The Pentagon – Black Ops


Teams of 4

Each event is scored individually.  These scores will be tallied and lowest overall score wins.

Max Reps ____Press (1 attempt per team member all reps are added together for team score)

Max Reps _____ Squats

Max Reps Wallball Unbroken

Max Reps _____ Pull-ups Unbroken

4x _____m Relay _____

Mad dog's sniper hat

3 Responses to “The Pentagon – Black Ops”

  1. Iron E

    Team Lesley-Elliot-Ria-Barbara
    123-83-87-60/15:51 (team)
    32-25-21-10@75#,95#,14#,green bapu

    Fun team workout.

  2. Num83R5

    Had a lot of fun teaming up with Billy and Sirun today.

    It was great seeing everyone. It’s going to be a long recovery but it’s good to be back!

  3. The Professor

    26 bp, 31 fs, 22 WB (didn’t realize I couldn’t hold the ball), 8 moving pu’s, then injured leg