“The Best Among Us” – ACF Hero WOD

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To contribute to the Navy Seal War Foundation, please go to nswfoundation.org or you can text SEAL to 90999 for a quick $10 donation.

The men and women of USSOCOM are the best among us. These warriors endure when most cannot. We lost 30 of these men this weekend along with local Afghan support personnel. We remember these fallen warriors with hard work and renewed respect and honor for all those who selflessly serve instead of profit.

For time complete AMRAP in 30 minutes:

10 Toes to Bar + Pull-up – (scale to Burpee Jumping pull-up or Burpee Box Jump\step-up)
10 Jumping Squats (45)(35)
10 CF Push-ups
30m Walking Lunge Steps

Post results to comments.

30 Responses to ““The Best Among Us” – ACF Hero WOD”

  1. BB2

    7+10 Rx Never Forget. Great paying tribute to these special people with such great individuals at ACF. I’m happy to be part of this tribe.

  2. 'prego' Teach

    Awesomely brutal this morning! It was great working out with the Pacemakers.
    I am thankful for all of our servicemen and women who make so many sacrifices for our freedom.
    7+3 (Regular Push Ups – the belly now gets in the way!)
    I also got to workout with G and Macho for the first time in a LONG time!!!

  3. 'prego' Teach

    Public Service Announcement:
    It’s going to be, as Coach Jim says, “Effin hot”….so please drink fluids throughout the day today! HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!
    Thank you 🙂

  4. Rocky Top (aka Abbye Mac)

    6+2 (RX)
    Dang good workout this am! Toe to bar to pull up is brutal!

  5. Silverback

    Tough, tough workout, but a great tribute to honor our service folks who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country.
    8+9 (Rx)

  6. G

    6 + 5 (Rx)
    Thank you to whoever owns the hot pink grips! Saved my hands and they got me going on a good rhythm on the first 2-3 rounds of this infamous Toes-to-bar to Pull-Up! Didn’t mean to workout at 5:30am but glad I did!
    Awesome folks to work out with this early morning! Luv me some Prego Teach 🙂 You are still a beast at this stage of your pregancy!
    Rough WOD but it’s nothing compared to all the service men and women that brave being in front of or within enemy lines.
    We can’t repeat it enough…like Teach said
    HYDRATE H Y D R A T E – electrolytes!!!

  7. G

    Welcome back Stephen D and Valentin!!!
    Good to see Jeff D and Barkley back in action!

  8. Billdozer

    7+4(RX) Tough workout, just like it should be. God Bless our real heroes! The least we can all do today is 30 minutes of hard work in their honor.

  9. Dr. Peter Osborne

    9+1 (RX) Ripped open again today. Small price to pay. God Bless our fallen heroes. Good working with the 5:30 class today.

  10. dirtyD

    good job everyone paying tribute in this heat.
    I am seeking refuge from the heat @work today.
    God Bless those who sacrifice for our nation.

  11. chrissy c

    5 Rnds + 30 + like 17m lunges (ie-almost 6)
    Alternated rounds with 5 CFPU and 10 regular.
    This one kicked my butt today.

  12. S*Nash

    5+3 (15#)
    Curse you toes to bar! I ripped, but that seems to be a trend. I really wanted to scale after I saw the skin tearing away from my hands, BUT its a hero wod so I endured the pain. Also, started about 2:30 into the wod because I was on baby duty 🙂 Nonetheless, great wod, proud and thankful for the men and women who serve to protect us.

  13. Robert Hammond

    6 + 28 rx And it’s hard to fathom the pain and loss for the surviving families (wives, kids, brothers, sisters, parents) of these fallen soldiers.

  14. George

    7 rounds (minus 5 pull ups – my hands look like I was doing pullups on a cheese grater, had to back off).
    Great noon workout – the heat adds so much more to the WOD.

  15. Will.I.Am

    God bless the fallen and their families. It was an honor to do this WOD for them.
    That being said, I sucked ass at this one, too. Me & T2B/PU’s just don’t friggin’ mix!!
    5+30 (Rx) got abt 19m on the Lunges, but close only counts in horseshoes n hand grenades.

  16. Diva

    6 rounds + everything except 15m. Not sure how to write that.(T2B/JPU,15#)
    Great WOD for a great cause!!!

  17. Junior

    4 rounds (reg squats, reg push ups)
    Thanks JB for keeping an eye on me. Silverback, thanks for being at the box for moral support. Just got out of the shower with Zip loc bags over my hands. Not a pretty sight. Doesn’t even compare to the sacrifices of our troops. Definitely worth it. Thank you for doing what so many of us don’t have the guts and courage to do.
    Great work, 5:00pm crew!

  18. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    7+1 rx
    The 1 was so I could have 1 more than Eric.

  19. PLove

    6+9 ( T2B jumping PU, KPU)
    Awesome workout 6 pm! This WOD really sucked but we all did it for a great cause!
    Thank JB for keeping me moving! stopping for 2 seconds easily turns into 10 seconds! ha

  20. Kim

    6 + 30 (T2B jumping PU)
    Brutal!! I wanted to quit but as I wore the Navy pin my cousin gave me I knew this was nothing compared to all they sacrifice!!
    (He is a Navy SEAL E8 17 year enlisted … just got back home in July from year deployment in Afghanistan! Love ya SCOTT!!)
    Thanks Jim, it was an honor!

  21. Disco D Nicole

    5 + 30 (toe 2 bar, jump pull-up, #35)
    Congrats Josh!!!!!!
    Keeping our troops and their families in my prayers…..

  22. Maddog

    7+2 it was hot but nothing compared to those we honor. Thank you for keeping us safe.

  23. wolverine

    9+5 I could never catch Xander, you have come a long way since you started. Good work!To those we honor, Thank You.

  24. Ramrod

    forgive me father for i have sinned, it has been a really long since my last post.
    10 + 6
    God bless America