“Spare The Rod, Spoil The CrossFitter”

For Time:

KB Swings (70)(53)
CF Push-ups
Deadlifts (275)(185)
Sandbag Get-ups (70)(50)


Post results to comments.

  Conor Ring Dips
Happy Birthday Conor!

20 Responses to ““Spare The Rod, Spoil The CrossFitter””

  1. Speedy J

    24 Hour countdown has begun…LETS DO THIS!!

  2. Chrissy

    13:36 (26#KB, 20#DBSP, 85#DL) CFPU were suspect… They need work!!

  3. Nicol disco d

    Happy 18th Birthday Conor!!!!!!
    Great working out with 8:30!!!!!!
    18:28 (155#, hspu 10, pike, kb 35#, 40# sb)
    Thank you Grace for helping me with the dead lifts!!

  4. Disco D Nicole

    Good luck at the competition everyone!!!!!!!!

  5. Plove

    13:30 (26#KB, KPU, 115# DL, HSPU Scaled, 25#SB)
    Thanks for your help today G! I love your classes 🙂

  6. Bobo

    13:47 RX.
    that was pretty tough. shoulders are shot.
    Happy Birfday Conor!

  7. Andi

    13:30 (44# kb, 1 ab mat, 135# dl, 40 sandbag)
    Good luck to everyone this w/e-I will b there in spirit :o)
    Headed to the hill country, see you all week after next!

  8. mario c

    mario c
    9-6-3; 26# KB
    9-6; #20 DBSP
    6 85# DL; 20# SB
    Good luck to everyone in the competition.

  9. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    14:56 (60/2abs/225)

  10. Disco D Nicole

    Thank you for the birthday wishes – conor

  11. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    happy bday Conner!
    20:? facing wall hspu
    Can relate to shoulder strength seemingly decreasing.. spent a long time on the HSPUs. Was the last one to finish.

  12. Jackrabbit

    Hbd Conor!
    14:11 (155#, 44kb, 2 abmats)
    Great job Haylee and Dylan!
    Jim…thanks for the tips tonight and your coaching and making me do 155 on deadlifts.
    Good luck to you all that are competing tomorrow!

  13. G

    14:36 (Rx) – Thanks for the push Silverback!
    CF push-ups will make me stronger! It was fun working out next to Macho Ranger and Dr. Peter this afternoon! Packed 4pm class!
    Good to see Paige G, AJ and TC back in action!
    @Plove, glad you could join the nooners today.
    @DiscoD, way to go heavy and to keep your
    form intact!
    Milestone for PGWA-Alex on moving to the wall on this WOD!
    @C-Note, a tall order for a massage is due!
    Hope you are enjoying your birthday, Conor!
    Can’t wait to watch our athletes take on Bring The Heat tomorrow!