Hero WOD Gator

Hero WOD :  Gator

8 Rounds For Time:
5 Front Squats (185/125)
26 Ring Push-ups

Post time and scale in comments.

Congrats to our Coaches’ Sid “Ugh” and Judy “T-Rex” for placing 2nd at the Battle Buddy 57 at District H CrossFit this past weekend!  We are so proud of you for representing Atomic CrossFit and putting forth your best on quality performance.

ACF shirtspotting Sid and Judy Battle Buddy 2013












ACF Gearspotting:  Kuleen aka Jerk at an outdoor box in San Francisco, CA.

ACF gearspotting Kuleen Outdoor Box

25 Responses to “Hero WOD Gator”

  1. Sex Panther

    DId this one at home:

    26:30 (45# DB, regular push-ups)

  2. Iceman

    22:54 (115#, 13 reps ring push-ups)

  3. Jim Kelly

    24:04 (155#) 16 Reps for 5 Rounds, 26 Reps the last 3 rounds.

  4. just jerry

    24:05 (rx) feel the rope burn! Tried to keep panda in my sights. But panda so fast. Nice race dean and jim. Good job 5:30.

    Congrats coconutz.

  5. sonal

    23:26 Rx
    Thanks for pushing me on that last rd of ring push UPS 8:30 !!!! Brutal

    Got rope burned big time 🙁

  6. Adam Segal

    22.34 115#, regular push ups.
    Chrissy & Gina, thanks for pushing me!

  7. Jimy

    22:25 (135, 15reps for 4 rounds)

    Game on at noon

  8. G

    28:54 (Rx) Grinding through Ring Push-ups; performed all finish using Carl Paoli’s turned out palms on the lockouts. They whopped my a** along with Coach Ram’s no rep on our squat cleans 🙂 Glad to go about it the harder way – whoa!

    Great energy all morning long!

    RIP “Gator” Thank you for your sacrifice and service to our beloved country!

  9. Gina

    16:10 (95#, 13 reg push-ups)

    Good to meet Dean and to see Chrissy back in action!

  10. Will C

    18:44 (155#), and it was a tough 18:44.
    RPUs were brutal!

  11. DiscoD

    14:49(85 scale pu)

    Thank you Gator for your service!! Rip hero!!!!!

  12. carahinojosa

    65#, push ups
    Great job, Sid and Joo Dee!

  13. T-REX

    Thanks everyone! 17:26 (reg PUs) deloading! Pre-wod = 1mile run 9:13 turtle power

  14. Freddy Hinojosa

    17:37 (#155)

    Great job Sid & Joo Dee!

  15. Nisha

    27:27 (115#, reg PUs)

    Congrats Coconutz!!!!

  16. Patrick Deiss

    I scaled and the wod had pushups, but I couldn’t keep up w Teach.
    Congrats TRex and Ugh!

  17. The Professor

    30:14 (Rx)

    Congrats coconutz!

  18. Matt Hostetter

    Can’t believe I did that many pushups.

  19. Beth 'Teach' Spearman


    Feel the burn! Great energy tonight everyone 🙂

  20. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    Congrats Ugh and TRex! Way to represent!

  21. Jerk

    Congrats Coconutz!
    Can’t get to the box this week. Work getting in the way again.

    Did 100 push-ups and 100 ovhd PVC squats while watching The Voice though.