ACF Summer River Trip

We wanted to thank everyone (Cal "Bullhorn", Billdozer, S*Nash, Abbye "Rocky Top", Courtney "Bianca", Nisha, Pat "Wolverine", JP "SOS, Silverback, Daniel "Ramrod", Brandi, Will B, Janet "Speedy J", Monte F, Alon, Cody "Dble D", Erin, Dr. Peter, Kate O, Matt H, Jen S, Court, Anthony "Tiger", Chris, April "AK", Jim, JB "Bobo" and G) who were able to make it to this year's river trip and made it a BLAST!!!    We had the best of time at the riverhouse on Lake Placid as well as at the Comal river.  The fun wouldn't have been possible without all of you!

ACF river trip 4

ACF river trip 3

ACF river trip 5
ACF river trip 2
ACF river trip 1

 Please stay tuned for ACF's next destination event – our 4th Annual Labor Day Beach Bash!

More details to follow….

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  1. BB2

    Nothing like a bunch of hungover CrossFitters!