Happy Birthday Kilani!



Happy Birthday JR !

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  1. Matt H(nickname here)

    HBD gents!
    Good showing this morning.
    6:11 on week 1 of wallball challenge!

  2. G

    Good job on your baseline this weekend, Lesley G, Troy S, James W and Kin P!
    Nisha, BJules, Alex aka “Xander”, Hernan The Barbarian, Tyler D, Coach Daniel and I attended the Bayou City CF fundraising on Saturday.
    Tyler won first place in the Beginner’s Division! Make note that he did 3 events in his cargo shorts and leather belt. This is what we’re talking about as far general physical preparedness! And the story goes….he showed up to support his mom and had no plans on participating at all but took home 1st place. Way to represent Tyler!
    Also, Dustin “Kansas” and OMG attended CF H-town’s fundraising on Saturday.
    Week 1 of Wall Ball Challenge
    75 Reps 3:46 (Rx)
    Thanks for the push Coach Jim! That 10ft target isn’t forgiving but I know that it will make me a better! Get some Tribe!!