Maddog”!

  3. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Don! Have a great one!

  4. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    This is supposed to be my rest day…but this is my kinda WOD!

  5. SpeedyJ

    14 something before the rope and that is where I got pood! First time to get two climbs so I will take it..then I got more pood when I realized I had a flat tire. Thank you Johny and Jared for your help!!

  6. Silverback

    HBD Don! Hope you’re having fun doing this thing called CrossFit.
    BTW, you look like you’re in deep thought in your pic.

  7. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Don MacShanog, aka “Maddog”!

  8. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    25:46 rx

  9. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Don!! When is your wife coming to play with us??

  10. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    Happy Birthday Don!
    22:17 rx

  11. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    By the way, where are you Fam? I’ve been at the 8:30 class all week and no sign of you.
    Great class this morning. Good seeing playboy, Burpees Arnold, Jackrabbit and others.

  12. Junior

    19:something when I got to the ropes. Coming down the ropes is a pood. My inner thighs did not appreciate that. Only did 1 🙁
    Great job, 5:30!

  13. Don aka"Maddog"

    28:30 Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I think I could have been quicker but I stopped half way to eat cake. Just kidding I think I’m getting old, is this what it’s like Silverback?

  14. Jrabbit

    22:12 (40kb)
    Need to learn to use my feet on the rope better.
    Thanks Easy Rider for reminding me about my back extensions….I was in a coma and almost skipped them!
    Way to go 830!

  15. Special K

    24:? (BAPU, BARD, 44# KB, KB PULL)
    Great WOD, for some reason I moved like a snail today, no good reason…. Moving forward, great work Summer, Logan, and Sherry!!
    Happy B-Day Don!

  16. ingrid

    happy birthday Don..you climbed that rope,so old is not your friend 🙂
    I am dragging today,I think I slept too much yesterday.The weight feels funny on my legs.
    Hey Arnold,you’re looking great,wish I could be as strong as you.
    blk band PU,lateral jump,box ring dips,knees to air… oh well, all sorts of scale is with me today 🙁

  17. Shelly

    Guess I’ll post since I did DUs in a WOD for the first time. Good thing there were only 20 or I would still be there…
    23:10 (thick white BAPU, 10″ jumps, Para dips, Knee ups, 35#KB, 10#DBs, 6#ball, KB pull)
    Happy Birthday Don!
    Great job 9:30. We had the gym all to ourselves today!

  18. G

    @Matt H
    It’s from the Russian measurement scale.
    1 pood is approximately 70 pounds
    1.5 pood is approximately 53 pounds
    Crossfitters just like to say POOD!
    Oh, pood!

  19. G

    Correction! Oh Pood!
    2 Poods is approximately 70 pounds!

  20. G

    @Arnold, left forearm just needed to relax. You worked hard on the rope ascents!
    @Shelly, nice to see you post! Congrats on the DU milestone!
    @Speedy J, Congrats on the Rope Climb Milestone!! 1 more off your list 🙂
    @JRabbit, keep practicing on crossing your top foot over the rope.
    @Junior, we didn’t think you would actually let go and slide like that this morning. Ouch! Sorry about that, you may want to apply fresh aloe!
    Good to see Maddog push through the WOD on his bday!
    PM crossfitters:
    If you’re climbing wear socks or tights under your shorts. Chafing sticks may work.

  21. Dar

    Happy Birthday Maddog!! he he…I like saying that, “MADDOG”!!

  22. FPR

    15:26 (Rx) Tired today…
    Great job 830!

  23. JohnnyB

    22:48 RX
    Great Job, Mike P.!!
    Thanks Coach G!
    Zen Jen, next week!! LOL

  24. The Force (Kendra)

    21:58 ….. And then the rope climbs…..three attempts (44# KB, thin purple band on ring dips). First time to do all kips in a wod. Single kips but I will take that. Thanks Todd for being the official ‘5 pm woman catcher’ as we all slid down the rope.

  25. ZEN Jen

    21:40 ++ not including the rope ascent, tried multiple times went up about 15 inches off the ground :(then 3 KB pulls! tough fun WOD! still shaky one hour after the WOD!
    used 40KB, 10#WB, band ring dips, para LJ,20DB…haaa I think that’s it!
    OK Johnny Baad! Thanks Grace!
    Happy Birthday MAD-DOG!!! we missed you at 4:)

  26. Billdozer

    16:00(RX) Great WOD tonight, fun battling with Bobo, I let him get me by a few seconds just to keep his confidence up. Good job to everyone at 6pm.

  27. G

    21:42 (RX) Ring Dips and Knees to Elbow slowed me down as usual; still have a hard time going fast on these with full ROM.
    Ok, HTB….thank you for the awesome encouragement and for sticking around today! I must be “Pavlov-ing” because I automatically hear your voice whenever I workout even when you are not there – hehe!
    Great energy with the 5pm crew! Ramrod was like a blur… I saw him at the start and somewhere in the middle….then he was at the couch fully recovered and yelling at us when I started my first rope ascent.

  28. G

    It was good to see Sniper, Ashley G, Jo C, Teach, Lorena, AK, Hope, OMG, Bill G and Leslie back in action!
    @FPR, rest and FUEL up…remember you, Speedy J and I are competing @ CFHouston very early Saturday morning! Still a great time! Represent!
    Thank you Toddski!
    Happy Birthday again Maddog! May the fourth be with you!

  29. G

    @Kathy G, way to go!
    Also, Happy Star Wars Day to my co-nerdy friends out there!

  30. G

    Good to see Cano, Drew and KathyG back in action!

  31. Nisha

    24:45 (purple PUs, BARDs, 44KB, rope pulls)
    Highlight of the WOD: Coach JB said that my wallballs were pretty 🙂

  32. The Nomad

    26:59 rx – always fun when Jim is telling me that I suck in the middle of the WOD. Nothing but love for ya Jim! …and paybacks are a b!tch!

  33. Gina

    22:15 and then tried to ascend rope, but shoulder wouldn’t take it. 24:59 with 3 rope pulls (band pu & dips, 44#)

  34. OMG(Summer)

    24:07?(thin purple BARD)
    Had fun with the 9:30 people. I still really HATE wallball, no matter how many time I do it.

  35. Jrabbit

    Forgot to add I used the purple band for my ring dips. I am losing my mind!

  36. Dar

    20:15 18″, blueBARD, 26#kb, k2triceps, 10#wb, rope pulls

  37. Dar

    oh, and 20#DB. That’s it. G’nite.

  38. Sirun

    Haha, Star Wars Day! I am playing Portal with my husband, I am definitely a nerd! Wish I could’ve been at the box today…looks fun!

  39. Todd

    There’s a saying in Spanish that says “el hábito no hace el monje.” Translated it means: “the clothes don’t make the man.” Specifically, the shoes don’t make a great crossfit athlete. Damn you Asics Noosas!

  40. Teach

    Forgot to post yesterday!
    19:31 (Rx)
    Rope climbs at the end were brutal! Great work 4pm group!

  41. Bobo

    late post. hehe.
    15:35 RX.
    Thanks for the push Dozer! and for letting me win. i think it has been at least a year since i have edged you out on a wod. $100 bribe well spent.

  42. chrissy c

    19 something before the rope climbs – have no idea what the time was after the climbs. Love rope climbs!!
    Lat Jumps/18’/BARD/40#KB/15#DB/10#WB – can we say scaled?!?!

  43. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    34:09 (225/1 abs/40#)