For Time:

20 Kettlebell swings,
30 Toes to
Run 400 meters


Post load, time and scale to comments.

"The Forgotten Lift" by Bill Starr, CrossFit Journal article [pdf]

Houston Press Blog released an article on 10 Paleo-Friendly Restaurant Menus in Houston [Read article]

ACF Gearspotting Time!

ACF shirtspotting JMoney SF Gym Wescoast CF in Australia
JMoney who is back home in Australia is shown performing 13.3 at Westcoast CrossFit.

ACF gearspotting Eric Fitz Oger CrossFit
The ACF wristband made it to Oger CrossFit in Seattle, WA, thanks to Eric F!


10 Responses to ““Strawman””

  1. Southpaw

    Good article, thanks. See you later. Y’all have a great day!

  2. just jerry

    115-125-135-135-140-150/ 5:04 (rx)
    Took last week off from lifting heavy so this morning felt good. Good job 8:30. Nice sharing the bar with easy. Nice to meet you Philip.

  3. Cara H.

    4:51 (40#, some t2b, some k2e)
    Felt really good to be back after being sick last week…and even better that Lauren was back today. So glad you’re back, Lauren!

  4. T-REX

    OG – kipping HSPU 5-10-10. 3×10 T2B. Worked up to 135 C&J. Then
    10 C&J @ 125, 20 T2B
    10 C&J @ 105, 15 T2B
    10 C&J @ 85, 10 T2B
    Hip extension and ring dip work. + 1 mile @ 9:52.

  5. Gab

    135-155-160-170-175-185 but I jerked
    last two rounds.
    Metcon 5:56 min.

  6. Helen E

    5:35 (26#, k2e) will go heavier on the KB next time.
    good WOD with Kate, Tammy, Holly, & Tim! Thanks, Coach Daniel!

  7. Southpaw

    55-65-70-75-80(2)-80. I started the 5 reps higher than I last time. My previous 3 rep max was 65, which is now my 5. My previous 1 rep max was 75, but today it was my 3 rep. I couldn’t quite get the 3rd one on the 80, so I got a 2+1. I’m so happy with this!!! 🙂
    Lots of PRs going on around me. Good work 6ers! We ladies supported each other so well tonight!
    4:48 (40, knees up). Getting more comfortable with the 40 father using the 35 for so long.
    Great class Coach Beth, thanks!

  8. OG

    3:52 (55)
    Gotta get stronger!