“Got Skills?”

With a running clock: (score is total reps completed)

AMRAP in 5 Minutes

7   Squat Snatch (75)(55)
15 Double-Unders

AMRAP in 7 Minutes

2 Muscle-ups
10 KB Swings (70)(53)

AMRAP in 12 Minutes (adjust your weight on the snatch bar)

200m Run
7 Hanging Power Cleans (135)(95)


Post results to comments.

"Our Sport" from the South Central Regional – video [wmv] [mov]

Dan Sparks 55plus Masters CFG competitor
Dan Sparks, CFG Competitor in this year's Masters Division, is dropping in at Atomic for a few WODs and some skills right before he competes at The Reebok CrossFit Games at the Home Depot Center in California in two weeks.  Best of luck to you Dan!


ACF Shirtspotting – The Sequel

Shirtspotting Joe A in CF LA

Joe A visiting CrossFit LA!  Way to represent Joe!

28 Responses to ““Got Skills?””

  1. BB2

    Great work Pacemakers. When Billy visits, all is right in the world. 182 RX

  2. Bullhorn

    182 reps I think, the river gods took my soul this weekend good but tough morning!

  3. Junior

    Tough one.
    131 (MU scale: 2 x 3 pull ups, 3 ring dips).
    Stupid HSPU! 🙂 now in GT Training all day!

  4. Billdozer

    190(RX) I think I was still hungover from the River trip, fortunately I have spent the last 10 years preparing my body to handle it. Love visiting the Pacemakers, this one is a lot tougher than it looks, but tons of fun. Nice pacing with Jim, Cal and DP.

  5. Gina

    121 ( rr/dips, 44#, pike)
    Glad to be back on weight, but going back to ring rows is going to take some getting used to. Grace, thanks for the encouragement and yes, this is definitely a ‘whole’ in my training.

  6. Chrissy

    157 (35# SS; Par Jumps; MU Scale: 2 x 3PU/3RD; 65# HPC; 20# DBSP)
    Oh, and my 1st 5 HPC were PC!! This one woke me up today!

  7. Special K

    104 (65# SS, MU scale with BAPU, 40# KB, 2 abmats, 85# PC)
    Fun WOD, score was lower that I hoped for. Great WOD everyone, good job KD!!

  8. mario c

    mario c 90
    SS (15#)
    45 Singles
    band pull ups and ring dips
    KB (18#)
    Power Cleans (65#)
    DBSP (12#)

  9. Gab

    167 reps.
    I love that kind of WOD, tough but fun. As i expected, the muscle-ups kills me. I’m working on it…

  10. JohnnyB

    Lucky 101~RX
    Wow! I’m slow… Thanks CoachD!
    My first MU yahooooooooooo!!

  11. Speedy J

    212 Rx
    Got those MU’s and I am amped!! Great job 5pm, lots of work being done.
    Thank you Scott for picking up my mess, had to get to little momma before her school closed.
    I think every bit of alcohol is officially out of system…great WOD!!

  12. Speedy J

    Thank you Tim for making me go faster on that last round..great push to get back to the bar!

  13. T-REX

    150 (MU scale: 2 x 3PU/ 3Dips, 1 1/2 abmat). No gas in this tank, accidentally attempted my last hang pwr clean w/ Tim’s bar, delirious!

  14. Nisha

    103 (PU/Dip combo, 1.5abmat)
    Low on the reps BUT did kip PUs each time and tackled the 53er…big steps for me 🙂
    Thanks Judy for letting me take over your work station…

  15. Babs

    175 (35#; Par Jumps; MU Scale: 2 x 3PU/3RD;26#KB; 35# HPC; 15# DBSP)

  16. G

    163 (scaled MUs to 3 kips/box dips-ran out of parallets and ring dip stations) – attempted MUs for a whole 3 minutes but to no avail. They continue to elude me but I got my right arm over the ring or close to it 4 times – meh! Thanks for the patient coaching Billdozer; I will get this soon!
    Thanks for the push Tim and Janet on the last 200m run! Yes, lots of sweaty bodies on the floor after this WOD was over! Great hard work 5pm crew!

  17. Ruel(the situation)

    Very nice and fun WOD…. Was very happy with my MU’s.. Did 6… Most I’ve ever made in a WOD…Johnnybad… Congrats on ur MU’s… Thanks coach G for the push… Awesome job everyone…great crowd 0830…

  18. G

    Welcome to our visiting active military crossfitters, Ryan and Rachel Tice!
    Welcome back Dan Sparks and Chris “Doc”, our drop-ins from last week! They both got their first ever MUSCLE-UP today at noon…kudos to Coach Daniel’s awesome coaching! Then both used it to today’s WOD. Dan is now even more ready at the CF Games, just in case the Masters Event has them!
    Welcome back our vacationing ACF peeps, Fjord and Carolyn!
    Good to see Sid, Junior, Sonny, KD (in the morning), “Prego” JenC and HTB back in action!
    W O W! W O W! Muscle-Up Milestones:
    Dan S and Chris “Doc”
    The Situation for doing them in a WOD!
    Alex E aka “Xander” got them post WOD-(thanks to Coach Scott)!
    JohnnyBaaad’s first time and doing them in a WOD-(thanks to Coach D)!
    A&M Zach for doing them in a WOD!
    — You guys are now part of our Muscle Club (found on our Resources page under the ACF Leader Board) Big congrats!
    @Gab, good to see you back blogging with us again!
    @Gina, yes “whole” not “hole’ 🙂 The Ring Rows with your body parallel to the floor will work those lats more. So, alternate your WODs with those and the band assisted pull-ups.
    @Nish, tackling kips and 53lb KB is considered a milestone!

  19. Billdozer

    Great work tonight evening classes! Technique takes some time, so don’t worry about working at lighter weight, it will pay off in the end.
    JP, you owe burpees for me having to put up your bar! But I must be present to make sure they are legit!

  20. todd

    Missing me some crossfit! These kids are throwing a wrench into my routine! haha
    I plan to bring them by tomorrow just to sit and watch. Grace, I will let you know.

  21. Bobo

    late post.
    182 rx- no turn out on mus.
    that was tough. felt like i was wearing a weight vest and a gas mask the whole time.

  22. G

    @Toddski, it’s good for ya =)
    Yes, let’s set them up for a brief intro with one of the coaches. Talk to you later.
    @Billdozer, SOS definitely owes us burpees. I think a few others do, too. Arnold and I had to put away some 70-pound KBs.
    Hi Bobo! That afternoon 99% humidity is some good training, ain’t it?!

  23. Bernard

    134 Reps.. Great workout.. scaled on the squat cleans and muscle ups and HSPUs…preciate the push to the finish