“Yip Dog”

Bench Press

3 Rounds for time:

30 Double-Unders
30 Box Jumps (24)


Post results to comments.


  Happy Birthday Paige L aka PLove!!

36 Responses to ““Yip Dog””

  1. PLove

    I woke up for some crossfit and my legs said no way! Ha see you guys Thursday!
    Thanks for the picture selection G, that one is a real beauty!


    chest is dead!!
    225 185 235 fail 165(12) 185 (4) 135 (25)
    4:55 RX

  3. Kim

    Happy Birthday Paige!!! Enjoy and then back on it tomorrow!

  4. Mike B

    Happy Birthday Paige
    8:58 (Rx- DUs, 1/2 Rx 1/2 stepups)
    Great Job 0830
    Nice working with Master G, Slim, Jamison, and Jared today.
    Welcome to the box Kelly

  5. Jackrabbit

    That bench always gets me! Great sharing the bar with Khara, Lisa and Kelly! Nice meeting you today Kelly!
    Happy Birthday Paige!

  6. Will.I.Am

    HBD Paige!! Enjoy this day off, but remember, if you’re sore from something the only way to get “un-sore” is to do what you did to get sore.
    7:37 Rx
    It was great pacing with Hollywood and great lifting with ‘wood, Ox, and Kilani.

  7. Special K

    80-80 (8)-90-70(18)-100(miss)-55(30)
    7:44ish singles,step ups 24″ box
    Nice to meet you Kelly! Great sharing the bar with some bad a** chicks, Jackrabbit, Lisa, and Kelly!!
    Happy B-Day Paige!

  8. Taramisu

    HBD Paige! I made it through wod, however I forgot to save NRG for box jumps. Thanks for the push girls ;h

  9. mario c

    mario c
    100 – 90(10) – 100 – 85(20) – 100 – 65(30)
    4:32 Scaled
    3 Rounds:
    45 singles
    15 step ups (18)

  10. The Nomad

    Happy B-Day PLove! Welcome to crossfit.
    Rest day for me. May do it tomorrow for open gym.

  11. Gina

    10:07 (20″)
    Even though box jumps were faster with bare feet, wouldn’t recommend with double unders!
    Thanks Jim for the time limit!
    Great to meet you Brett -way to go heavy!

  12. Ruel(the situation)

    Thanks to coach Daniel and the 4:30 crew for the cheer…
    HBD Plove…

  13. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    9:something rx

  14. Xander

    5:57 Rx
    Pretty stoked I didn’t break any reps but I wish i put more weight on 20 reps set. Good work today 6 o’clock!

  15. Nisha

    8:43 (20″)
    No misses on any of the BPs and PRed at my last 1 rep (105)….was debating between the 24/20″ box but then did the 20″ after Jim gave a 10 min cutoff..but did first set of 30 DUs unbroken so happy with that…all in all, happy WOD day 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the bar with me Sunil…

  16. G

    Good job on your baseline WOD today Cain, Robert M and Jason L!
    Welcome on your 1st and 2nd WOD Mike C!
    Good to see Jared M, Bill M and Rossi back in action this morning!
    Welcome to Kelly T, a visiting crossfitter from DogTown CrossFit!

  17. G

    @Nisha and The Situation, nice PR!
    @JRabbit, the bench gets us girls! Way to push!
    @Taramisu, I recall you had a PR today!

  18. Brett

    So glad to be back today! Great WOD. 8:20 RX
    Sad to be leaving again Monday : (
    Happy Birthday Paige

  19. PLove

    @ will I am- I’m back on it tomorrow! Especially after dinner tonight :/

  20. Keith F

    10:08 (15 DU’s/30 SU’s per round)

  21. Eric F.

    Happy birthday Paige.
    205-175-225-145-235-135. My chest was so sore from yesterday’s WOD!
    8:17. (Rx)

  22. Paige H.

    Thank you Coach Jim for the help with my first bench presses! I have a long way to go.