“Stabbed In The Back”

3 Rounds For Time

5 Front Squats (225)(155) ~No Racks
200m Run


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 "This Is Sick" from the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games – video [wmv] [mov]


Marcu Filly courtesy of Gymnastics WOD
Reebok CrossFit Games 2011 Team Competitor

(photo courtesy of Gymnastics WOD)

36 Responses to ““Stabbed In The Back””

  1. chrissy c

    6:54 (76#FS/20#DBSP)
    85 Wall Balls (10#) @ 4:11
    Thanks for timing me D.
    Bryan – jump on those wall balls – you’re behind buddy!!

  2. PLove

    10:36 (95# 1st rnd 85# 2nd & 3rd, PIKE)
    Thanks coach G for the pictures and motivation talk after my workout!
    Daniel thanks for pushing me through the workout! You had faith I’m me when I didn’t have it in myself!
    Awesome job 9:30!!!!

  3. Easy Rider (aka Robert Hammond)

    17:25? 175#
    Have never done 30 HSPU in a wod successfully.. normally I can do 10-20 in a wod max before totally burning out. Failed on my last rep like three times … took forever and G just zoomed right pass me. Challenging wod.

  4. The Nomad

    9:45 (155) – maybe should have gone heavier.
    Fun to be in the 9:30 class! Way to finish Billy!

  5. dirtyD

    85#, 1 abmat pike
    no-repped my last 4 pikes for ROM. went back and did 2 at a time. kept falling down lol!
    Way to push 0930. We all had our own battles crossfit way.

  6. Billdozer

    17:25(RX) Well, that sucked. I gotta give a lot of thanks to the 9:30 for keeping me going on the last round. That’s the great thing about ACF, and no matter how long you’ve been doing this its nice to have the support.
    Oh and Nomad, more weight for you next time. JP, i’m glad you got to see me do this workout.

  7. 'prego' Teach

    Going to try to make the 6 or 7 tonight! This one looks like fun 🙂
    Had a “pregnancy is not a handicap” moment the other day. I am moving into my new classroom at school and there are tables, desks, shelves, etc. to move around. So I start dragging and lifting all this stuff around my room and one of my fellow teachers walks in and gets on me (in a nice, caring way) that I “shouldn’t be lifting or moving anything because I’m pregnant”. After a few minutes of trying to reassure her that I’m fine, I lift heavy things all the time, I finally just said “the other day I lifted a bar that had 200+ pounds on it multiple times and then went and lifted some more weights for time…I think I’ll be okay with this one table”
    And that my friends is why I Crossfit 🙂

  8. George

    Nice Modified WOD today – Thanks
    See you at the box tomorrow

  9. Speedy J

    Run Day
    Love it Beth…some people just don’t get it!


    Beth that is why i have no doubt you will be ready for regionals in 2012!!!!

  11. Jerry

    nice to be back at the 5:30 class this morning after a couple days at the fire station. 7:46 (155), this was my 1st attempt at hspu’s… it was not pretty! pike presses for me til i get the technique down and stop falling over and almost breaking my neck!

  12. ingrid

    forgot my time, but glad I made time today…
    85#,25#DB presses
    nice to see new faces this morning,good crowd @ 9:30 today.
    Watching Billy do HSPU made me think that maybe I should try it.I just need to get over the fear of going upside down or the thought that I might smack my head or face to the floor.
    Way to rally Billy…
    Thanks G, I would have rested more on that dumb bells.
    this new tracking/my wod history notebook is too pretty to write on but very handy.I just need too keep reading the first page.

  13. G

    Awesome testimony Teach!! You are CrossFit!!
    Good to see C-Note, Martha, Jerry C, DirtyD, Alice, MasterG and
    Playboy back in action!
    @PLove, awesome seeing you push yourself!
    @Ingrid, let’s get you practicing on handstand holds soon!
    @Arnold, I would have done 155 but my 1RM on cleans is only 145, LOL!

  14. G

    14:36 (135#). Thanks for the awesome coaching Daniel! It definitely got heavier each round!
    @Easy Rider, good job on the milestone on HSPUs!! It was fun pacing with you!
    @Speedy J, hurry home to your ACF tribe already!!!!

  15. G

    @Billdozer, your pretty cool squat clean and fronts squats vid should be uploaded by this weekend! Awesome form!!

  16. Kim

    9:31 (95#, pike press)
    Great 9:30 class today! G, Daniel and Billy….thanks for all the tips!
    There was not much that was CLEAN in my squat clean but I am getting better each day!!
    Ingrid and Martha, nice to meet you!
    Day 9 on Paleo, 3 1/2 lbs down and feel GREAT!!!
    * have had 3 diet cokes but I am really trying!! Can’t believe that is what I miss!
    Beth – I wish I was in shape like that when I had my 3! Great job Mommy!!!!

  17. JohnnyB

    11:23 (155#)
    I think, I did PR on the squat clean 175#!!
    Thank you Silverback for letting me used your bar.
    Thanks Coach D!
    Great Job, Stacy on your PR!!

  18. Sirun

    You all are very inspiring. Crossfit WOD humbles me every time. Getting in shape and growing stronger is an uphill battle for me, but not gotta give up.

  19. Eric F.

    12:56. (165#, 1 ab mat)
    First time doing HSPUs. Wore me out!!

  20. Gina

    8:35 (115, pike)
    LOL Beth! Maybe you should have your Fran video playing in your room.
    Tried hand stands again. Was going ok until I crumbled so gracelessly 🙂

  21. Ruel(the situation)

    I should have gone heavier… But it was my max squat clean.. I’m glad I’m a bit stronger now.. Thanks to all coaches…
    Was a fn work out….

  22. Stacy

    12:02 (75#, pike push ups)
    Thank you so much Johnny B and Coach Daniel for pushing me to do heavier weight than I thought I could do! It was a great feeling reaching my PR
    Great job 4:00!

  23. DIVA

    8:16 (85#, 1.5 ab mat, then 2 ab mats, then the third round back to 1.5 bc TODD stole my mat) – the last round was pretty rough.
    Great job 5pm.
    Also, great job on the wall balls TREX!

  24. Keith F

    8:29 (160#, pike)
    wallball challenge (week 1) 6:06

  25. Junior

    Missing Atomic! Be back from Cali tomorrow! 🙂

  26. 'prego' Teach

    8:19(125#, 1Ab Mat)
    Great crew at 6:00! Thanks for the excellent coaching Dozer! It was great to see Ramrod and Dozer tonight.
    Arnold- if I wasn’t in my current state I would have tackled this one RX!

  27. T-REX

    Is there such a thing to deloading after a week off? Jk! 11:19 (125#, 1 1/2 Abmats) sorry for the fbombs Todd, I guess that’s why you punished me with a post wod 500m run. Thx Diva for doing the WBs w/ me, good job! As for me, I’m a min and half slower with 10 extra. It makes a diff doing it pre-wod vs post-wod. Karen 85 (14#) @4:53

  28. bryan g. aka playboy

    14:53 @ 155 and 2 abs mats. that was a helluva welcome back after three weeks off!

  29. Bobo

    late post.
    11:55 i think. (185)
    took forever to get the last three. kept missing. thankfully i had ramrod there to keep me going.
    did the first two rounds with the regional setup. abmat between two plates. last round just to the ground. found it easier to do statics with the plates and easier to do kips when going straight to the ground. interesting.
    was already getting sore about two hours after this one. really feeling it now.