“NI Multisim”

Partner Circuit

  • 1 minute at each station
  • Score is total reps (-20 reps for each plank hold broken)
  • Both members must hold the planks
  • One person working at a time; switch anytime you want.

Wall Ball (20)(14)
Pull-ups (C2B)
Kettlebell Swings (53)(40)
Plank Hold
CF Push-ups
Renegade Rows (30)(20)
GHD Situps
Plank Hold
DB Thrusters (40)(25)
Row (Cal)
Plank Hold
Double-Unders (scale: lat hops)
Box Jumps (24)(20)
Goblet Squats (53)(35)
Plank Hold
Ground to Overhead (95)(65)
Air Squats
Plank Hold

Alex E aka Xander Black Beanie
Congrats to Alex E aka "Xander" on getting his Atomic CF Black Beanie!

His time on the Girl Named WOD, Linda aka "Three Bars of Death", as rx'd is 15:31!

Good luck on your first year in college!  See you when you get back in town!

10 Responses to ““NI Multisim””

  1. TREX

    Karen pre-wod @ 95 = 4:56. Just 3 sec difference last week! However, my performance during the wod was subpar, prob bc I was being partners w/ Speedy J the Beast -yet so humble :). Sorry Dark Knight for my slow run post-wod! Great seeing everyone this lovely Saturday AM!

  2. The Nomad

    Nomad/Toddski: 418
    Thanks Jim! Great WOD this AM!

  3. BB2

    WOW 30+ rocking it this morning. I love the energy in these big crowds! Great work, ACF Tribe!
    Welcome Jason! Great to see HD and Summer again!

  4. Maddog

    Great Saturday morning Wod, fun seeing so many people at the box. Matt great job partner.
    Jim you never disappoint.

  5. dirtyD

    nice to meet you Barb and Jason. Fun WOD!
    Congrats Xander.

  6. SpeedyJ

    Loved it!! So glad to be back…My life now feels complete again. Great job Judy – fun to be your partner!

  7. G

    Major props to Jamila on her first WOD yesterday! Welcome aboard!
    Good job on your baseline this morning Orlando G and your first WOD this morning Jason L!
    WOW! Love the huge crowd early this morning! Way to start the weekend!

  8. Peter

    What an awesome WOD! GREAT ENERGY!
    Thanks, C-Note, it was great working with you. You always drive me to do more.