“Heavy Metal”

For 15 minutes:

One snatch every minute on the minute for 15 min.
Annotate highest and lowest loads.


for time complete:

50 Push-ups
40 Situps
30 Squats
20 Pull-ups
400m Run


Post results to comments.

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Happy Birthday Keith K!

36 Responses to ““Heavy Metal””


    Happy Bday!
    I see a theme with these photos… maybe I should take a photo with my awesome work car! LOL.

  2. Bullhorn

    95/155 rx
    Great day for my snatch, thanks to my life coach WILL ( the dark knight ) BLACK

  3. BB2

    Hold up there bullhorn!?!? There is no way that Will shows up, and on his first WOD earns the coolest nickname in the box….jeez.
    Shit, that’s a cool nickname.
    It shall stand.
    Great to have Will training with us. The Black’s will now dominate as a pair. Sweet.

  4. Chrissy

    That is a cool nickname. I’m jealous!
    35-55 (missed a few in there)
    5:33 scaled: 15 PU/SU/SQ; 10 pullups no band-it’s all I could muster); 400 m run
    Time constraints!

  5. Billdozer

    135/175, the 175 was technically a little short on the depth when I started standing up, but i’m counting it.
    Metcon- 5:06
    Cal, did you do clean and jerk today? Cause ramrod and I did snatch.
    Jim, Will earned his nickname at The Kettle.

  6. Jerry

    great work out to finish up my 2nd full week of cross fit. enjoying the work outs a lot even though i’m sure it looks like i’m about to pass out… good times

  7. Silverback

    Dozer, I had same question, as I’ve been doing snatches with Cal @ Oly class the past few weeks…

  8. Sirun

    My wrists feel good enough to come back next week, can’t wait, but probably have to scale a lot to start.

  9. Speedy J

    75/115 little disappointed, saw 120 at eye level..no hip pop. Husband told me that I can teach him to run and he will teach me hips.

  10. Speedy J

    Will is amped about his first WOD…feeling the metcon but loving it!!!

  11. S*Nash

    25/55 I should’ve had 60, I just lost it somewhere. But, not bad on my first time doing it since preggo.
    I GOT 12 CONSECUTIVE KIPS!!! SOOOO EXCITED!! I could’ve gotten more but I was so excited and let go!haha! I finally have a rhythm, its about damn time!! Push-ups killed my time, but loved me some air squats <3

  12. todd

    170# snatch. Not sure where that came from, but owe to a watchful coaching eye.
    5:18 metcon.

  13. Maddog

    I’m 30 years older than my son and he beat me by on 20 seconds a good way to end the week. Dropped him off a mile from the house and told him it was payback.

  14. Speedy J

    Wait a minute…maybe we should start with a nickname The Kettle??? Dark Kight, way to cool for a first day…

  15. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    65/90; should of had 95, arms were tired and I couldn’t move fast enough under the weight! Great working out with the 5:30am class!
    Metcon felt awesome this am and I didn’t even complain about the RUN, thanks Jim for making me step it up a notch I had way more left in me than I thought!!

  16. Southpaw

    Nice to be back even sporadically– & boy does that sporadic stuff show. On the very first lift, I fell flat on my arse for the first time ever since I’ve been training with weights though not with this lift(Sept 2006), & even though it would have been nice to have an impressive weight on the bar my right leg would have been broken had there been more weight. So I stood up, cursed the studid bar & my lack of ability, then kept going. It takes more than a bruised leg to stop me at least!
    RICE-ing now. Even though the weight on the bar was not impressive, the swelling on the right leg is. πŸ™‚
    So I worked on lift form today, & I guess a new goal is to learn how to bail properly since my technique for that is completely absent. Never had to bail before.
    Thanks Coach G for the encouragement & help. I appreciate the reminder not to get frustrated right out of the shoot. Great job 9:30 crew! Y’all have a great day!
    8:09 green band

  17. Keith K

    Thank you all for the BD wishes. Also, thank you to everyone at and offered by ACF for making my first 6 weeks the best fitness learning experience I have ever had, (and for making my pants fit better). You guys are awesome!! Angel and I have definitely found a family we are proud to be a part of.

  18. mario c

    mario c
    Scaled to 8 snatch reps 15-40
    7:42 – Scaled to 1/2 of all the reps and 200 meter jog.

  19. Ruel(the situation)

    65/85… Needs to get used to this movement….
    Metcon: 4:45
    HBD Keith !!!

  20. Monte

    Thanks for the coaching tips Todd and coach G on snatch.

  21. Will.I.Am

    LOVED this wod!!! Who knew the oly guy would love snatch??
    Hit 135 to start then 225×3; w/ 3min left I tried 232 and dumped it THREE effing times!!!! Metcon blew balls 8:00 (Rx)
    Welcome DARK KNIGHT!!! Kick ass nom de guerre, bro. Glad you’ve join us.
    Keith, HBD bro.
    Timbo slice, t-mac, surfer: y’all did badass today, keep working that posture!
    The Last Boys: posture up guys!!!!
    Great job nooners!!!!

  22. TC

    I am pumped Will (Dark Knight) Black has drank the Koolaide!!! I want to come home even more now!!!!

  23. Keith F

    metcon 7:25
    One of my weakest lifts —
    Daniel –
    Thanks again for the help on the hook grip – it made a difference!

  24. Matt H(nickname here)

    Happy Bday Keith!!
    65/95 – each rep was PR πŸ™‚
    7:22 metcon

  25. Curtis Warren

    Snatch: 135-160 Last ten sets straight at 160 no misses!
    Metcon: 6:55 w GHD situps
    Thanks Daniel and Grace the Rice U group had a great time!

  26. G

    Snatch (65/100) I’ll take it since haven’t been greasing the groove on snatch! LOVE this lift!
    6:24 (C2G on 40 reps and last 10 just broke 90 degrees).
    Had fun with the 5pmrs today! Thanks Coach Daniel!

  27. G

    Good job on your baseline today Michelle!
    1st WOD finally for The Dark Knight! You definitely have some serious speed on the turnover from the hip pocket!
    Stephen aka “Surfer” dropped-in for some snatches today and went home with a good PR! Awesome work Stephen!
    Also, Curt dropped-in for some snatching πŸ™‚ and thanks for bringing your Rice Owls friends.
    Good to see Old Hickory, Drew H, Lawren, OMG, Lorena, SouthPaw back in action!
    @Victor L aka “Hollywood”, that nickname that Coach Daniel gave you fits you – haha!
    @Matt H, I thought Coach Daniel gave you a nickname already…..hmmm….
    @Sirun, that is good to hear. Ease into it on your first week back.
    @S*Nash, nice milestone!
    @SouthPaw, way to battle through it. Hope the bump subsides. The extra plates around you didn’t help on a good positioning on the bail. Personally, I haven’t seen a graceful bail in my life πŸ˜‰ and I don’t think I ever will.
    @Maddog….too hilarious! Btw, McIntosh also out-lifted you on the snatch – LOL!
    @Will.I.Am, the 225lb snatches were poetic! That’s all I gotta to say! You da man Oly Guy!
    The Burgener warm up is crucial in learning a lot of the sequences and footwork. Overall, a good day for some snatchin’ here at Atomic!

  28. G

    Hope you enjoyed your birthday Keith K! Good to see you post!