8 x 2 ( not Touch and Go) Cleans



Power cleans (135)
Ring dips

Compare to February 3, 2011

Post all loads, time and scale to comments.

Younger Guns
Atomic CrossFit Kids
Younger Guns in action on Tuesday and Thursday nights 7pm with Coach Stephanie
(c/o Coach Judy)


Today we are embarking our very own “THE MAKING OF ATOMIC SUPPLE LEOPARDS” and please stay tuned for the sequels.  We recommend Kelly Starrett’s “Becoming a Supple Leopard” book to everyone!

Becoming Supple Leopards 530am Thursday crew
The Making of Atomic Supple Leopards – Part 1 with the 5:30am Crew
The on-going quest of the perfect squat
Adam, Erica, Panda and Dean


23 Responses to “Elizabeth”

  1. Jie Jie Tang

    4:33 45#, Paralette Dips

  2. Iron E

    7:32 @ 95#, green bard

  3. Lesley Griffith

    6:28? (95#,blue band)

  4. Trip

    7:54 (95#, Purple band)
    Great joining the 5:30 am crew and loved being coached by Panda! Great class!

  5. Southpaw

    45-45-55-65-70-75-70-65. Lots of form work. Love being with Panda on days like this!

    5:31 (65, band).

    It feels so good to be back. And I could get used to this early morning workout! Great job 6:30 am ers! Nice to see all the folks I usually only read about on the blog or FB. Thanks Coach Will!

  6. carahinojosa

    Gonna sit this one out today–deltoids and triceps aren’t cooperating. Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. just jerry

    175-185-195-205-215-225 (f)-225 (1)-235 (f)
    6:16 (rx)

    Worked specifically on squat cleaning today. Got 225 which is a p.r. More practice on technique and I will get 235 and more next time. Small but fun class. Way to work carmen, alice and fred. Toe was in beast mode this morning. 🙂

  8. Iceman


    8:02 (95#, purple)

  9. txphilologist

    6:54/70, parallette dips

  10. Billdozer

    Only got a couple rounds of cleans in trying to keep Addison out of trouble last set was 235.

    Elizabeth- 4:25(rx)

  11. Gina

    Mind games. Loved sharing the bar this am with Trip – she nailed her squats!
    Awesome job Lesley on your weights today!

    Thanks Panda for the coaching. Just wish it would transfer to action when I’m doing it 🙂

    Elizabeth: 7:49 (95#, blue)
    Almost a minute slower than last time, but went up in weight.

  12. Disco :D

    Fun hanging with the 4:00 ers!!!!

    A little disappointed shoulder feeling sore!!!!

    6:48 (75#, slam ball 12#)

  13. Chrissy C


    Elizabeth: 6:14 (46#/BARD-blue)

    Nice work Cassandra. You took control of that bit$&. I mean, bar. 🙂

  14. Gary Clack

    Great time with 9:30 folks. Good to be back.
    8:40 95#, BARD thin red

  15. The Professor

    Went light on the cleans to try and work on achieving true squat cleans – 135-155-175-195-155 for the rest

    8:04 (blue BARD) – chased Grace the entire time 🙂 Thanks for the help, Jim and Ram

  16. Matt Hostetter

    10:57 95# clean (light) – no band though on ring dips.

  17. Nisha

    7:59 (95, blue)

  18. Sex Panther


    7:38 (Rx)

    Good job Easy Rider!!

  19. Easy Rider aka Robert Hammond


    4:09 (Rx)

    Nice working out with Sex Panther… been working out 20+ years together. Used to do the old globo work outs together… now full circle to actually doing a crossfit wod together. Huge huge difference. And we are both in much better shape and fitness level than those earlier globo work outs.

  20. G

    8×2 Squat Cleans 105-115-120-125-130-135-135-140 PR for 2 reps
    Elizabeth 8:12 (95#) beat my old time by over 2 minutes
    Oh I have missed Jim’s yelling so much!! And for me to yell back at the bar – LOL!! Thank you for the well needed push!
    It was so much fun sharing the bar with She-Ra!
    Professor, I think I was the one chasing you – haha! It was fun in a painful kinda way!