“Green Fritter”




AMRAP 10 Minutes


5    CF Push-ups

10  Ball Slams

5    "Hang" Power Snatch (95)(65)


Post results to comments.

Blair Morrison by Reebok – video [wmv] [mov]

"The Position: Part 5-The Pull-up" with Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]




10 Responses to ““Green Fritter””

  1. Silverback

    OHS: 135-155-175-175-175(2)
    Metcon: 9 + 9
    Thank goodness it was 100 degrees with 100% humidity otherwise I might’ve caught a cold this morning.

  2. HeMan

    11+7 rds (iffy PUs, 65# PCs, 12 BallSlams)

  3. Holly

    Loved Crossfit today! Grace passing out jewelry!!!
    Crossfit rocks!

  4. Bobo

    K-star is da man.
    OHS: 95-135-155-175PR-180PR!!!!
    Metcon: 10 rounds (12#ball)
    big class. ran out of 20# balls.
    have tried to substitute with a wall ball before, but i think the training effect with a splat ball is much better.
    Really happy about the OHS. i think 165 was my 1 rep max about two months ago. and i was happy about that then.

  5. Silverback

    The Big 24 program really works! All of my power/strength 3RMs have gone up considerably since that program. If you haven’t completed this training I recommend you do the next time it comes around @ ACF.

  6. Sirun

    Need to work more on these Preps, need to work on improving my OHS and snatch as well…

  7. T-REX

    105-110-115-120(1)-120(1). Metcon 7 (20#bs, 55#). Did not fuel up as I should’ve. I know better not to come hungry…well at least not the food deprived hunger

  8. Old Hickory (aka Andrew J)

    45-55-65-75-65. Metcon: 7 (12#, 65#)

  9. Disco D Nicole

    Did Well on my ohs.
    50-55-60-65-70 (7+12)

  10. Alice S

    You sure did Disco!!!
    Coach G thanks for all the push!!!!
    You are right, have to trust myself a little bit more!!!
    Next time…
    Thanks to the 0830 peeps too!!!
    OHS- 35-40-55-60-65
    Metcon- 8(#35, #10)
    Have a GREAT weekend!!!