“Saucy Mainsite”


Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:


15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
10 Ring dips
20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

*Be sure to wear your high socks for the rope climb

Post results to comments.


Happy Birthday JP aka "SOS"!

BJules Media Volunteer at Regionals

Check out Julia M's (aka B-Jules) "Am I SicFit" article posted on SICFIT's website (read article)

52 Responses to ““Saucy Mainsite””

  1. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday SOS!
    Dude, just so you know, you are still considered “cool” if you smile once in a while!

  2. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday SOS!
    Dude, just so you know, you are still considered “cool” if you smile once in a while!

  3. ingrid

    Happy Birthday SOS
    You got a poster shot with that cool glasses and nice form.
    Cool guy with a cool shot wearing cool glasses…Have a cool,cool birthday celebration!!!!

  4. Silverback

    Happy birthday son! I’m proud of your progress with XFit. I have a feeling that this new trend of you beating me in the WODS is going to continue for quite some time. I forget…does “SOS” stand for “Son of Silverback” or “Seed of Silverback”??


    Happy birthday JP keep on watching me and taking notes and one day you too will be AWESOME!! Just kidding
    7rds rx

  6. Maddog

    Happy Birthday JP!!! Scott I can help you find a car for JP since I just went through the process just ask my wife.

  7. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday JP!
    Loved the article Julia
    3rds+1/2 rope (20#, 9ft)…dreaded this WOD going into it, rope climb is getting better -Grace you saved me with those socks, thank you! Enjoyed the post WOD run Jamie…with extra time, we shall do extra work!

  8. Chrissy

    HBD JP!!
    4 Rnds + climb + 10 RDs + 1 WB (BARD/10# WB)
    Cal – needed that pressure to get up the rope that 5th time!!
    G – the ball hurt dude, bit I’ll keep at it!!

  9. 'prego' Teach

    Happy Birthday SOS!
    J Mo – you will always be SicFit in my mind 🙂 Especially since you were a founding member of Club Atomic!!!
    Did a 6:30am garage WOD this morning…I’m trying to get my body back in the swing, so I can join the 5:30 group! I’ll get there eventually 🙂

  10. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday SOS!
    Dude, just so you know, you are still considered “cool” if you smile once in a while!

  11. Fight Club

    Great article Julia! Really drives home the overriding theme of Crossfit that one must sacrifice time, money, and body to achieve their fitness potential.

  12. Billdozer

    Happy Birthday JP, those glasses are my present to you.
    I know I am SICFIT because I have the hat that says so.
    5 rds(rx)
    Good work Will and Easy Rider today, and Sarah for getting on the rope and trying a half rope climb. Everyone needs to give rope climbs a try today, trying new things and challenging yourself is the best part of crossfit.


    Billy the Nash 3 are SICFIT, i am sorry you you did not make the cut and the dream of the NASH 4 happen.

  14. Macho

    @ Fight Club
    It definitely cost something, but I don’t see any of it as a sacrifice 😉
    It’s more like my mortgage really. I would sacrifice cable TV, Internet access, my cell phone, eating out (I should give this up anyway), $3 cups of coffee (see previous comment), etc…to make sure I stay healthy.
    Without our CrossFit Community I’m bored, unhealthy, and generally grumpy. Now I’m just generally grumpy.
    I love this community and the fitness communities that have grown out from our ACF Tribe.
    I really can’t imagine going back.

  15. Will M

    5+23 (Rx)
    Should’ve worn socks. Thanks for the extra push Dozer, Josh, G. Good job 830.
    Hey JP: Happy birthday, keep on gettin’ after it.

  16. BJULES

    Definately feeling SICFIT today!
    @Macho, We have made Crossfit a part of our lifestyle. It’s in the budge each month and we have gotten rid of cable and magazine subscriptions to help cut costs. It’s hard for us because we are both civil servants and don’t make much. But, you do find ways to commit to the lifestyle. I’m hooked and can’t imagine working out any other way.
    @Teach, you are so right! I did help found Club Atomic!! I’ll be there tomorrow night!! Ladies night at Club Atomic with DJ Teach!! 🙂

  17. S*Nash

    5+24 (3rope mods, band rd, 10#)
    Another hard one for me because like all the other short folks, we need to jump during wall balls to get it to the orange. Gassed me! I was SOOO unbelievable shocked that I could climb the rope! I thought all the different things I need to do to get up the rope and the strength needed that I couldn’t do it, but I can!! SOOO excited! Although I am still a girly, girl sometimes because I only went half way up in fear of my legs getting burned on the way down…and the rest of the way up for that matter 🙂 heehee! Pants and crappy shoes, and I’m going all the way up 🙂 PUMPED!
    Thanks for compliment Billy 🙂
    Happy Birthday SOS!

  18. S*Nash

    Julia, great article! I know exactly how you feel because I was very hesitant to buy the Life AsRX tank “Wodkilla” because I am by no means a “Wodkilla”. I have many weaknesses physically and many mentally. But, one step at a time and one day I’ll be a “Wodkilla” at the very least by my own terms 🙂 I think that is what Crossfit is all about, making your own goals and beating yourself. I may not be the fastest or strongest, but I can do things now that two years ago I watched others in amazement when I stepped into M2. I was fit, but by no means “Crossfit Fit”. So, as long as you know you gave it your all during a wod, didn’t cut reps here and there just for the sake of a better time…You are SICFIT 🙂
    And I did by the tank…
    I bought the tank 🙂

  19. S*Nash

    didnt mean to repeat the ending and misspell it! 🙂 Posted a correct version on sicfit

  20. Bryan G.

    teach spinnin’ the “hits.” is it bad that it’s only wednesday and i’m already dreading ladies night at the box regardless of the WOD? save us all.

  21. Jackrabbit

    5 Rds + 7(purple band, 14#WB)
    Rope is kind of fun once you learn how to climb it! Thanks G!!
    Julia…great article!
    Happy Birthday SOS!!!

  22. ZEN Jen (Jen M.)

    Happy birthday JP! Great article Julia, i can definitely relate!
    Great time with the nooners! Thanks again Andy for the cheer.
    Chief, that pat on my back meant so much! Logan – great climb!
    Nice meeting you George! And great to see you again Barbella…fun times!
    G- didn’t realize how much i missed you till i saw you:)
    Thanks for keeping an eye on me on the rope!
    4R+3mod rope climb(mod rope climb,band RD,10) did 1 rope ascent YAY!!!!
    Thanks for the post WOD pic G!

  23. BJULES

    I saw your post S*Nash! You are definately a Wodkilla! 🙂
    @Bryan, everyone knows you love ladies night. Don’t even try to hate on here!

  24. george

    7 rds + 1 + 1 (rx) dips were poor form towards the end.

  25. FPR

    Great article BJules!
    I was trying to catch SIlverback the whole time and just didn’t have it today…
    Awesome job 930!
    6 rounds

  26. mario c

    mario c
    4 Rds + 28
    black band ring dips – limited range of motion;
    10# wall balls – I think most of them were deep enough.
    Sheryl, thanks for lending me a pair of sweat socks for the rope climbs; I was hoping for nylons though.
    Zen, you did a great job on your rope climbs.
    George: I never got a chance to talk to you today but we are going to the rock gym up on I-10 tomorrow around noon if you want to go.
    G, don’t forget to charge me for today’s WOD cuz I forgot to sign up for it. Mea culpa!

  27. Logan

    5 rounds rx. Never did more than 3 rope climbs in a day so
    this was better. While I like the idea of being sicfit, I think my bald head and haired back keep me on the outside looking in but don’t feel bad for me. I have a distinct advantage in the inevitable coming ice age.
    And a happy birthday to the spawn of sat…I mean son of silverback.

  28. Dar

    Happy Birthday SOS!
    Loved the article, Julia!

  29. JohnnyB

    5 Rounds RX
    Great Job 4pm peeps & Thank you CoachD!
    Toe ~ wow, I owe you for that yelling. Seriously, I can hardly catch my breath & here you are…… 3-2-1 GO!! Thank you very much for counting & pushing me that hard. I think, naming you ” THE PUSHER” is not bad idea. LOL
    Kilani ~ Next time seeing you, I’ll call you “KILL” I totally forgot your name. LOL
    Good Job Mike P & Maddog!

  30. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    5 rx
    From the top of the rope I watch her go down she got me throwin my money around.

  31. Maddog

    Guys I have to comment on the picture from the games. You know the one, of Daniel doing the OHS and the ATOMIC Crew in the stands. I’ve been a part of this great community for only a couple of months and have to say I have found a home. But the thing that gets me about this picture is something Grace and Scott told me before I joined and during my intro class. That ACF was a community like no other of supportive fun people and you will learn proper technique in everything you do here. Now back to my comment about the picture, this picture exemplifies ACF in that is shows Team, Community, Support and Technique. If anybody who even gets what we do just a little bit ever asks what we are about, this picture speaks a thousand words. I am happy that I walked in the door and look forward to everyday that I do.

  32. The Nomad

    HBD SOS!
    In San Diego at my National Sales Meeting.
    Hotel WOD:
    Ran 1.5 miles
    75 CF pushups
    150 situps
    200 squats
    Miss Atomic. See y’all next week.

  33. Jen C

    Oh Atomic, how I have missed you so! Great to come back after just over 2 months off…Hard to take it down a notch, very frustrating.
    3rds + 1rope +10 ring dips (2 rope assents & 2 modified, bard, 10# wb)
    So happy to be back!

  34. Barbella

    4+20 (bard,14#)
    Happy Sweet 16, SOS = Slick Overhead Squater!
    ZenJen, what a pleasant surprise to see you…I think it has been a year! Smiles!
    AndyAn was “Eye CandyAn” today =0( Take care of that back girl.

  35. G

    5 + 27 (14#) – tried so hard to get 4 more wallball shots in before the clock beat me. Great pacing with Ramrod and Toddski, as well as all the other awesome Chicks at 5pm today!

  36. G

    @Chief, roger that!
    Welcome on your baseline with Coach Scott tonight, Barbara B!
    Welcome Kilani!
    Welcome back Conor and ‘prego’ JenC!
    @Logan, too hilarious!
    @Maddog, nice post!
    Awesome to have our athletes with their rope climb milestones today!
    Brett S, ZenJen, GaryC, Josh M, Rocky Top
    Happy Birthday son!! CrossFit has given you a lot of confidence. I have seen that CrossFit also has contributed a lot in your development as an athlete and as a person in the last 3 years.
    @BJules, awesome article! We are CrossFit, SICFit, “fit for life”, “we walk the talk” and most importantly, fit in all areas of our lives.

  37. G

    @Nomad, that’s a very good travel WOD!
    From yesterday, good to see Bill G back in action!
    @ZenJen, it’s been a while….so glad to see you!

  38. T-REX

    5+28. 1 rope, 4 mod, bard, 14#. Who wouldda thought you can get bruises on your fingertips? Great job maddog, thx for partnering up! I think I was being too nice on those WBs 😉

  39. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    rope climbs are so scary for me, i’m terrified of heights…acf has taught me that i can do anything if i have my mind right and i believe in myself. I have always struggled in believing i was good enough or strong enough…but what i realized tonight is even if i have trouble believing in myself, my family at ACF believes in me…thank you, all of you who didn’t let me give up tonight…it may not seem like a big deal, but having the support of people I trust and respect means so much to me! Thank you Coach JB, Coach G, Callum, Vanessa, Brett, Arnold, Silverback and Todd for pushing me to be better and not to quit! I love you guys! You all have changed my life in so many ways!

  40. sirun

    HBD SOS! You are so lucky to have awesome parents like Grace & Scott!
    Hey guys, excuse my ignorance, but what is SICFit?

  41. TC

    Happy Birthday SOS!!!
    My life isnt the same without seeing all of you crazy people everyday!!!

  42. G

    @Rocky Top, awesome post!
    @FPR, btw, good to see you back in action from you vacation FPR!
    @Sirun, SICFIT is a brainchild of Jeremy Theil and this is how it is described by their founder and co-founders….
    “SICFIT is a community for fitness enthusiasts of a rare-breed. The CrossFit, functional, sports performance, military training, evolutionary fitness, and elite fitness wedges of the multi-billion dollar fitness market is our collective niche. SICFIT hopes to become a daily stop for those that love the real world application of the fitness they seek. With media content, blogs and professional photography, there is never a dull moment on this site.”
    SICFit plays a key role in being a media mogul in fitness events, most especially CrossFit.
    ….hope that helps. Take care of that thumb.

  43. G

    …”rare-breed” …. do you have the drive inside….are you willing to do what it takes….are you going to make changes in order…. to be fit…crossfit….sicfit…