Clear Conscience

Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5


DeadLift (225)(155)
Box Jumps (24″)(20″)

Compare Bench Press to March 27, 2013

Post loads, time and scale in comments.

Kristina SheRa
Kristina aka SheRa is back with us from Colorado for several weeks while she is visiting her mom and hometown.


32 Responses to “Clear Conscience”

  1. Iron E

    95-105-115-125-135 (PR)
    Thanks for the tips on deadlifts G!

    • G

      Good job today! Keep working at it and focus when doing DLs in a WOD. DLs are also the start of other major lifts like the Cleans & Snatches.
      Posture Posture Posture

  2. Jessica Arias Brown

    Wooohooooooo feels GREAT to be back in the mornings, missed all of your faces : ) I love mornings!!!!!!!
    FUN WOD : )
    3:30 RX
    Jie Jie no excuses I will see your pretty face Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from here on out WOOOHOOOOO!!!!

  3. Jessica Arias Brown

    Oops forgot : ) Bench: 95, 105, ,115, ,125, 135

  4. Lesley Griffith

    Did not complete last set due to a hamstring malfunction
    5:50 RX

  5. Lesley Griffith

    Thanks Grace for the stretch!

  6. Jie Jie Tang

    Yes Jessica you will see me when I’m in town!

    18″ step ups and 65# DL
    Movin on up now!

  7. Sid aka ugh

    185-195-205-215 (4) -215 (3) – 5:39 rx…..Jessica was flying this morning her energy in the mornings is through the roof..need to find some of that seem a bit weaker in the morning starting to adjust to these pacemakers…well 6:30 pacemakers…(is that the name) …. anyway Good work Chalkman…now I don’t have a time to chase i can actually chase the real thing!

  8. Billdozer

    Bench press- 185-190-195-205

    Metcon- 2:36(rx). It doesn’t get much better than deadlifts and box jumps, felt a little slow starting today but I finished.

  9. Speedballs

    115-125-135-135-135 (last 2 reps in each 135 set were Kuleen assisted) Thanks Kuleen for spotting me and ensuring my kids still have a dad.

    Metcon – 6:04 (#165, 20″)

    Thanks G for the form correction and helping me reach the cash register on time

  10. Gina

    5:47 RX
    Loved this WOD! Starting to get strength back in my arm/shoulder. Thanks G for the tips – I definitely felt ‘stronger’.

  11. carahinojosa

    I would like a do-over. Very distracted today–couldn’t focus. Great job on the bp, Robin, G, and Andi!

    4:20 (95#)

  12. G

    3:52 (Rx) I was chasing all the hot nooners and OMG just couldn’t catch up with the Chief!
    Fun times at the bench with Slow Magic and Cara (live to fight another day – you are getting stronger each time you step in the box)

  13. Chief


    4:01 scaled the DL #65 to only 5 each set and did 21-15-9 step ups #16 and G still kicked my ass using Rx. That is why she is known by only the initial “G.”

  14. Famela Due Urcia

    Will def try to go a little heavy next time. Nice sharing the bar with Lindsey! Watch out for her.. She’s gonna b a kickass crossfitter!

    5:38(RX) slow. Was distracted by Billy’s awesomeness this morning!

    4 yrs with acf today!! Thanks G! Love u so much!!

    Great job 830!

  15. Doug Tomich

    185, 205, 225, 3×235, 3×225; 21×185,15×45,9×45; 12min

  16. Southpaw

    65-75-85-90-95(3)/90(2) Awesome sharing the bar with Leslie & Holly!

    5:29 (135/18step up). Bench press & deadlifts in the same day! Yippeeee!! And it’s not even my birthday!!

    Great job 5pmers! Wonderful class, Coach Jim, thanks!

  17. andi

    95-95-105-110 (4)-110(3) ye, started way too heavy

    5:31 (135#) my legs did NOT wanna jump today! Hang in there Cara, we ALL have those days!!

  18. txphilologist

    65-75-80-85-90 (3)-90 (3)
    7:34/115#, 18″
    Thanks for spotting & encouraging me, Disco D! You’ll get your mojo back really soon!

  19. Chrissy C

    Did ths in the garage. Chief even made me do today’s warm up…

    45-55-65-75(2)-70. I’m sure if G gave me tips this evening I could have kicked butt!,, 🙂
    5:31 (75#/19 in box)

  20. Gary Clack

    6:44 165# 20″

  21. landfil

    Missed the 6pm class due to work so I did open gym.
    Did today’s metcon @ 185 but don’t know my time….sigh.
    Then did a modification of yesterday’s.
    20 reps
    Wall ball, regular pull ups, pistols, 50lb dumbbell snatch.

  22. Jerk

    Not sure if it was the week off or the 45 push-ups during warm up, but I felt weak on the bench.

    Metcon was ok for me. 6:36? (185#)

  23. T-REX

    Did Metcon first 4:22(rx), then 95-105-110-115-117(2). Nice sharing the bar with Jenn C, take care of that foot! thx Jim

    Huge YG teens class! Literally, everyone is taller than me! Thanks Steph for sticking around!

  24. Paige H.

    45-55-65-70-75(3); 5:08 (105, 20″) Nice sharing the bar with Trapz and having Coach Daniel keep an eye on us 🙂

  25. OG


    5:13 (165, 24″)

    Good to be back and have that good sore feeling 🙂