“Knick Knack”

4 rounds for time:

15 OHS (115)(80)
10 Box Jumps (24)
200m Run
10 Box Jumps (24)
15 KB Swings (70)(53)


Post results to comments.






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42 Responses to ““Knick Knack””

  1. Billdozer

    14:28(RX) Great workout today but double unders at the end would have made it the best workout ever. Almost didn’t get out of bed but i made it. Jim, i have been at 530 3 days this week and have seen you once. I’m hurt.

  2. Jim

    Dozer, I am proud that your making an effort arrive at the 5:30. Here is my schedule…Sun Run@7+OG 8:00, Mon 5:30am Tuesday 4pm, Wednesday Rest, Thu 5:30am, Fri 5:30am. Sat, Rest(or Team)


    this was a humbler for me my body is torn all up, good job billy

  4. Kim

    Arnold, That puts my day in perspective. I will be praying for you, your friend, Kyndall and the OR crew. Those young ones are troopers!!!

  5. Keith F

    I was thinking earlier this morning how much I’m gonna suck tonight because of OHS….
    I was on the elevator going up to my floor at work, and this woman says “You are fit!”
    Thanks ACF!!! πŸ™‚

  6. Cody

    Did anyone happen to move Red T-6 Brooks size 11 out of one of the storage bins?

  7. Ruel(the situation)

    Im glad I got through this one… Thanks G for keeping up with me…. Nice working with 0830 peeps…

  8. G

    Will do Steph. Thanks for letting us know and keep us posted.
    @The Situation, you finished strong. The unbroken set of box jumps (Ramulus-style) was impressive!
    Milestone for MasterG and Slim today – moved up on loading the OHS for the entire WOD!
    S*Nash, no more 26kbs for you!
    Good to see Drew H back in action – adding another session in the week to his Atomic Crossfitting! Yeah!
    Proud of you Sniper!
    Awesome job 530 & 830 crew!

  9. Disco D Nicole

    Good work 8:30!!!!!!
    28:15 ( 45#, 35#, 20″ box)
    Steph thank for letting us know and will keep Her in our prayers…

  10. kilani

    great wrokout @8:30 disco D thanks for the pacing πŸ™‚
    coach G thank you for the push till the end :))
    The situation way to finish strong buddy

  11. S*Nash

    28:00 (45#, 35#kb, 20″)
    So, I knew this was supposed to be a sprint, but I just couldn’t get it together. Going into it I wanted to do more on OHS, but didn’t. I guess it was just one of those days that I moved at a snails pace and felt like crap the entire time. Maybe tomorrow!
    Yes G, I will be back at the 35#kb now. I am/was having a hard time believing I can do more of my normal weights post-baby. Just a mental block that I’m not what I was, in some cases I’m truly not, but I think I can do more than what I’m giving myself credit for, it may take some time to get over this mental block.
    Great job 8:30 crew! Tara, you were gone before I even finished! Great job!


    kilani, please confirm if you are going on mans night with us on the blog also Kyle “MLB” has dropped out of mans night because he is gay and goes to crossfit elevate, just kidding he has his mothers b-day

  13. Jim

    My apologies to Arnold, she mentioned John O’s Situation to me last night and I forgot to post πŸ™
    My thoughts are with the family during this tough time. I wish them all the best outcome possible!

  14. Josh P.

    My legs hurt and I’m walking like a crippled man.
    G, thanks for the encouragement.
    C-note, thanks for not looking me in the eye on the stretches, I don’t feel quite as violated as usual.
    Prayers to sent for the kiddo.

  15. G

    Good news! Just spoke to Stephanie “Arnold” and John O’Malley’s daughter came out of the successful surgery with no post-op complications. Thank you all!

  16. Andi-An

    21:17 (55#, 40KB)
    Steph, tell Melissa & family I am thinking of them and will keep Kyndall in my prayers for a quick recovery!!!
    Tanner – 28:15
    Thanks Mario for keeping him moving! :o)

  17. kilani

    @BULLHORN still waiting for my wife permission.
    πŸ˜€ just kidding i am in, shoe size 11.5
    its on Saturday right? were meeting: ACF@6:00?

  18. Jackrabbit

    Arnold…been praying!! Keep us posted and let me know if they need anything!!!

  19. mario c

    mario c 13:23 scaled:
    4 rounds:
    6 OHS (15)
    5 step ups (18)
    200m shuffle
    5 step ups (18)
    10 KB Swings (26)

  20. Sirun

    @Jim Where do you guys meet for Sunday morning runs?

  21. Logan

    24:24 rx
    There was something evil lurking in the third round.

  22. Taramisu

    Thank u Sara. U2. Sorry about the stretch, I get confused easily. Lol. I will say an extra prayer steph for your friends daughter. πŸ™‚

  23. Green Lantern aka Playboy (fka bryan g.)

    21:43 (85/53)
    May have gone too light.

  24. The Nomad

    In San Antonio at 210 Crossfit
    21 Hanging Power Cleans
    400m run
    15 Push Press
    400m run
    9 Snatches
    9:24 (95)

  25. Gina

    21:24 (65, 20#, 40)
    Glad to hear O’Mally’s daughter is doing ok!

  26. Gab

    21:44 Rx
    Last round was really tough. I dropped the bar half way on OHS and my running was more like something between fast walking and jogging. My legs are heavy and I am walking like someone who have something stuck in the as*.
    good job everyone and it was another great WOD from ACF crew.
    Thank you guys

  27. george

    At Crossfit Lafayette
    Tabatta push ups 8 mins
    1, 2,3,4,.etc pull ups every minute
    84 PUs
    15 + 3

  28. Keith F

    29:10 (65# OHS 2rds/ 45# OHS 2 rds, 53#KB)
    Thanks Grace! That tweak to my stance helped, one more piece of the OHS puzzle πŸ™‚

  29. SpeedyJ

    17:56 Rx Great to meet some new ACF’ers at 7pm…fun to workout side by side with The Dark Knight..he was ahead of me in the first round..24:02 Rx for him. Movements are nice by themselves…put them together – oh my!!!

  30. G

    28:17 (Rx) Speedy J was right; the reps and loads were cool but all the movements put together became something else. I do love the over 100 degree weather in Houston and wouldn’t change it for any other!

  31. G

    Good job on your baseline tonight Anthony B!
    Xander did one last WOD before he headed out today….what dedication – admirable…and addiction πŸ™‚
    Good to see Poseidon, Leslie, Bill G, Silverback, Jared M, Kin, Sid, Ivan, Ken back in action!
    @Fam, nice to see you at 4pm. It was 104 degrees but we love it – haha!
    @Keith F, keep working with it and everything will click before you know it.
    @The Situation and @Kilani, way to dig!!
    Great job today ACF peeps!

  32. G

    @Nomad and @George, kudos for keeping up with your training and for blogging your WODs!!

  33. Bobo

    was freakin hot at 4pm.
    25:44 RX
    blew through the first two rounds and then hit the wall on round 3. overheated and couldn’t get my body moving again.