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5th Mountain 2012 Photos

5th Mountain 2012 Google Album c/o John O'Malley – Thank you John! Thanks to all who participated, donated to the Navy Seals Foundation and donated to MD Anderson Blood Bank (credit to Chase Cole). Until next year! 100 Burpees 100 Squats 100 Sit-Ups 100 Push-Ups   100 Pull-Ups   1 Mile Run after each movement

“Bringin’ The MLS Cup Trophy to Houston”

WOD c/o G (inspired by CF Dallas Central)   10 minutes to build a 1RM of High Bar Back Squat Then immediately adjust weight and  take 70% of your 1RM to complete 1 set of AMRAP consecutive reps with a 2 second pause at the bottom on all reps.  Stoppage constitutes max reps achieved. — […]