“Stoke the Fire”

Clock Starts:

5m+10m Suicide Sprints every 30sec for 8 minutes
After last sprint move immediately to Weights (For every sprint you miss or "sit out" Do an extra round of the weights)

7 Rounds

10 Deadlifts (135)
5 Front Squats (135)
5 Power Clean (135)


Post results to comments.


I promise

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28 Responses to ““Stoke the Fire””

  1. JohnnyB

    Nicole~ you made my day! LOL unending run! LOL
    12:45 (95#)


    16 or 17:26(105#) Can’t remember.
    Great job 8:30 peeps.

  3. The Force (Kendra)

    Best wishes to all the ACF athletes and coaches. We are moving up to the DFW area today and I will miss the ACF community. Thanks to all of you for molding me into a better athlete….not done molding just yet but it’s going to be hard to find a better collection of coaches to live up to the expectations you all have set. If you are ever in the area (somewhere between Dallas and Fort Worth), let me know. 832-451-0728
    Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!

  4. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Goodluck Kendra! You will be missed:(

  5. Amy O

    Thanks so much for letting me drop in today and “WOD it up”!
    I had a great time with the 9:30 class.
    See you all soon!
    Amy O

  6. KateO

    Thanks for the push Toe, Tina and Alice!That was a tough one!
    20:32 (75#)

  7. Agent Orange (J. Dolenga)

    For those of us at home…Is this suicide “run 5, run back, run 10, run back” ? Just want to make sure.

  8. MikeB

    Great working in with the Nooners today, thanks for having me.
    Not happy with my time or weight, that’s what I get for not coming in since Murph!

  9. Bobo

    you got it A.O.
    Good luck up there Kendra. you will be missed.
    12 and change. RX.
    fun one. finally figured out that i am supposed to breathe when doing front squats. hehe.

  10. Jackrabbit

    10:25 (65#)
    Great to meet you Amy O! Good Luck Kendra on your move!

  11. Jackrabbit

    G…thanks for all the tips on form! It sure does work! 😉

  12. chrissy c

    mario c
    11:20 (scaled to 5 rounds of 4-3-3; 45#).
    Started out with 7 space men but G snuck up and took 2 of them away when I wasn’t looking 🙂

  13. A.O. (J. Dolenga)

    Clock died right after the suicides, so we’ll never know how long the other part took. Scaled to 4 rounds at 125#. Should have used 95#. Oh well, glad I pushed past round one.

  14. Nisha

    15:06 (95#)
    Good job Abbye, it took all I had to keep up with you…today was my 5th crossfit day in a row, body is requesting an ultimate rest day tomorrow
    Good luck Kendra, we are going to miss you!!

  15. Will M

    Had to take the day off. The calf flared up overnight, tighter than a drum. Stretching, ice and rest for me. Ticked cuz this looked like fun.

  16. Eileen

    ok, I know what my problem is with the squats. Watched “Fix your Squats” video and will incorporate the fix-its into my warm-ups. Coach Daniel gave me another fix-it tip as well. I will master the squat.

  17. FPR

    9:06 (95)…Thanks for the push Toe and the 830 peeps. Nice to meet you Amy O…you kept me moving today! Nice to meet you Lorena. Awesome job 930!
    Good luck Kendra!!!

  18. TC

    Good luck Kendra, I wish you guys the best!!!!

  19. T-REX

    15:24. Jim gave us a different wod at 7. 4 rds – 500m row, 10box jumps (24″) 15 crossfit pushups. +post wod 800m run

  20. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    15:06 (95lb)
    good job nisha!

  21. george

    Jason Dolenga sent that in from way up north.
    28 mins 115# back issues