“Hard Rounds For Big Guns”


7 Rounds For Time

10 Deadlift (BW)
10 DB Push Press (40)(30)
10 Burpees


Post results to comments.


Michael P aka Ping
Happy Birthday Michael P aka "Ping"!!

Renae S
Happy Birthday Renae S aka "SouthPaw"!!

32 Responses to ““Hard Rounds For Big Guns””

  1. Southpaw

    Happy Birthday, Michael P! Hope it’s awesome! Maybe we can do a birthday WOD together someday!
    Thanks very much for including my birthday. That is very special to me!
    Y’all have a great day!


    13:01 Rx+ 195BW & 45# db
    Ok men i finalized the deal with the bowling alley. So this is hoW man night will play out, which also is the night JP will finally become a man, he will never forget this night as long as he lives. Also it’s actually JB’s bday. Any ways we will meet at the box at 6 we have reservations at fogo at 7pm. Then we have 4 lanes reserved at 300 bowling alley from 10- 1am it will cost 32.25 a person and that includes some snacks and soft drinks.Also Fogo will cost around $70 a person, it is well worth it though! So no excuses don’t bitch and moan. Be there and have fun we only have an expensive man night 3 times a year so MAN UP, IF NOT GO TO LULU AND SHOP WITH YOUR SCHMECKEL TUCKED BETWEEN YOUR LEGS. Call me if you have question, but don’t call to complain!


    i know Ben, thanks for the confidence booster grace!!!

  4. PLove

    14:55 (95#DL,15# PP)
    Great workout 8:30!! Big class!
    Thanks G for the support today, it was a much better workout!!!
    Tha ka for working out with me dad(Don N.)! You did awesome!!

  5. Special K

    17:32 (151, 20#db)
    Way to work this am 0830!! Great end to a brutal week.

  6. Jackrabbit

    21:39 (140# RX) (20#)DB
    Yuck…glad that is over. Maybe one day DL will be fun! 😉 Thanks for the form tips G and Billy. I need them!
    Thanks Special K for adding those 2 1/2 weights!!!
    Great job 830!

  7. wolverine

    12:14 rx@ #165
    A nice brisk temp of 90 makes a huge difference from 100 plus in the afternoon.Liked the big crowd at 8:30!

  8. Disco D Nicole

    Great Job 8:30!! It was great seeing everyone!!
    What a tough week and brutal!!!!!
    21:59 (125#, 20#)

  9. Keith F

    Happy Birthday Renae !!
    Happy Birthday Michael P !!

  10. Billdozer

    14:38(RX-205#,50#db) Nice group this morning. The burpees were enjoyable as always. MAN NIGHT WILL BE EPIC!

  11. George

    12:35 with #40 DB Press.
    Looking forward to MAN Night.

  12. G

    14:09 (Rx 120# DL/30# DBPP) BW=117
    Thanks for keeping me going Coach Daniel. Also, thanks for sticking around and for the encouragement Anthony W!
    Awesome job OMG, Kilani, X-Large and Kimberly! The 9:30am crew had lots of energy!
    Good to see Don N, Anthony W, Lawren and Drew H back in action!
    Hope you’re enjoying your birthday Michael and Renae!
    Packed at 530 & 830! Great hard work all week by all!

  13. G

    @Cal, you’re welcome and it was meant to be a challenge. You delivered!
    Soooo, I am envious about this whole MAN NIGHT thing! Awesome planning! Hmmmm….ladies?????

  14. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    24:45 rx @175 (which was way way too f’en much)

  15. Will.I.Am

    HBD Southpaw n Pingy!!
    This one sucked as much as a wh… well… it sucked… in a fun way.
    16:47 210# 40#
    Thanks Macho and JB/BB2/Bobo for the extra encouragement on the last round, I needed it.

  16. mario c

    mario c
    11:25 scaled to 7 rounds of 4-6-5 (DL 65#; PP 15#).

  17. Keith F

    22:45 (160#,35#)
    gas tank missing in action. Frustrating!!
    Thanks everyone for the encouragement!

  18. Nisha

    19:40 (155#, 25#)
    Was sooooo good to see Janet at the 5:00p class….she killed it, finished the whole freakin thing while I was just starting round 4..she rocks 😉
    And Judy was right behind her..some strong chicks!!

  19. T-REX

    13:04(155, 25) glad there were no 30s left. Janet, welcome bk from vacay shmaycay, u still are untouchable! Great to see Nisha, Arnold and abbye reppin! Great 5:00 class!

  20. April

    21–22++I have no idea(135round 1 only). 115#\15 db–pukie was stalking me— but I had the encouragement from Arnold so pukie didn’t make!
    Thank you EVERYONE;)
    Happy birthday Michael and Renae!

  21. Southpaw

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! Great work!

  22. T-REX

    Oh yeah good seeing April too! Hey G, idea for ladies outing- TX rock gym? 😉

  23. 'prego' Jen C

    18:30 (95#, 20#db, prego burpees)
    Soooo hot! Way to push through April!