“Bad Call”

For Time:


  9 Curtis-P (115)(75)

8    25m Sprint 

  7 Curtis-P (115)(75)

6    25m Sprint 

  5 Curtis-P (115)(75)

4    25m Sprint 

  3 Curtis-P (115)(75)

2    25m Sprint  

  1 Curtis-P (115)(75)


Post results to comments.

"Running Drills Part 3" with Brian MacKenzie by Again Faster Equipment, CrossFit Journal preview video [wmv] [mov]

Ben CNote Buddy Carry
Happy Birthday Ben S aka "C-Note"!  This is his 3rd birthday celebration with us!

42 Responses to ““Bad Call””

  1. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Ben S aka “C-Note”!

  2. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Ben S aka “C-Note”!

  3. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    HBD Ben
    14:26 (105)
    F’en Curtis Ps….

  4. Billdozer

    9:22(RX) Well I knew there was a reason I got up this morning to workout, and that reason was C-note’s birthday. Always a pleasure working out with you buddy. and let the record show, I went out of the gates hot but let C-note catch up and eventually beat me since it was his bday, not because my legs were burning.

  5. Kaylynn

    Happy Birthday Ben!
    12:52 (55#)
    Wishing I had gone a little heavier today, but the last time I did a WOD with Curtis P’s on the menu was a DNF…had a much better experience with the Curtis P’s this go around! So great to be back after a week and a half away!!!

  6. mario & chrissy c

    Happy Birthday Ben S aka “C-Note”!

  7. JohnnyB

    Thanks MasterG for keeping eye on me… LOL

  8. DirtyD

    Happy Birthday Ben
    16:22 (65#)
    gave myself a P-minus on this one!

  9. Speedy J

    Happy Birthday Ben! Sorry I missed out this am, Bus Driver class all day! Hoping to make it to 5pm.

  10. mario c

    mario c 12:08 scaled to 5-3-2-2-1-CP 20#; 4-3-2-1- shuffles.

  11. Gina

    13:15 (65)
    HBD C-note!
    Awesome job Jake…way to stick with it!

  12. Disco D Nicole

    Happy Birthday Ben!!!!!!
    Great Job Jake!!!!!!
    17:33 (65#)

  13. Taramisu

    Happy Birthday Ben! Curtis P’s were sooooo hard!

  14. Will.I.Am aka Kung Fu Panda (fka Will M)

    HBD C-NOTE!! Daily I use your #’s to attempt to set a pace for myself that will challenge me. Continually, your #’s put mine to shame. Keep pushing yourself and you’ll indirectly push me. Thanks man.
    9:30 (Scaled for my tweaked shoulder, 85#)
    LOVE Curtis P’s. No lie!!

  15. todd

    I think I was singing soprano for about two hours after that wod.
    But, truth be known, I can think of no better person to have his arm all up in my business than today’s birthday boy.
    HBD c-note!

  16. Logan

    Happy Birthday Ben
    Thanks for asking for Curtis P’s…
    Jim, for my birthday I want a pony.

  17. Andi

    Happy Birthday Ben!
    Thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes last week despite the hideous picture :o)
    11:50 – 65#

  18. Alice S

    Happy Birthday Ben!!!!
    Just glad to finish this one…..
    Thanks to all 0830 peeps!!!
    Good to see u johnnyB!!!
    Special thanks to Coach G for always pushing me…
    Also to Billdozer!!!! Appreciate it!!!

  19. T-REX

    10:59(rx). + post wod skill work on DUs, I was able to string a few, big woop…Glad to JACT’d up @ 5pm!

  20. Wolverine

    G smoked this WOD!
    Hope you had a good one C-note!

  21. Ruel(the situation)

    14:28(95#)…now that it’s over… I’m glad I did this one…
    Thanks coach Daniel for the push…nice small group at 4:30p
    HBD C-note!!!

  22. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    11:58 (RX)
    DU clinic after with Billy and Brett- thanks guys!!!!

  23. Billdozer

    Great work to all the evening classes. Curtis P’s are fun, you all did a great job tackling them. Some good double unders coming along Abbye, Nomad, and T-Rex.
    G, you are so close to the MU, you’ll have it soon enough. But you better not pull a TC on me and get it when i’m not there.

  24. Speedy J

    So mad I missed this one…damn bus driver class! See you guys tomorrow!

  25. Logan

    11:26 rx and then me and the prowler went round and round. I lost.

  26. G

    9:41 (Rx) – Thanks for the awesome pace Wolverine, Eric F, A&M Zach and the rest of the 6pm crew! Love Curtis Ps!!!
    @Billdozer, thanks for the awesome coaching on those tonight. I’ve been up high and over so many times now and will keep working at it. Just need to get a lot tighter once I’m up there again!
    Good to see Kaylynn, Andi, Gina, Toddski, Sonny, Tiger and Logan “Poseidon” back in action!
    Welcome back Paige H!
    @Alice, way to step it up!
    @Matt H, I can see the benefits of Coach Will’s Oly Weightlifting Class already.
    @Will.I.Am, some soccer and rugby positions should require pads just like football players. Hope it feels better soon!
    @Logan, that self-inflicted prowler work looked fun, though!
    @T-Rex, cool team name for the Fall Brewses event!
    Missed ya Speedy J!
    C-Note, glad to see you got your birthday wish! Happy Birthday again!

  27. G

    The morning classes were packed!!
    Also, it was good to see The Lasts battling through this WOD together!
    Way to work hard everyone!

  28. ingrid

    Happy Birthday C note!!!
    Had to miss Curtis P’s, rest day is enforced.
    Missing all the fun since friday wah..wah..wahhh.

  29. G

    One more, good to see FPR back in action with her recovery wod!
    Get some well needed rest Ingrid! See you back soon!

  30. Dar

    Happy birthday, Ben!
    And happy belated bday, Taramisu!