“Shared Secrets”

5 Rounds for time:


5 Squat Ceans (135)

250m Row

10 Burpees

250m Row

15 KB Swings (53)(40)


Post results to comments.



 CF Champion's South Central Regional Album (courtesy of Christina Flanagan).  Also, please check out all the photos posted on Facebook. 

Also, Happy Birthday to our celebrants!

KatieS MattH SummerT Bday
(Left to right) Katie S, aka "JackRabbit",  Matt H and Summer T, aka "OMG"!


Happy Birthday Tom G!

60 Responses to ““Shared Secrets””

  1. ingrid

    Happy Birthday 0830H peeps and Summer.What a nice picture!!!
    Here’s wishing y’all have a good celebration.

  2. Steve

    Happy Anniversary Atomic Crossfit! From Sara and Laura Western
    Congratulations, Grace and God Bless!

  3. mario & chrissy c


  4. mario & chrissy c


  5. Keith F

    Happy Anniversary Atomic Crossfit!!!
    Happy Birthday Matt!!!
    Happy Birthday Katie!!!
    Happy Birthday Summer!!!

  6. Babs

    Happy Birthday Guys!
    Don’t know where I would be today with out crossfit, oh I know, still sitting on the couch.
    Thanks for everything!

  7. Gary C

    Happy Birthday to the birthday folks!
    So thankful for ACF! Happy Anniversary.

  8. Tina Terminater

    Love that early a.m. time & the crew that goes. what a kick butt w/out. Don’t know you all yet, but watching you guys crank out the rounds, motivated me to not waste too much time between. Thanks Janice for the tip on the rower… 27:08 65lbs/ KB: 35lbs.

  9. Speedy J

    Happy Anniversary ACF!
    Happy Birthday Matt, Katie & Summer!
    21:27(105) The look of this WOD was so easy in my head…wrong!!
    Good job Tina! Janice…aka Janet 🙂

  10. MikeB

    Happy Anniversary ACF
    Happy Birthday – Matt, Katie, and Summer


    HBD to all!!
    Ben and I were trying to kill each other!Good job big guy!
    18:40 RX

  12. G

    Hope you enjoy your day Tom G!
    Almost forgot….it was great to see Junior back in action yesterday morning!!! 2012 CFG training started this week for you 🙂


    363 days till regionals 2012, who wants it bad enough!! Its got to start NOW

  14. Sirun

    Dear God, please let my jammed wrist heal soon so I can come back to the box, Amen!

  15. Kaylynn

    Happy Birthday to all and Happy Anniversary ACF!!! Feeling very bad that I turned off my alarm at 5am and went back to sleep :(. Back at it tomorrow!!!

  16. mario & chrissy c


  17. Disco D Nicole

    Happy Birthday Matt, Katie and Summer!!!!!
    Happy Anniversary ACF!!!!!!
    33:48 (65#,35#)

  18. Will M

    What a wod… Thanks RamROD for keeping me honest on my rest.
    Missin that pacemaker group.
    Crossfit Games 2012 here I come.

  19. Will M


  20. T-REX

    23:07 (25#DB SC and 40# DB swings). Modified for globo gym on my lunch break. My rower kept scootin fwd! HBD peeps! HA ACF! Much luv!

  21. S*Nash

    32:18 (65#, 26#kb)
    I thought I was going to die on this one. No gas tank, 3 rounds would have been enough for me! Thanks Katie for encouraging me the whole time 🙂 At least I didn’t slow down, I just kept the same slow pace, haha!
    Happy Birthday everyone!
    Congrats ACF on your anniversary, best box around…Evident by our intense cheering section at Regionals!

  22. Billdozer

    22:56(RX) G and I had a battle after the 9:30 class, sorry I had to beat you JP. That was a smidge tiring.

  23. MARLON

    Happy Anniversary ATOMIC CROSSFIT!!!
    Happy Birthday Matt,Katie,Summer and Tom G!!!
    26:58 (105#,44#kb)

  24. Jackrabbit

    Happy Anniversary ATOMIC!!!! So glad I found you!
    Happy Birthday Tom!
    Sarah, way to keep moving girl!!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  25. dirtyD

    Happy Birthday Summer, Katie, Matt and Tom G.
    Happy Birthday Atomic.
    I’m so proud to be a part of this family.
    ACF Warriors,
    Way to battle on through all the heat and malfunctions over the weekend competition!

  26. Bobo

    23:02 RX.
    felt like i was suffocating after round 2.
    last round of burpees felt like they were never going to end.
    thanks for keeping me going macho and ramrod.
    had fun yelling at arnold after i finally was able to stand er sit up.
    Happy birfday guys!
    you 5:30 guys went a little too fast. take it easy next time. hehe.

  27. sirun

    Chance to do some running, lower-body training.

  28. OMG(Summer)

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!
    Happy anniversary ACF!!!
    Happy Birthday Matt, Katie, and Tom

  29. JohnnyB

    30:51 RX
    Thanks Mad Dog, MP, HTB, Ingrid. & CoachD!!

  30. JohnnyB

    Happy Birthday Matt H, OMG, Jackrabbit, & Tom!!

  31. Barbella

    Happy Happy Happy Happy B-Day everyone!
    And ACF, Happy Anny so glad I am addicted…

  32. Maddog

    Happy Birthday Matt H,OMG,Jackrabbit,& Tom.
    26:26 (95,44)

  33. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday – Matt, Katie, Summer and Tom

  34. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday – Matt, Katie, Summer and Tom

  35. Zach L

    32:21 (105,44)
    felt like my legs were going to give. def regret skipping leg workouts for three years.

  36. Nisha

    whew…that 95 felt heavier that I was expecting it to be..first pull took me by suprise!!
    Big class at 5pm so we had to turn the workout into two heats of a 20 min AMRAP….
    3 rounds + 3 squat clean reps (95)
    Hopefully that would have equated to 5 full rounds somewhere around 30-31min since I was already working on my 4th round at the 20min cutoff…
    Happy Birthday Katie, Summer, Matt and Tom..Happy A-day Atomic!!!

  37. Bryan G.

    31:28 rx
    argh! i guess i’ll have three more years of this crap! hbd acf!

  38. April

    Happy birthday Katie, Summer, Matt and Tom!
    Happy anniversary ACF!

  39. Kim

    18:39 (scaled) Still not sue of the lingo but trying to get in the swing of it!! Happy Aniversary ACF!! Glad to be here!!
    Thanks for the time tonight Jim. Use newbies appreciate it!!

  40. TC

    Happy Birthday everyone!!! Happy Aniversary Atomic sorry I missed it!!! I did run from my hotel to crossfit mid county which is about a mile or so did the WOD which was 5 rounds with a partner, 1 person does 10 power snatch and a 20m OH carry. The second person does 5 burpees and 20m broad jumps. Both people must people must do 5 rounds of each. 8.52 then I ran back to the hotel!!

  41. Paige

    Happy Anniversary ACF!! I am so glad to be apart of it all!
    Jim , thanks so much for all your time before the WOD’s!
    18:52 scaled (150m row, 5 burpees)
    Way to go 7:00pm girls class + Jim!

  42. ingrid

    Happy 3rd Birthday ACF…very glad to be in it.
    very,very hot this afternoon that it’s hard to breathe.
    34:12 55#
    My rt shoulder’s tired and needing massage.
    40# kettle bells and I did it..yahoooo…

  43. wolverine

    19:36 rx
    Happy Bday to all and happy aniv ACF! Good to work with all the new people @6:00! Don’t let Coach Jim’s kind nurturing disposition fool you he is really an animal.

  44. G

    23:25 (95#) – it was fun battling with Billdozer this morning! Thanks for the push Ox and SOS!
    I’ve been behind on posting about our newbies and baseline. So here it goes…starting today again!
    Welcome JR (yesterday), Don N, Gordon W, Stephen C and AJ! Good job on your baseline today.
    Good to finally meet Paige H!

  45. FPR

    Here’s my excuse….still recovering from my week off…not fun!
    It was nice and hot…what a surprise!
    Happy Bday to all!! It was fun doing the WOD with the birthday peeps! Great job 830!

  46. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy Anniversary ATOMIC!!!
    Happy Birthday Celebrants!
    31:47 (65lbs,35KB)

  47. Dar

    Happy birthday Summer, Katie, Matt n’ Tom! Hope you you had an awesome day!
    Happy anniversary, Atomic! Love me some ACF!!!

  48. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday – Matt, Katie, Summer and Tom

  49. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    26:01 RX
    Happy Anniversary Atomic! Happy bday to Summer, Jackrabbit, and Matt.

  50. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    32.04 105lb SC and 40kb 5 rounds