“First Blood”

Team WOD For Time:

Buy In: 100 Sit-Ups as a Team


Then: 3 Rounds Each (Relay)

10m DB Walking LUnges (40)

10 Romanian Dead Lift w DBs (40)

15 KB Swings (53)

10m DB Walking Lunges (40)

Tag Partner


Cash-Out: 100 CF Push-Ups as a Team


Post results to comments.

Happy Birthday Gary C!

31 Responses to ““First Blood””

  1. Macho

    Happy B-day Gary!
    18.06 Rx with Josh. Good work bro. This one wrecked me and then stayed with me for a couple of hours. ouch.

  2. Gary C.

    Crossfit is the fountain of youth! 59 today. Thanks all!


    A team WOD on a Monday. I actually got confused on what day of the week it was while looking at this!!

  4. Disco D Nicole

    Happy Birthday Gary!!!!!!!
    Thanks Tina, you are a strong women!!!!!!!
    23:36 (35#,30,25 db, 35# kb)

  5. Special K

    31 or 32 something: RX
    Very slow, but great to partner with OMG!! Thanks for the push G.
    Happy B-Day Gary!!

  6. George

    Either this WOD was a killer or it is time for me to deload.
    15:53 with Bobo.

  7. mario c

    Chief – partnered with the Dude – 24:08
    50 abmat Sit-Ups
    3 rounds
    5m DB Walking Lunges (20)
    5 Romanian Dead Lift w DBs (20)
    10 KB Swings (26)
    5m DB Walking Lunges (20)
    50 CF Push-Ups
    Hey George: Great job on the Ironman. Today is the first time I got to talk to you about it.
    Averaging 20 mph on the bike for 112 miles is impressive. I can’t do it. And 90 min for 2.4 miles on the open water swim is very good too. Bad luck with the leg problems on the run.
    Good job!

  8. andi

    26:24 w/my awesome partner Sheryl !
    Thanks to the 53# KB I am JUST able to raise my arms up to post.
    Enjoyed working out with you today “Dude”! Good job keeping up with Mario :o)
    Fun WOD

  9. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Gary, what a great birthday WOD!

  10. Todd

    If our schedules work out and if anyone wants to carpool one of the 3 days to the event, I can drive. Feel free to call or text 281-799-1618.
    Can we buy tix at “door?”
    Are there specific times when ACF will be competing to time arrival?

  11. Mike B

    Happy birthday Gary!
    My partner “Ghost” and I tore this WOD up!!
    20:15 Rx
    And my first Rx
    Great job today 8:30 and Casper it was fun being ur partner.

  12. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    18:37 (rx)
    With aTm Zach

  13. Peter

    HBD Gary
    Congrats Mike on your first RX.
    Partner – Ford. John, you were an anal today. Glad we could partner on this one.
    15:3? RX

  14. Jackrabbit

    Partner: Matt with the blue mat because he didn’t want the purple mat, is that right Matt!!! 😉
    23:25 (35#DB,44#KB)
    Great Job Babs and Eileen!!

  15. mario c

    Hey Andi, you and the Barbella are getting way strong. You guys were throwing that 53# kettle bell around like it was a paper weight! Almost made me want to try to pick it up myself. I said almost! I fought off the urge and stayed with my 26#, hehe! Thought you girls might break a nail the way you were going at it!
    I would had gone a faster time if my partner, the Dude, could have held up his end! That sommonabitch ain’t worth two dead flies! hehe

  16. Barbella

    AndiAn WE did it! HA, 53LB KB bring it on — Chief or maybe it was the Dude, we could have used you on the PU’s tho.

  17. andi

    OMG! yall are killing me!
    the “dude” is obviously our best kept secret!
    Can’t imagine going through this hell without you guys!
    Coach G has a magical power on me, literally noONE else could have gotten that 53# over my head 45 times.
    see ya Wednesday!!!

  18. T-REX

    20:16(RX), partners w/ Chi- good job! Skill work post-wod on DUs. Hey Ramrod, I got 5 on it! Thx Daniel and Todd for the help!

  19. The Nomad

    21:08 RX – Partnered with Keith
    Thanks Coach Will for keeping us honest on form.

  20. Alice S.

    Happy birthday Gary!!!! Hope you had a blast!!!

  21. Sirun

    20:58 (Me: 15#DB each, and #26KB)
    I think Blanca took about 1/3 of the time, and I took 2/3 of the 20min something 🙂 Nice job Blanca!

  22. G

    @Toddski, you can buy the tickets at the front entrance (be it 1 day pass of $10 or 3 day pass). The agenda/times are found under the document that I referred to on Sunday’s post. I put a link to the document in parenthesis. Click on the CrossFit Games – South Central link on the right side bar. Also, there will be a few canopes at the box if you want to bring one, that’ll be cool! It’s awesome that you will make it there to support the tribe! Yay!