Yonder way Farm Orders – Thursday 6/30 Drop Off

Yonderwayfarms This is a friendly reminder that your drop-off is coming up on Thursday, June 30. Your order will be available for pick up after 2:30 pm at Atomic CrossFit.
You will have until SATURDAY, June 25 at midnight to place your orders for raw milk from Stryk’s Dairy. Please place your for products from our farm during this time as well.
If you do not wish to order raw milk, you will have until Tuesday, June 28 to get your orders placed for meat (place order here).
Thank you so much for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday! Have a wonderful weekend.
Yonder Way Farm

Delivery Changes

At Yonder Way Farm change is always happening.  We have decided that it will be more profitable for the Farm and more beneficial to our customers to make our deliveries more regular.  Starting June 28th we will be delivering to all of our delivery and drop-off groups every two weeks.  This increase in deliveries will hopefully allow you as our customers more consistency and consequently more ease in placing orders with Yonder Way Farm.  Please go to our website (http://yonderwayfarm.com/) to take note of the new delivery dates.
We hope that as we grow and change that you will grow and change with us.

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