Supple Leopard

For Time

500m Row
20 GHD Sit-Ups
25 KB Swing
100 DU’s
25 KB Swing
20 GHD Sit-Ups
500m Row

Post time and scale to comments.

ACF Gearspotting

ACF gearspotting Kuleen Golden Gate Bridge
ACF wristband with the Golden Gate Bridge
in the back ground (c/o Jerk)
ACF gearspotting Kuleen Alcatraz
ACF wristband with The Alcatraz
in the background (c/o Jerk)


ACF gearspotting 5th mtn shirt Tara BCCF frm Jim
ACF 5th Mountain shirt
Tara of Bayou City CF (c/o Jim)

25 Responses to “Supple Leopard”

  1. Speedy J

    10:38 (53# KB, 25 fixed leg lifts) Thanks for the scale Daniel, low back is angry!

    Fun to play this morning – have a great day everyone!!

  2. just jerry

    11:08 (53, v-ups) did some ghd’s yesterday and tried one this morning and almost got stuck. Good job 5:30.

  3. carahinojosa

    40#, plate hops, 1 round ghd/1 round v-ups & slsu
    Thanks for the rowing tips, Prof!

  4. Jimy

    12:25 (v-ups, 53lb)

    Good tips professor.

  5. txphilologist

    16:12 (25+45 plate hops, V-ups, 26#)

  6. Gina

    First time in a long time to DNF 🙁 Low back/glutes are angry from yesterday for some reason. GHD almost killed me, and then I tried the DU & it was a no go! Spent rest of the time with the magic lacross balls & foam roller. Seems to have helped, so hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow.

    Thanks Daniel for sharing ‘THE’ book – “Everything you want to know about smashing & flossing muscles so they don’t hurt’

  7. Robert Hammond

    12:01 53#

    First Wod in a week…nice racing Sonal. Lots of fun… looking back.

    I need to figure out how to do this with Easy Rider as my name.

  8. Easy Rider aka Robert


    Also, Lisa and the baby are great. ‘Crossfit babies are more laid back’ seems to hold up… (they experience lots of movement and different heart rates ect.. in the womb’ when their mothers work out).

  9. T-REX

    13:04 (40). A little off from what I was shooting for, but I trust my body and what it tells me. Gina, keep your head up- we all have those days! Congrats Robert, blessings all around!

  10. Billdozer


    That was a fun one, legs were feeling it, but I can always find the strength for Double Unders. Great job by the ladies this morning!

    • Beth 'Teach' Spearman

      Billy, I saw your time and thought for a moment I could catch you. Then realized there was rowing and DU and the thought vanished 😉

  11. tammilaw

    12:12 53#
    Looking forward to getting more than 3-4 hrs of sleep these next two weeks. Hoping the WOD’s won’t be quite as painful.

  12. Chrissy C

    10:23 (SLSU/35# KB/plate hops)

    Hope to see ya tomorrow or Friday Gina! Take it easy!

  13. DiscoD

    15:15 (40#, 50 Du, 50 plates,vups)

    Did 50 ghds yesterday….

  14. Beth 'Teach' Spearman

    11:13 (53#)

    That was a special kind of awful 🙂

  15. Matt Hostetter

    V-ups and straight leg.

  16. Panda

    Was able to hold Wee Panda for the whole night in the strength of a rest day after 206 ring push ups. Chest, shoulders, serratus, obliques: all fried. See y’all in the A.M. Panda out.

  17. G

    12:12 (40# did all GHD sit ups) First 500m row was under 2min! Professor’s tips helped a lot!

    Did some OHS prior

    Easy Rider, that is good to know. Seems like both EZrider baby and Wee Panda are sleeping longer now and not fussy! Always a blessing!