For Time

  • Run 1 Mile
  • 100 Sit-ups
  • Run 800m
  • 75 Squats
  • Run 400m
  • 50 KTE
  • Run 200m
  • 25 Deadlift (225)(155)
  • Run 100m

Post time and scale in comments.


Happy Birthday Khara B aka Special K!

47 Responses to “HumpDay”

  1. Jim Kelly

    My favorite pic of Khara! Happy B-day!

  2. arnold

    Figured out how to comment! Yay!
    Happy Birthday Khara!

  3. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    Happy Birthday Khara!

    There is so much going on with the new website!! Looks awesome 🙂

  4. just jerry

    Just wanted to post on this super cool new website. Happy birthday khara. Everybody have a good wod.

  5. Speedy J

    IN!!! Love the new site!

    Happy Birthday Khara!!

  6. Iron E

    36:20 – 155#, k2e degraded to k2triceps
    Thanks for the push at the end 6:30

    Happy birthday Khara!

  7. William Maloy

    HBD Khara! Enjoy the WoD #haterunning

  8. Brian Feldman

    35:38 (185#)

    New site looks great!

  9. BB2

    If you want to change how your name is displayed on the comments you can do it in your profile. Just modify your first name with your nick name and then select if from the list…..

  10. DiscoD

    Happy Birthday K!!!!

    Ok, how do we sign up for class???

    • G

      There is a Members Login link to MindBody on the top just below the line separating the banner from the body of the site. Hope that helps

  11. Famela Due Urcia

    Happy Birthday Khara! Enjoy ur day!!!

  12. Sex Panther

    35:16 (Rx)

    Happy Birthday Khara!!

  13. MikeB

    Happy Birthday to my better half and welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your birthday wod!

    33:03 Rx (ish)
    Fun WOD?… KTE were UGLY!!!

    Great job today Gary, Keith, Billy and Khara! 9;30 was fun!

  14. landfil

    Happy Birthday Khara!
    Does the nickname come from the cereal or the actress in the movie Breakin’?

    28:51? – about 45 seconds after Chalkman….good race this morning.
    RX-ish, most of the KTE were hitting triceps.

    Liking the new site.

  15. Panda

    This new forum for comments is exciting!

  16. Gary Clack

    Have a great birthday Khara. Good to see you this morning! Helen E. too.

    Cut off at 35 min with 15 DL 205#. 8:09 mile. Began to wilt on KTE.

    Good work 9:30!

  17. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    With our super cool new website, we now must bring back….


  18. Jimy

    30:50 (40kte, 185dl)

    Good fun. Happy birthday Khara!

  19. Gina Clifford Walker

    34:36 (ktair)

    Glad to work out with 6:30 class again.

    Happy birthday – love the picture!

  20. DiscoD

    Good times nooners!!!!!

    It was hot!!!!
    35:42 (135) scaled k2e

  21. Special K

    Great day to come back, I made it out alive. Thanks for all the b-day wishes, I’m blessed to know so many amazing people!

  22. Special K

    Oops.. Forgot to post my time.

    31:14 (scaled reps, 135#)

    Landfil- my name comes from my sheer gracefulness and ability to be conquered by gravity.

    Teach- I agree, post or die, no excuses with the amazing site. I stopped posting bc I couldn’t post on my phone for whatever reason.

  23. Speedballs

    33:57 (scaled to 50 air squats, 25 kta, 10 dl @ 95#

    My butt hurts 🙁

  24. G

    33:21 (Rx) New Magic shoes were no magic – boo!
    All I have to say is “it’s not a great day until I workout”, so today was a great day!

    YES!!! POST OR DIE !!

  25. MikeB

    What does the code below do?

    I agree with the Post or Die!

    @Landfil – Had a great laugh at the Breakin’ reference… Where’s Turbo?

  26. Russell Johnson

    37:29 (135#)

    Diggin’ the new Web site.

  27. JLocks

    36:50 RX. Ran the mile in 8:00…PR. I just love running sooooo much!

    HBD Special K!

  28. Chad Blaylock

    31:44 Rx

    Last 10 dead lifts were slow!

    -The Nomad

  29. Chad Blaylock

    …..HBD Khara!

    Plus, I just wanted to post again!

  30. Lauren Smith

    Happy birthday Khara!!!!
    I love the new website as well!!

  31. Jennifer Minarcik Colligan

    Very slow tonight…37:32 (135#)

  32. T-REX

    Nice to meet all the May On-rampers today! Also, great big Young Guns class! Last year I wished there were more girls, and now Joey was among 7 strong girls! My wish came true! 🙂 HBD Khara! Good job Damon and everyone who did work on this new site.

  33. Jerk

    So glad you’ve decided to embrace your nickname, Speedballs!

    Happy Birthday, Khara!!! Miss you!

    Killer mile time, Napkin! We should change your name to Spitball or something else that you can turn a Napkin into that moves quickly through the air.

    33:05 (sketchy KTEs)

  34. Squeekykat

    HBD Khara!!!

    35:13 (knee ups/87#). Nice one to come back to after a shirt layoff!