“The Smolder Part 2” c/o Rob Shaul

Warm Up:
4 Rounds
   5x Lunges each leg
  10x Elevated Push Ups
  10x Sit Ups
  Pigeon Stretch


1) 4 Rounds
    60 Sec 25m Shuttle
    60 Sec rest

2) 4 Rounds
   50m Farmers Carry holding 2x 24kg kettlebells or 55# dumbbells
  10x Seated Russian Twist each side @ 25#
  30 sec. Plank Walk Ups
   Instep Stretch

3) 2 Rounds
    25x Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Handjobs @ 2.5# plate
     3x Shoulder Sweeps each side
     Hip Swivel



13 Responses to ““The Smolder Part 2” c/o Rob Shaul”

  1. Steve

    These videos are great – the one titled “breathe” is a fantastic advertisement for Crossfit. Thanks for putting these videos on the website.

  2. Sirun

    Just got a Happy Anniversary notice from ACF family! Thank you all! Can’t believe it’s been a year already since I join the community…
    My husband now says I am addicted to crossfit 🙂 but seriously, I was laid off from my job of 8 years last September, I was not in a happy place, it is ACF that gets me out of bed every morning, work out (I used to be with the 8:30am group, miss ya all!), then come home and get on the internet every day to look for a new job. With the help of crossfit at ACF, I have achieved two of my personal goals at this moment in my life: first is to lose weight into the healthy range; secondly, to find a new job by April, 2011!
    Thank you, Atomic Crossfit!

  3. ingrid

    Congrats Sirun!!!I agree… ACF gets me out of bed and when it’s done, makes me sleep.
    S-m-o-l-d-e-r gives me an aha moment..it’s my rotator cuff…and now I know what to do.
    Thanks G, I can claim my rt shoulder back.
    Chit thanks for your assist,you made it doable for me.

  4. Silverback

    Half way through Big24. Awesome but tough program. Feeling good about my chances for making it to graduation day…

  5. Valentin Torrea Aka V.T

    Great video…and great WOD for my return to ACF I

  6. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy 1st year Sirun! Fun times!!!
    Nice to see you G!
    Thanks coach Daniel!

  7. SpeedyJ

    Shuttle’s will make you feel out of shape in a hurry…half way Big24!

  8. The Nomad

    Likes the shuttle….props go out to the peanut gallery for cheering us on!
    Like the smolder…thanks Jim for letting the rest of us get a taste.

  9. The Nomad

    Hey Fam…we have better music at the 5pm class!

  10. G

    Good job on your baseline this afternoon Amanda!
    Welcome back Valentin “VT”!
    Austen D from Colorado dropped in tonight. Welcome back!
    Sam B came back for his 2nd WOD with us!
    Good to see Kathy G, Genie, Dble D, Dr. Peter, HeMan, SOS, Cano, Leslie and HD back in action!
    @ZenJen, great to see you as well. I will join the 4pm crew in a couple of weeks.
    @Ingrid, good to know that you will be adding some of today’s mobility into your weekly repertoire.
    @Sirun, happy anniversary! Very cool post!
    @Rocky Top, very nice testimonial post from yesterday! <3
    @Toddski, thanks for the ride to Chevron to grab cold water for the night classes since the water supply for the entire complex was shut off from the water line break close to the street.
    @Genie, thanks for the plumbing tips. Btw, awesome job on the practice with RX HSPU!!
    Lots of energy today; huge classes!
    THE SMOL-DER!! Great job Coach Daniel!

  11. Andrea / aka Genie

    feel so good after tonight! Thanks Coach D! Those shuttles kicked my butt, but I actually liked it in the end, like an hour later! LOL!
    Kathy – Nice meeting you and working out with you!
    Thanks Coach G!

  12. T-REX

    I usually have a mean heel strike when I run and walk, but not so much during Sprints. Had fun doing this wod. Post-wod 3×10 GHD, practiced dbl unders